This is a very budget friendly smartwatch. You can get on amazon and i have it so i thought i’d review it so let’s get into it. So here’s the packaging shows two smartwatch watches on the front. Obviously you only get one, it looks. Pretty nice in pictures looks kind of like the apple watch on the back there’s, some details of the product and anyway, let’s take off this covering and then it’s. Just like a phone box or something and pretty simple, you get your manual, you get a charging cable and you may get one of these things which says, extend your warranty and get a free gift um. Sometimes these things don’t work, so i wouldn’t buy it because of this, but it’s a cool idea. If they do work, sometimes they give you um a free, a free product for buying this something cheaper but, like i said it, doesn’t always work. They don’t always give you something, or they say, it’s expired or whatever so don’t buy it. Because of that anyway, you may be wondering where the watch is, and i actually have it on, as you can see: it’s black um stainless steel version, it’s very nice. Looking in my opinion, um for the design wise, they basically just took apple’s idea, just like a plastic or rubbery um band, i don’t know what it exactly is, but it’s rubbery feeling this is actual metal. The encasing screen is, i think, glass let’s see um.

Some of the basic functions of the watch, so it uses a clasp um, the traditional classic buckle, design of a watch. Most watches have this design of buckles. There are two i don’t know what you call maybe loops or wraps that go under your band or over your band. However, you want to say it to keep it on the band from flopping around. On the back. There is a magnetic charging spot, there’s two pins. Basically, anyway, this enables for charging without a port and has a specific charger for that it’s, a usb to the specific kind turning it on. You should get a watch face or may want you to set it up, but this is a custom watch face. I put on here screen turns off rather fast, but that is the watch screen. I have you can see on various data, like heart rate steps taken stuff like that, depending on the face, so on the first menu you have exercise heart rate, um blood pressure and your oxygen of your blood level. Next screen, you have messages that’s, where you can see your notification and texts. This is weather that’s, where you can see the weather there’s a camera shutter button um, you tap it and then you can basically use your watches remote, which is rather handy there’s, a music player which you can do pause play skip. This last slide is timer, which is actually a stopwatch. I don’t know why it says: timer but it’s, actually a stopwatch there’s settings under other and there’s fine phone i’ve, never gotten fine phone to work, so don’t buy it just because of that.

Finding the phone has never worked for me, so that’s what you get from scrolling from bottom to top and you go back to the watch. Face top to bottom brings down some quick access like a flashlight, quick access to volume, which is actually the vibrate on quick access to weather, brightness settings and watch faces so overall. So far, the software navigation and design of this isn’t too bad. I, like the design, the software navigation is simple software. I think there could be a little more slash. It could be a little better before we start testing some of the features i’m going to show you the app real quick. So here we have hero band 3. That’S the name of the app they call, this watch the hero band 3 uh manual. So this must be a generic watch and then they just slap a name on it. They call this the hero brand 3, and this is the hero band 3. App. The amazon listing calls us the p22d or the bluetooth settings where you find a pair. This says p22d and the brand that’s selling this is mo fast, and the brand of the watch is supposedly mo fast. So typical i’d say chinese. Electronic they’re cheap they’re used by various brands, probably but anyway, here’s the app um there’s supposed to be a lot of different statistics. You can see sleep steps, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen in your blood. Um running you can go to watch, faces notifications, alarms, shutter button, others you can upgrade it from here.

You can go to profile, but you have to sign up to give you just an idea of all the watch faces. There is a ton of watch faces. One thing you have to do is go to the phone um watch app to get the weather to work. Sometimes sometimes the weather doesn’t update on its own. Actually, i don’t think it ever updates on its own, so you’ll have to go to the watch app, possibly to get it to update so there’s a watch app not too complicated, has a lot of stuff. You can do there and see um it’s nice. You can get all those additional watch faces, so let’s actually try some of these things out um. Besides, just giving an overview, the exercise, you can do various things walking running cycling, swimming badminton, there’s, a whole bunch of things they don’t have soccer, which is surprising but they’re, just various sports modes. You can, i guess, get better information on your fitness. I haven’t tried those out very much. I just leave it on the walking slash running state here’s heart rate. You just tap that and there’s a green light that flashes, but it can tell if it’s, worn or not so it’ll say not worn if i’m just doing it like that, let’s try that again, but the green light is how um senses your blood and likewise with Blood pressure, it looks about the same. I don’t think those graphics are actually realistic.

I think they’re just a picture and here’s the oxygen level thing, and one thing with these three: they don’t seem to be very accurate, well we’ve compared it to other consumer health equipment and the results haven’t been too close, the results it gives you are probably gon Na sound better than they actually are um when comparing it with other things, it’s been usually better numbers, so i don’t really trust this as so much with health status, so that’s disappointing. On back to the second page, here’s your messages spot, you can see on various notifications, there’s only three saved on here, so the watch must not have that much storage here’s the weather, shows the degrees um. It shows the high and the low, and it should show that tomorrow, it’s, high and low and a graphic based on what the weather weather’s like you can’t, do a whole lot here, but you can see today’s arrows to some degree. The camera it’s just a button. Um you can use as a shutter button or remote button. I should say for your phone and the music player is disappointing, there’s, just a graphic, with pause, slash play and skip buttons. There is no title for the song you’re playing. I thought that was pretty stupid. You can’t see what’s behind what’s next, you can’t shuffle so pretty disappointed in that i was hoping to be able to use this a lot more for music like in the shower, use it as a remote, and here is a timer which is actually a stopwatch, and In settings you can turn the vibrations on and off you can change the brightness and there’s like five levels.

You can switch. Your watch face reset and power it off and to find my phone it’s, just a graphic making you think is actually going to find it. But it’s never worked for me so disappointing. So overall on this watch it’s a cool watch. I like it um, maybe it’s just me, but i haven’t found a whole lot of use from it. Obviously, smart watches aren’t essential, like phones, but i think i could have done more for being a smart watch i’m disappointed that some of the features aren’t great or don’t work at all, like the final phone doesn’t work at all and the music. Yes, it does pause play skip back, but i would like to be able to see what’s up next what’s playing now granted it’s a small screen. So i understand, but still i think that should be better the weather. I think it should update without having to go the app, so there are some things that i’m disappointed in, but for forty dollars or so for this watch it’s, not bad, but you could get a new or used version of more prominent brand um for about the Same price – maybe even less so i wouldn’t necessarily recommend buying this. If someone gave it to you great, but i wouldn’t recommend buying. This watch might as well just save up for something else or save up for a better brand or buy a used one. But if you’re fine with what it does and you like the looks of it, then i guess get it, but i wouldn’t recommend it if you’re expecting more so that’s that well and the manual looks pretty big but like there’s, probably five languages in here so that’s Part of the reason they tell you how to operate the app the various features and it doesn’t really talk about finding your phone kind of odd.

They show a picture on the listing, but there’s nothing here about it, but there’s an icon on here. That does nothing. So kind of weird they call this the hero band 3 there’s no mention of it on the listing the corner. They have p22d version 1.0, so that’s like the model number, but their branding has hero brand 3, which they don’t brand. That at all on the listing, which i find is very interesting, but not too unusual, i guess for off brand products. So anyway, guys. One last thing i want to say this is water resistant. I kind of hinted that earlier. This is rated ip67, so not a bad level of water resistance. I wouldn’t be too confident in the fact i’ve used it in the shower, but sometimes companies don’t like to always back up behind their ratings, so much and get warranties relating to water damage. So remember that when doing stuff look up the ip67 rating, i think it’s like up to 30 minutes of underwater of so many feet. So it’s not a lot so don’t take this into the ocean for an hour like 50 feet under that would be way way too long way too many feet. So look up the ratings and realize that this might not be exactly associated with those ratings and might not do as well as they they say so, but it is water resistant and it will work in the water i’ve tested out.

I use it in the shower so that’s nice so anyway guys. I hope you like this video, if you did, please leave a like comment down below. If you have any questions and i’ll try to help you out, please subscribe if you like my content guys.