After removing the top cover you’re showing the actual box which slides open revealing a card, giving a qr code to arsenal for helpline after that, you are greeted by the watch itself, strapped around a small box containing the charger right at the bottom of the box. You have the manual containing connection app details and where the different features on the watch are located, the watch is made out of this heavy metal, making the watch feel decently premium and a bit heavier. The metal is also shiny, but doesn’t attract many fingerprints as it has this lined texture on top, the strap is decent enough for everyday use, but nothing too special, something i found weird about the strap is that it has holes on the buckle side of the strap. As well, the strap can also be removed, but i recommend only doing that if you’re changing the strap as it is quite difficult to put back. The back of the watch is made out of plastic and has the heart rate sensor and also has the two pin ports for charging the device bringing onto the charger there’s this magnetic charger, which connects easily to the pins. I will say the magnets aren’t that strong, so small movements could disconnect the charger from the watch. Let’S move on to the features it is ip67. Waterproof certifies, as it said, on the back of the watch. The battery life is also good and will probably last you a week depending on your usage, but with my other more fit watches.

They have lasted me like three weeks, so the batteries are usually good. You can also view your messages on the watch as long as it’s connected to your phone. You can also view the weather and get a settings option which basically has nothing useful. It only gives two options: reset power off and info let’s talk about the display. The brightness is really good in most morphed watches and can be viewed in any type of lighting, but the colors are quite faded out. The display is decently responsive, but in the amazon photos which are never accurate, the watch had a mattish display, making it look more like a digital watch bringing on to my next fight, i thought this watch would be more like a digital one with the smartwatch and Fitness tracker capabilities, but this is nowhere near a digital one. The display is glossy and the dial around the watch doesn’t emerge into the experience as the bezels around the display separate the dial from the display. Also, the wallpapers don’t look the same in the pictures or the app as they do on the watch advertise differently so i’m, just going to say that this is not a digital watch, both smart watch and fitness track. Also, you can tap the display for it to wake up, and it also has wrist sensing capabilities. It also comes in the attached screen protector, which is great, as the display could get scratched, as it is a fitness tracker, and i would recommend leaving it on also.

The dials don’t actually scroll, they just turn on the device or take you to the specific page, swipe right to access. Most features on the watch from fitness features to smartwatch features swipe up to view your messages swipe left to see fitness ring and many other fitness features swipe down to see, brightness option settings and fine phone which, if you tap vibrates your phone. Another thing i don’t like about this watch is that you can’t access a lot of things on the actual watch like turning off vibration and you have to go onto the actual app to access. Those features holding on the current watch face allows you to choose between seven watch faces on the device. One of them can be a custom one and the rest are fully downloaded on the device. I don’t really like that, as i wish you could do. At least two watch faces that you could pick from the app saved onto the watch, but unfortunately only one now let’s move on to the fitness feature. So if you tap the top dial with the red ring around it, it’ll take you to the page with 23 sport options. If you click one, then stopwatch will start tracking your bpm and calories burn and distance traveled and time taken to travel. That distance. Then, when the timer turns off it gives full feedback about the exercise, then this fitness ring definitely not copied off somewhere. They also claim to track your sleep heart rate and blood pressure.

This watch also tells the time moving on to the app i don’t like the layout and design of the app it feels a bit second standard, but definitely usable. The first page tells you a bit about your fitness. The next page shows you map, which, if you allow gps, will track where you are walking running, etc. I don’t know if you’ll use the gps on your phone or has one in the watch, but i suspect it will use your phone’s gps, which could be a big problem as then to track where you are running. You could also need to take your phone. It also gives you target settings and support settings and you can add the modes you want to use the third and, in my opinion, the most important page where it gives you your watch settings like notifications and what you’d like to see alarm. How long your display should stay on after turning on also has this feature which i wish my other mother had do, not disturb which you can set a start and finish time and what to turn off during this period as then, you can have specific times when You want to block yourself from the world also on this page. You can change your watch faces and it has 43 watch faces and you can make custom ones then, on the last page it just gives you account settings and goals anyways. If the features and design is what you’re looking for this would be a great buy coming in around 32 pounds at the time of recording, but i do recommend checking out my other more fit.

Video is quite similar with few differences and better colors on the display. Coming in at like 33 pounds on both these watches, the prices do decrease. On amazon, for example, when i ordered this watch it came around 40 pounds, but the price has decreased since then. So definitely go check out that video but anyways. This is the end of the video if you like this type of content, make sure to subscribe and turn on all notifications and make sure you leave a comment down below about on any video recommendations or any questions you have about this actual product.