s. I have had the moto 360 third generation for about a month month and a half give or take. So is this watch worth it even a year after it was released so stay tuned, so i’ve had multiple smart watches in the past from let’s, say the galaxy watch active 2 right here, the various fossil watches. This is the gen 5, but i’ve had the gen 4 and the gen 3 as well, and then i started off with the apple watch. When i had an apple phone – and i also had the huawei watch 2 – i believe the classic watch 2 and the samsung gear s3 and the samsung galaxy watch as well. So i kind of have some experience when it comes to uh, wearables, android watches apple watches kind of, and your tizen os watches, like your galaxy watches, so yeah we’re, just gon na dive quickly into this watch. How i like this, even a year after it, was released and decide if it’s worth the 299 price tag. I think that’s also found for 199 when it’s on sale most of the time, and sometimes it can dip down to 169 179 as well, so yeah. First off let’s talk about design of this watch. This watch is a great design. I like that moto 360, even though it’s not technically made by motorola anymore they’ve kind of taken the refinements that they had with the 360 gen 2 and they’ve made it even better.

Added some updated specs and all that, but the design was really good. The main complaint about the moto 360 second generation was that horrible flat tire design and uh the company did finally come and get rid of that flat. Tire design. Of course, with that you do sacrifice some of the bezel um, you have to add a little bit of bezel in order to get the sensors all around the screen, rather than just at the bottom of the screen, but overall, i’m glad that this watch has an Updated design when it comes to the screen, the screen is a 1.2 inch amoled display, which is nice, it’s it’s, a good size it’s, not massive, but it’s, not super small as well. I found that my galaxy watch. Active 2 was slightly small in my opinion, but that could just be me this one it’s nice. I like that for the design it has, the rotating crown on the top button, so there’s two buttons, a top button and a bottom button. The bottom button acts as just a pusher the top button acts as a rotating crown, along with a pusher. You can change the bottom button to navigate it to whatever you want in the settings. I think it is limited to certain settings, but for the most part you can navigate it to different input, all that so that’s really nice, that they’ve got that versus just the one button design on the first generation and the second generation the watch itself.

Yes, it looks pretty chunky, but overall um it’s, not bad. I was at first a little skeptical about how chunky it looked, how thick it was, but overall just using it over time. It honestly doesn’t really bother me as much. I know with the galaxy watch active 2 and even the fossil gen 5 watch. They were a lot thinner, but they actually felt slightly heavier in on the wrist than this. So, yes, it is a little bit chunkier, but the weight isn’t too bad. So just keep that in mind when you are trying to figure out about wrist and weight and all that if this watch is going to be too heavy, the size of the casing is, i believe, a 42 millimeter case, so it should be able to fit most Wrists um men and women it’s a unisex watch. They do have options to kind of make it a little bit more masculine a little bit more feminine. I do have the phantom black version, but there is a silver version as well um and i believe there’s a rose, gold version or a gold version, but i’m not 100 sure. So don’t quote me on that. But overall, this is a great watch when it comes to look and feel um it’s it’s, nice it’s, not too big, not too small, and it just looks really nice and it looks like an actual timepiece rather than like your fitbits. Your apple watches. They kind of have that square design, um, which i personally am not a fan of, but with this it looks like a traditional timepiece, so yeah.

I really like that. Okay, so to go with the specs. This has one gigabyte of ram um with eight gigabytes of internal storage. I do wish that this had an external speaker, but it does not have a speaker for taking calls or accessing your google assistant. Sadly, but so you can’t take calls or listen to music through this, but you can at least have music stored on this device. It uh packs the snapdragon aware 3100. I know right now. There is the snapdragon aware 4100, but even the 3100 is a great chipset for wear os, so i haven’t had any issues really with that. But overall, this is a great watch for different. I guess for performance and all that as well. I would definitely recommend this watch. This has your typical sensors, like your gps, your nfc for payments, your glonass for your gps as well. Heart rate, monitor all that, so you can take this for let’s say to work out. I actually do work out with this watch. Some um and it is very comfortable on the wrist. When i do workout, i actually have a solo band it’s, not really a solo band it’s, not like apple solo band, but it’s kind of a solo band that’s compatible with android devices and 20 millimeter 22 millimeter devices. So i’ll go ahead and place a link down to this solo band down in the video description below, but it does come with a leather band and a silicon van and you can kind of mix and match.

You can kind of customize that a little bit when you do purchase the watch it’s nice, that it comes with two bands rather than just one like most wear os smart watches or any smart watches. For that matter. I used come with just one so it’s nice that this comes with two, but i will place a link down in the video description to this band on amazon. When it comes to battery the battery lasts pretty long, it is a good size battery for this. I believe it’s like a 360 milliamp hours, which seems kind of small when you compare it to a phone, but for a watch it’s great, i usually last all day and luckily with the charger which, sadly, you can really only get through the moto 360 website. But with that charger and the fast charging you can get from zero to 100 in about 60 minutes, which is a great fast charging operating, i really like that. You can wear it overnight. Put this on the charger. Go take a shower when you get done, it should be close to full, because obviously it’s not gon na run down the battery all the way, while you’re sleeping so that’s also nice, that it will do that with the fast charging. So overall, this watch is great. I will say one of the one issue that i had was at first. I connected this, of course, to where os um the app for my phone from a pixel 4 phone, and i did have some issues with connection.

It was really weird like every now and then it would say not connected it. Wouldn’T connect, but a quick work around around that to fix it is to just disconnect it forget the device on the wear, os app and then just reinstall and re register. The watch on the wear os app and then everything will work. Fine, that’s. What happened to me and now i haven’t had any issues at first. I was like well shoot this isn’t good. If it’s not connecting to my phone, then why do i have this? But after i did that it finally did connect, but other than that i haven’t had really any issues with this. It works great, the i guess the operating system, the flowiness. I guess you could say the one gigabyte of ram really helps with that. Overall, i mean wear os is wear os and it has some ways to go to compete with let’s, say uh, apple’s, wear os or even samsung’s tizen os, but overall um, the google wear os has definitely um gotten better over the years versus how it was back. During the let’s say, the huawei watch 2, so yeah that’s also good that um google is constantly kind of upgrading and upgrading their watches, at least to wear os to kind of make it more refined, though sometimes it takes the back burner to let’s, say your phone Um operating system updates, but overall google does update the watch os um interface, sometimes, which is nice, that they still do that, but i would definitely say for 199 dollars.

This is a great watch for 179. This is a great watch. If you see this on moto 360 website or any other website for 299, i would say: don’t buy it it’s pretty expensive, but if you see it on sale on sale for 199 or 179, or something like that, i would say it’s definitely worth the price. I’Ve. Really enjoyed this watch, it is great. It feels great, looks great um if you like this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up.