Your favorite youtuber in the today’s quick review i’m going to feature this third generation moto 360 and why it is not worth the asking price of 200 pounds currently on sale on their website. I have a good feeling that they’re going to discount this very soon, simply because nobody is buying it, but still, if it’s, you know anywhere above a hundred pounds, it is definitely not worth it guys and it’s impossible for me to talk about the third gen without Showing you my first gen still up and running, i don’t know six or seven years later guys so without further ado, we’re going to start with uh. This review and first of all, the things that made the first gen great and you know the things that didn’t make it great, are still kind of uh featured over here guys. So the first gen motorola was, you know, criticized heavily about this flat tire display over here, and the new generation has flat tyre all around like the cheap chinese smartwatches, for example, huawei doesn’t have any kind of you know black bars over here, and they do it. For a hundred quid so don’t get me wrong. This is not a motorola product by the way uh. This is a licensed product manufactured and designed that by uh. Let me see i’ve got it on my notes, e by now uh some sort of a you know. Weird company, they made it look like a motorola 360, but not exactly because the horween leather over here on this strap is still holding on perfectly fine and check this out guys over here in the packaging.

You’Ve got a very cheap nasty. Looking leather, which, which sounds sounds it doesn’t, sound it smell like plastic actually and the other thing, which is extremely annoying about the hardware design of this smartwatch is check this out the charger over here, guys on the old one. You just put the phone like that and it charges wirelessly by the way over here, no wireless charger. I don’t know why. If you have just a normal wireless charging pad, you can put the this one. You can just put it over there on the uh pot and charge it with this one that’s a no go; instead, they come up with this absolutely ridiculous design of the charger which is supposed to stand like that, but check this out guys i mean this is Extremely easy to bend like that, bend over and it’s not going to crack the screen, but man i mean this is one of the worst designs that i have ever seen. I don’t like this charger. Of course, you’ve got two straps over here, which is good and pretty much the design itself. I like it. It is quite chunky, it’s, 76 grams. It is way chunkier than the original 55 grams over here. You literally don’t feel this smart watch on your wrist, but you definitely feel this one and you might think like. Okay we’ve got a bigger battery over here. Well, i don’t know what’s the battery and i don’t care, because the battery life is one day guys we’re talking about 24 hours over here.

If you charge the watch completely and you just leave it standing like that, it can last up to three days not being hooked up to anything just showing you the time. But if you hook it up, you’ve got 24 hours of battery life. The other thing software wise was that check this out guys. This is a message that you’re going to see quite frequently. Google play services era, and the other thing is that the google okay, google hot word – i never really managed to get it working on the smartwatch. The other thing is that you’ve got no speaker over here. At least i wanted to see something you know added, for example, but no, you don’t have a speaker over here, so software wise, google wear is way behind the huawei smart watches. Unfortunately, i don’t know about the updates. I don’t particularly care, but, to be honest with you, i don’t see much of a difference between the original moto 360 and the occasional glitch like that, and the newer versions and that’s like seven years in development, which i don’t know. The only thing they’ve added is the ability to customize the watch faces from the watch itself, which is nice, and when you get a text message, you get a tiny keyboard over here, which you can reply to the text message. These are the two neat tricks that i really like and again coming back to the battery life, the recharge times, one hour over here guys and the old one.

In one hour, you can get 90 percent, so pretty much you’re getting for from one hour charge you’re getting pretty much the same one day, battery life, which again was the main criticism about the old version and the huawei’s last a week or two, and this one Lasts one day guys so yeah, i can’t really, you know roast it any more than that. I like the idea – or i obviously supported them and bought it when it was like 230 pounds new something like that. Initially it was 300 or something which is crazy guys, but now again i have a feeling that they’re going to discount this one. I don’t think they’re gon na discount it more than 150, which is still not worth it for the smartwatch get a huawei watch for a hundred pounds instead or even i’m gon na show you something in a sec. You can get one of those umidigi smart watches. Well, they’re, not particularly smart watches, but they do connect. You know to an application with tracking, with everything with all two sensors at the back, and this one looks suspiciously similar. The difference is that this one has more functionality and it’s like 30 quid on amazon, so yeah get one of these smart watches if you’re on a budget, if not spend 100 and get a huawei one don’t waste your money on this smartwatch and, as i said, I really wanted. You know this smartwatch to be different, to succeed, to see something different to see.

You know the issues with this one, the poor battery life mainly fixed and the screen over here, but unfortunately this one yeah, okay, they improved the straps. You can get any kind of strap for this one where over here was a little bit difficult, but that’s not enough guys and i’m sorry to say that you should not be buying the new moto 360. that’s about it.