Verizon is gon na. Let us activate the tick watch Pro 4G LTE. Are we excited or what huh, but before we do that you got ta answer these questions. Do you wan na wear OS smart watch? If you do, do you wan na tick watch Pro and if that's true, do you want to tick watch Pro 4G LTE and if that's true, do you want to buy now well here's, where you could go to buy and here's where you can go to watch Some more reviews about these tick watch watches in particular the tick watch pro that should answer these questions. For you, this is the pro. This is the pro 4G LTE and before we begin on activation, I want to share something with you having some experience now with both of them. This has twice the RAM that this one has one full gigabyte and there is a distinct difference. I'Ve found when you load these things up for bear like, I typically do where you have all kinds of apps in here after you start using a few of them, you're gon na find it it's gon na slow down on the original, lower memory version. Look how smooth and fluid this one is. This is with one gigabyte of RAM now this one I've got a password protect on it, so I have to unlock it for us, and then I can get in here. Show you basically the same thing now it's moving kind of smoothly, but if I put a few apps in here, you're gon na find it's gon na jump around a little bit slow down somewhat and not like fly really smooth.

So one consideration, if you're thinking about buying a tick watch pro at all, I would recommend whether or not you're gon na do the 4G LTE. You really seriously consider the upgraded tick watch pro simply for the memory you'll be happy. You did if you don't, want to have things a little sluggish if you start really using you, your watch with uh with a lot of vim and vigor alright, but we are here today to talk about the Verizon activation of this watch. You notice there's no SIM card slot to open up like on Android watches, to stick in a sim because it's already built in it's like an e simp. What you need to do is activate it and there's two methods, mainly that you can activate it. The first one I'm not going to talk about because somebody else is and that's the store representative at your local verizon shop. That'S. Your best bet go in there with your tick watch Pro 4G LTE and let them set the whole thing up for you. Take the box and all the stuff that came with it as well: okay, you're about to see why, if you choose not to go in the store, then the second way is to download the Verizon app to your smart phone and from within the app you can Create set up your account and do all the things you need to do to get active and that's what I'm gon na walk you through right now, you ready.

I have it on a tablet, so we can give you some screenshots about what's gon na happen. First of all, you either have a verizon account or you don't and I'm. At this point, gon na presume you have one, because I can show you a few more goodies. If you don't have one, then you won't see some of what you're gon na see here, because these are screenshots of someone with a verizon account and a couple of phones on that account and they're. Basically, gon na add a device. So if you don't have an account, get set up, first of all in the app with an account and then you're gon na add a device. But you won't see your other phones on here that you typically see when you log in one of the really cool things about having an account with a phone on it already is number sharing and that's the special feature and Verizon that lets. You share your primary phones phone number or your secondary one, whichever one you choose with multiple devices, so they will ring the exact same time as your main phone will ring as if the call was coming in to them. You'Re sharing the same phone number for in and out phone calling. This little overview takes us through that whole process toward the very end you can see where you can either choose to do number sharing with your primary phone or set up your a separate number for your watch by itself.

So you pick first of all, how you'd like to add a device and you're going to activate a device that you already own you're, not buying the tick watch Pro 4G LTE through Verizon you've, bought it already you're, getting it shipped to you and you're gon na Be activating a bu BYOD right, bring your own device OMG next, what are you activating we're, activating a different device, not a device from your account? Okay, which basically means you're, adding something new? Next? What kind of device are you adding a phone? A tablet? An Apple watch or an other device, it's going to be another device, and then you get to the important part you have. This card comes with you in the box. What you're gon na do within the app you're gon na get a camera you're gon na point. It here and you're gon na scan this barcode that you see, and that is your device ID so that's. The first thing see it's where OS by Google you look for the barcode on your device box line. It up scan it in okay, perfect, if it sees it, it likes it now, what type of connected device is it here's where you follow all the way down, and none of these other things apply it's an other because they don't yet have a tick watch on Here perhaps you'll see tick, watches an option as this evolves because it's just now starting I mean, after all, they got Samsung gear s right.

So you might see tick watch and if you do select that one obviously otherwise pick other, and now you need the SIM ID remember it's, coming with an e SIM built into it, but that sim has its own special ID. That is unique for making the communications just like a regular SIM card would be so now you need to get the sim ID, so you can either follow this thing through and figure out how to get it or just look at it off of the box, because It should be on your box here, you can enter your 20 digit SIM ID or, ah you can scan it. Yep here again, like I said on the box, is the information. Now, if you can barely see below the level yellow but there's a whole bunch of barcodes, one of those is for the actual sim. Now we've done all that and you've got all your ID and information in there here's, where the important difference comes in. How would you like to set it up? Do you want it to be a number share, make and receive calls using your smart phone number or a new mobile number? If you select new mobile number, you go through a couple of more pages where you can set up and get assigned a new phone number and add it to your account at 20, a month for for the watch capability, with its own separate number or as you're About to see here, you can do number share and set it up for 10, a month extra okay, which smartphone do you want to use here's where you have to have a smart phone on your verizon account, first right and here's what we've got a red and A blue identified separate phone and you choose which one of these you're going to use for the primary number four number sharing and add a protection plan if you want, but you brought your own equipment, so you don't have a protection plan for it.

And then you check your car you're doing a tick watch Pro 4G LTE SmartWatch is what's being activated, nothing do because you already own it and the new monthly bill will be 10 and a one time activation fee charged to your next monthly bill. You say 50. Instead of 40 just 20, when you buy through vzzt decom or my verizon app, I don't know about the activation fee aspect of this for activating the SmartWatch, but you may get charged nothing 20 or 40 for activating and that's pretty much it, though the screenshots to Help you figure out exactly what you do when you're in the Verizon app for getting your tick watch for trick. Watch Pro 4G LTE registered again keep the barcodes that you see on your product when you're ready to do this, whether you're going into the store or you're doing it directly and you'll be good to go. So all in all. What do I think of the tick watch Pro 4G LTE Smart Watch it's pretty good watch. I like it. I like how it implements the Android wear or excuse me the wear OS by Google. It does a nice job of that. It has all of these. What I still call widgets they've, calling it something else now, but they've added those kind of things on here. You'Ve got all your notifications and, of course, all your little speed up icons and things. The watch faces are great. It takes all of the standard, Android wear type watch faces and you have your choice of the ambient mode, which will switch it to a black and white rendition, and each one of these watch faces has a different way of showing in the the ambient mode or Because it's the tick watch bro you've got those two layers of screens that I can go in here and switch it to just the LCD screen see that in the reflections.

So if you're outdoors it's just showing time – and it tremendously saves your battery for you all right – you just touch the button and come back to full Android. Wear. Wear OS capability. You'Ve got the button on the side. That gives you all of your different apps and you've got tons and tons of apps as we talked about so for the money. It'S. Probably the best Android wear wear OS watch going out there, removable bands easy charging dock the whole works, but definitely consider upgrading from the the basic the basic one. Just doesn't have enough RAM in my book to make it really palatable because it does get sluggish and slows down throughout the day sure you can reboot it, but why go through all that baa there better to have the X elbow room of the brandman here? Okay, so once again, if you want a where OS SmartWatch and you like the tick watch pro and you're thinking seriously about the 4G LTE, you can buy it now by going to, slash tick, watches that helps us out here at smart watch ticks and if You want to still look at more reviews on the unit check us out at tiny watch. I'M. Sorry, slash tick, watch, reviews and you'll get a whole playlist of not just the tick watch pros, but, oh goodness, the tick watch E and s even the little tickle tickle. The original one is is on those reviews, so have fun there's a lot.

A lot of good stuff to explore you've been watching smart watch ticks where it's smart watch ticks calm and the web, and thank you for being here. We'Ll see you again soon. Oh yeah, you remember in the previous videos on the tick watch Pro at the very end. I showed you this special little fitness band that has the same dual layer: dual screen technology built into it back then I told you, it was a prototype and we would be reviewing it eventually. Well, eventually, is here it's coming up next, this is called the CV. 16 – and it is really really cool, so if you're interested best way to see it is if you subscribe that way, you'll be notified right away when the video is up and ready.