This watch has been said by pc magazine to be the best looking smartwatch that you can buy right now and i’m going to tell you why i 100 agree. It works with android and apple, so you are not going to be limited, we’re going to jump to the unboxing of this watch when i originally received it. So you can see what’s included in the package and those up close shots. You can almost feel the quality of this piece and you’re going to understand why you’ll love wearing it. My moto 360 watch came in today and you may be surprised by looking at this. This is a smart watch, so for those of you who, maybe like the look of a classic watch, but you want all the function of a smart watch, this is going to be for you so i’m opening the box. These are my color choices with silver. They have several options, but i love this brown leather band that feels excellent and then i thought for my workouts. I wanted one that is going to have more durability and sweat resistance. Water resistance for my workout so i’m excited to be able to swap between these two bands and for a watch. That is a whole lot more stylish. Looking so i’m going to take this out, put it together, use it and then let you know what i think these are good for apple and android phones. Now that we’ve opened the box, i want to pop out this middle portion and show you the exciting stuff.

The most exciting stuff so we’re going to come back to the watch face in a minute, but we’ve got the literature in here this. If you eat this, i don’t want to hear about it, not my fault right and then here’s. The charging base, which is pretty compact, but that watch face clicks right on there and that’s nice looking but i’m going to come back to the watch face, because this is the weight of this. You can just tell that this is a quality piece, so i’m excited to mix and match with my wardrobe and really see this working hard for me, here’s, the moto 360 smart watch a little more up close and personal first things. First, i chose a simple watch face. There are a number of them included with the software. If you want to get really fancy with it, i learned that there’s an app called facer and when i checked that out, it seems that it has limitless. Options for watch faces, so if you want to go highly customizable, you can do that to walk through this. You slide down and you’ve got some system settings. You can check the battery life sliding up you’re. Looking at your notifications – and you can clear those by sliding this way, of course, those alert you when they come in from your phone works really well with apple and android. You can always return back to your watch face by pressing this button here.

So you’ve got that or you’re sliding this knob slides, so that also is a nice function. Sliding this way you’ve got your hey, google function and access to some other apps and then, as we return to the watch, face and slide this way. These are tiles that you can set up for apps that you use the most and want to access quickly. That way this is a programmable button. So i find that i wear this band monday through friday, when i’m hitting the gym, because that’s, sweat and water resistant and then love the option of switching out to a really nice looking leather band on days when i’m feeling like i want a little bit of A nicer watch on my wrist nice heavy piece again: it’s the moto 360.. I think you’re gon na love the smartwatch. Just as much as i do. I hope that you found that helpful and feel, like you learned a little bit more about the moto 360 smartwatch.