This new watch face square and round, and Al rods got a bunch of Valentine's faces for you as well. So, although today is dedicated to the lady's watches, at the very end, make sure you check out the loop new faces for Valentine's it's, that time of year again greetings and welcome to SmartWatch ticks were a YouTube channel on the web, at SmartWatch, dicks, calm and it's. Valentine season yeah Valentine's Day is coming up soon and we have been reviewing a few specialized watches for the season, both this year 2020 and last year, the year before we're gon na do a summary for you here's how it's gon na work. I got a few of them to show you right now and of course, we've done full reviews and one minute little reviews on each of them. So I'm gon na entertain you with one minute views of each of these watches. This is the m8. By the way, Scott beautiful bling all around the edge and just a nice gorgeous gold watch something same size very similar with edgings around the bezel itself and diamond look rhinestones around a little highlight accentuated around the edge here. This is called the h1 and then the h2 is in this little charger. I wanted you to see this. You press that button. He says and it'll open for you. There we go got to get down lower all of these fit in this same charger device and this one same kind of bezel as the h1.

But the h2 has a few little diamond appearances on the edge like this so different fashion. Statements in each of these we'll start out with three videos on each of these, so you get a feel for what they can do and then we're gon na add a bunch more all harvested together. So you don't have to go looking for them. So here we go the parade of one minute overviews of Valentine watches for the ladies for heat, a minute we got one more in this. One just showed up the a K 15 so want to included in our overall Valentine's review. So we'll start out with a one minute clip on this. One then show you the other three and then all of the other ones. This is the a K 15. Ladies SmartWatch it's got all kinds of good things going for it step count: distance, traveled and pedometer. Last night's, sleep information: it will monitor heart rate and blood pressure. All in this watch you've got the female cycle tracking capability with this one as well, and a sports area that basically gives you one sport to track. Your heart rate, calories, burn and steps walked that you can pause or exit right straight from the watch. You'Ve got different messages, push from your firm phone and a more section that covers all kinds of things stopwatch countdown timers information settings. All of these will be talked about in the full review in detail, because some of these go even deeper.

You also have the off button and the information you need for tethering and a variety of watch bands that you can change simply by clicking here, there's, just a couple of them really attractive. Very nice thin, ladies band tool, comes with it to remove the segment's as well, which makes it extra easy, it's, the a K 15. This is the m8 it's a really attractive, women's Fitness watch that gives you step count, calories, burned and distance traveled from a daily pedometer. In here you have heart rate and blood pressure reading capability. In addition, you have last night's sleep time and a robust sports section that will track your walks. Your runs your hiking tennis, cycling, ping, pong, basketball, football, yep and even swimming you've got a timer built into it, and it can push messages directly to the watch from your phone or find your phone if you've lost it. You have three different themes that you can use for, watch, face of brightness control and, of course, the information for tethering it's, a really robust, thin, attractive women's Fitness watch the m8. This is the H, whine it's, a ladies Fitness watch that does all the typical fitness activities, like ha step, count, calories, burned and distance travel. It has heartrate capability as well as blood pressure built into it. You have last night's sleep time. You can get messages pushed from your phone, a robust sports section, that's icon, driven with ladies performing all of the activities running walking, hiking you've cut cycling badminton, I guess.

Then I was ping pong there's, a badminton football uh. All of those in here you've got a timer built into it. Of course, when you're tethered to your phone, you can find your phone change. The brightness change, the themes and information for tethering it's, the h1 multiple watch faces available to don't. Let the design fool you! This attractive, Smart Watch is actually a ladies Fitness watch. In addition to time and a variety of watch faces, you have step count, calories, burned and distance traveled with great graphics. You'Ve got a heart rate monitor with the diode on the back that over a few seconds will stabilize on your heart rate, which is also transferable, to a tethering app. You also have built in blood pressure, systolic, diastolic measurement and animated graphic and a few seconds longer than heart rate. It'Ll settle in on your data. There again transferable to an app. You also have last night's sleep time. You'Ve got messaging pushed from your phone and a variety of interest sporting activities, each of which you can start on its own in track time, heart rate and calories burned for running and walking. You'Ve got climbing in this one: great graphics, bicycling ping pong it looks like. While what do we do it there, dribbling I'm, not sure badminton soccer or football and you're back out of it again. You also have a timer built into it to find your phone when you're tethered a brightness control, so you can change the brightness of the screen, your overall themes, so, if you want to you, can pick a different watch face for the watch, lots of lots of Good selections there and cycle through them all again, it's got a Melanie's type of a magnetic couple band and it's a really attractive.

Ladies watch check it out called the h2. This is the Samsung Galaxy watch. Active we've been waiting for this it's, a regular Samsung Tison powered fitness sports SmartWatch. With that fun little bezel thing, not the physical one. You turn, but the little black bezel here becomes active when you touch it. You'Ve got all of this capability. All of these standard installed apps and you can play with these to your heart's content check it out. This is the Galaxy watch active slightly larger screen than the original active, beautiful, integrated bands. You can get in your choice of color electrodes on the back for future EKG capability, ECG and diodes for doing heart rate in those kind of readings the Galaxy watch active. This is the e 68 it's a fully functional, fully waterproof lady's fitness and health watch. It has some really nice screens specifically designed to work with this watch. It has your step count, distance travel and kal Riis burned, or you can accumulate all that in a sports section to against time. You can report back on last night's, sleep time. It can give you your pulse or heart rate. It also will calculate your blood pressure and your blood oxygen, all three biometrics in the watch and transferable to the phone. You have a reporting of any messages, text messages, you've received and a settings section where you can go in and play with finding your phone turning the bracelet off. You also get your tethering information right there, all in all, it's a really attractive, very functional waterproof.

Ladies sports, fitness band again, the e68 you're, looking at an advanced version of the awesome q8 watch that we've reviewed here before it's the same watch with the same functions, but it tethers to a new app called h band as opposed to the hey band of the Original q8 there's also a watch called the q8 advanced, which is a little larger than this one, that tethers to that older, hey band app and a q8 professional, also known as the q9, which tethers to the H band app. The H band app will allow functions like a period tracking for ladies and a few other new goodies, the original q8, with the Haven tethering and advanced q8 that you're looking at here with the H band tethering a larger watch, the q8 advanced with hey band tethering And the q8 professional, also known as the q9, which has tethering to H band if you're not confused, yet you will be after you watch our reviews check it out the advanced q8. This is the honor watch magic from huawei it's, a brand new sports fitness entry and it's got all sorts of goodies in it. You have control of a Showtime which will allow you to keep your watch face, active for five minutes or ever timeout automatically you've got your find your phone a lot capability, your overall settings and more when you swipe around you can go through your fitness activity with Step count alley pay with NFC built in to make payments in those places where all a pay is accepted.

Your overall weather forecast when it's updated a stress level following overtime and your live 24 hour, heart rate, updated literally every second. You also have push notifications from your phone if that weren't enough in those apps, you have a bunch more. You have a whole exercise area to go into your activity, records and sleep time. The stress and breathing exercises a built in barometer compass notifications, a bus card. If you're in China stopwatch timer alarm clock and much much more, in addition to all of this, you can get into the actual settings for workouts themselves with running courses. Doing a GPS support it because it has a module in here, run: walk climbing cycling, all sorts of stuff, including pool swims, open Swimming's and others. It is the honor watch magic. Are you ready, after all this time, a ladies Android SmartWatch with front facing camera edge to edge screen android 5.1 technology? Doing all the standard things we've come to expect from these watches, including notifications, a full app drawer and built in bluetooth, calling, like i mentioned, there's a front facing camera on this one that allows you if you want to to do video chatting or any kind of Recording of video right on your arm, it's a sweet, little watch, it's the zgp ax 216 check it out. Whoa. Look at this one specifically designed with the ladies in mind and a touch sensitive face. You can have step count: distance, traveled, calories, burned.

You also get blood oxygen and your heart rate on this screen. We'Ve got a nice leather band, bejeweled around the actual display and comes in a variety of different colors as well the n2 and, in addition to all of the sports and health, you also have blood pressure, blood pressure, heart rate blood oxygen, all of which can sync To a new app we haven't seen before on your smart phone and you can accumulate data there and even compare your step count results with others. You have an off button and a version number and back to your basic time. Once again, ladies watch full sports fitness into check it out. Okay, if you can get past this big ugly arm, imagine you're looking at the ladies wrist with time step. Count. Calories burned, distance, walk heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, a whole variety of sports, from walking to running, to cycling and on and on and on and on and on and on all here for you with message, notifications and more when you're tethered to your phone, you Got a power off or find your phone features stopwatch about information, reset information and back to time. This is the x6 it's, the x6, from micro, where it comes with different colors of metal bodies and silver and gold, and black and white bezels and black bezels, and a terrific little dress watch for the ladies check it out. How would you like a fitness wellness, health band that does all of this with these three amazing watch – faces real time? Heart rate steps, calories, kilometers, sleep time, real time, blood pressure, selfie messages, power off this thing, the new we're q8? Does it all, and it truly does real heart rate 247 with the band on and it shows up simultaneously in the app nobody else.

Does that check it out the QA this cute little watch is a baekje product it's, the h8 it's, a heart rate, blood pressure. Reading women's watch that does fitness as well as health computations. You have last night's sleep time and weather built into it as well. You can read messages pushed from your phone and a variety of sports activities. All icon, driven like running walking and climbing you've got biking, swimming basketball, tennis and football yep it's, all guys. You can go into any one of those and start up a process if you'd like to you have a built in stopwatch. That will time down to the tenths of a second that you can pause and, of course, restart back to the opening screen with date, time and weather on it. It'S, the h8 from baekje it's, a pretty nice ladies watch with diamonds in a variety of different colors and available right now check it out. This is the n54 cardiogram measuring SmartWatch. You have all your pedometer count. You have heartrate, you have blood pressure and when you get to this mode and press and hold you enter the actual ECG touching the ring around the edge gives you your legitimate heart rate at the moment, using electrode technology. Can you tell if it's real, absolutely just mess around with it a little bit and then it'll settle down when you connect back up again, really fancy technology fully ip67 waterproof and in addition to all of those features, it has last night's sleep time messages pushed from Your phone a whole variety of sporting activities.

You can go into like running or walking, hiking biking and a variety of ball sports as well. You have a timer, you can find your phone when you're tethered and, of course you can turn the band off. It is an amazing watch, it's the n54 twitch. This is the q3 it's. A cute little band that has its own custom watch faces step count, distance, traveled, calories, burned last night's, sleep information, you can do real time, a heart rate and blood pressure on it, and a variety of sporting activities with great graphics, including running cycling, push ups, walking And yes, swimming tennis as well it's got some pretty interesting ways of doing swimming too definitely worth taking a look at these. Are your notification pushes here's where you can get into your settings and your back to time check it out? It'S called the q3 really nice. Little fitness band – this is the new Z blaze crystal 2, with selectable themes and selectable watch faces your basic step count, calories, burned and miles traveled from a pedometer. Your heartrate analyzed course through the PPG sensors in the back sleep time from last night, message that are pushed from your phone to your watch and a whole sports section that includes running with all of its data, walking, hiking, cycling and a few other interesting sports here. As well after you get through any of those, you can come back and pass that data to the tethered app on your phone.

You have a built in stopwatch the ability to find your phone and an off button to turn the crystal to off and save on it's already long life battery check it out call the Z blaze crystal this. Is the s3 fitness tracker for ladies it's, a really nice beautifully designed watch that does step count, cycling, information, heart rate and more? When you get into the details, it supports a couple of different sports. When you activate them, they begin tracking your movement as you're working out and will report back the results when you're finished it can transfer that to an app. In addition to all of this, you can do heartrate and you can actually set on the app a high and a low target rate so that, when you're doing the heart rate computations from the app you can get live recording of your process and be beeped either. If you exceed or go under your threshold check it out it's a really nice ladies band, the s3: are you ready to take your biometric readings to a whole new level, we'll check out the s3 from has been. This is the band on the left, with current data of time battery level, your step count, calories, burned, distance, traveled and last night's sleep time in the app all that stuff's broken down to finer detail. You also can calculate, of course, your heart rate, but new categories here of wrists humidity, that's right. How wet your arm is, how much you're sweating and a really interesting new area, your skin temperature, your wrists skin temperature and your overall risk temperature, which is different and the difference between the two with an alarm that will warn you.

If your overall body temperature is too high, that's right you've got also barometric pressure down at the bottom. It can be set up for automatic readings of all this stuff every hour, with some really nice graphs displaying information that you can then determine how well you're doing you're looking at the s3 okay from his very interesting little band. This is the mokuba's br1 it's, a fitness watch with built in GPS underwater capability with ip67 waterproofing. You can track your steps, your distance, your energy, easily on the screen. You have access to a heart rate, monitor and an ECG fatigue measurement system built into the watch with messaging scheduling, stopwatch timer settings and more as far as sports go tremendous number of sporting activities that you can choose from anything you like, including swimming being that it's An underwater watch and you have a flashlight and the ability to save power and shut your watch off right from the screen. You got it the mokuba's br1. This is the SN 60 it's a seriously waterproof fitness and sports band couple of watch faces. You'Ve actually got weather on this one when it's tethered to the fundu Pro app, you can collect steps, distance, traveled and calories burned in an icon, driven black and white screen. Last night's sleep report and you have a health area where you can monitor your heart rate. Your blood pressure and your blood oxygen right on the screen. You also have a fitness sports area that covers multiple different types of sporting activities, any of which you can go into easily by tapping the button and running through them.

It includes climbing, but there is no onboard GPS with this watch. You have the ability to read your messages on the screen and a tool box where you can find your phone look at the version. Not the vision of the watch check the QR code for downloading the tethering app have a stopwatch reset it or power it down. You also can turn on or off the twist wrist to see the time, and that is the SN 60 sports. Fitness watch really thin. Really waterproof check it out, here's a fun little sports. Fitness watch check this one out, it's called the growl s2. It has the twist your arm to show the read time or press and hold after the blue colorful display comes on and you can change watch faces to a couple of different ones, including high contrast, black and white you've got your step count. Distance traveled and calories burn computed. In addition, a training section that, when you press and hold, brings up this panel, where you have stopwatch heart rate and steps walked, you can factor that in when you transfer it to the app in your phone. You have blood pressure. Heart rate and blood oxygen all taken on this watch, including notifications of messages and more from here, you can enter a stopwatch mode, find your phone look at your address power off the watch to save battery or wipe it out of its data and reset it that's. What you get inside the growl s2 color Fitness band – that comes with a really nice, almost cowhide soft leather and a beautiful exquisite, solid, build ip67 totally waterproof removable bands Corral s.

Look at this one it's, the xiaomi amaze fit me dong, core yep it's called the core. These are stock watch faces. That is a downloadable one that does 12 hour. These are all in 24 hours. You can see. You'Ve got other things like locking the screen capability. Finding your phone, nice and loud you've got brightness and resets and abouts and restarts, and all these different things and beyond that you have status. It shows you, your step, count your heart rate, your distance traveled and your calories burned even sedentary minutes. Don'T have any of those you've got notifications from your watch special exercise. You can go into instantly starting to track your stuff. You got weather highs and lows and centigrade or fair, and I yep you can change it change your city. If you want to daily forecasts over the next four days, you got alarms countdown timers count up timers and the settings we just looked at. You can check your power level and go into the do not disturb mode either automatically or manually, and if that isn't enough from The Associated app you've never seen this before behavior tagging yeah. You pick anything from jumping rope to ping pong, to sitting to brushing your teeth and bathing or whatever you do with yourself. You can set up and custom and when you start it watch this it's gon na count down. Take you into a mode where, if you go up here and tap on here, you get a graph showing your acceleration in three degrees of freedom.

All your different axes tracked live on your watch, no matter what you're doing with your arm, so the Amaze fit core Lin Wu, Lin, whoa, folks, the Lin whoa em7 sports and fitness ban with one button that lets you do everything, including blood pressure, heart rate blood, Oxygen find your phone turn it on, and off and training options for cycling, running and swimming all this and more in a device that has TPU removable bands and is completely waterproof check it out the m7 it's the p1 folks from Iowa and fit. It is an amazing sports and fitness watch. You have the ability to do free mode runs or any of these category. Optimized runs monitoring your heart rate as well as your GPS distance. You can set flags to vibrate on a variety of different notifications. You can do the same thing for cycling, fast, walking and more. You have the ability to monitor your heart rate directly and your fatigue, and the fatigue is based off of that new concept of ECG electrocardiogram, using electrodes on the watch on the bottom, and also right here on the front where you touch and hold with this. Against your skin and you get the readings really powerful watch it's from I won fit it's available right now, and it has the brightest screen of any I've ever seen. This is the lowest setting check it out. We got a full review on it woohoo what you're gon na do.

This is the SMA q2 it's a brand new upgrade to the original SMA time and it's got all sorts of things in it. You know it's got exactly exactly what the SMA time had in it. You can do heartrate, you can do running, you can change settings and you can play with tools and that's about it. But it's got an always on LCD screen and if it turns itself off, you can always turn the light on to see it in the dark really interesting thing. Really nice watch doesn't everything you want it to do as long as all you want to do is run and, like I said, it's exactly identical to the original SMA time grade. What did you think it's a lot of our choices out there aren't there and they basically do what you expect in a fitness watch with highlights and bling alright. Anyway, all of these are listed in the show notes down below we've got links to the actual videos that you can go any as deep as you want with any of the little one minute Clips you saw here and of course, from there you can go into The buying links and pick up the exact one that you're looking for great thanks for watching everybody. We will see you again soon and Happy Valentines now, as promised at the beginning. I want to show you some amazing watch faces that have been designed, not for the ladies watches that we've just looked at, but instead for Android standalone watches.

These are special faces from the Collins, clan Tim and Pierce Collins. This on the LEM 10 is a rectangular face, and this is the same face playing on a round. Android watch and it'll work on any of the new ones that support animation. This happens to be the COS pet prime se. You heard about that. One mm hmm check our review it's, just like the cost pet prime, but with less memory one gigabyte, 16 gigabyte, so lower price, either way really nice face. Now how about a Lloyd and his faces? He'S put out I'm gon na grab this old SmartWatch here, it's called an s2 16. I believe – and the reason I am is as because of its contour and smaller screen. Most of the smartwatches really are made for guys arms they're a lot bigger and bulkier, but this particular one because of the recess side button and the tapered band appearance would work well for a lady I'll have a link in the show notes to the review on This one as well, but primarily I just wanted to show Kate the faces by the way it has a front facing camera on it too. For those of you who like to do social media kind of videos and pictures here's, the first one there's a several of them – that look really similar – that he's put together and I'm gon na just quickly show you some. This is a little bright but it's a Paris.

It says and it's a nice analog soft face. Now we get into the whole idea of fashion, depending on what watch you put it on and what outfit you're wearing this particular watch has all kinds of colors here. It is in blue and a teal, I believe in gold, and here it is in silver. So when you pick up his collection of Valentine's faces, some of them are going to be the same face, but in basically different colors for fashion coordination, yep that's. What so? I hear that's what the ladies think about so that's what you're gon na get. Then we get a few other ones, here's a little creative one showing you looks like a face: doesn't it yeah there's, quite a few of these so that's. Why we put it at the end I'm, just gon na parade through here's a butterfly flying a little bit of animation in another analog, face in different colors greens and pinks, and then here's a really nice one again it's a little bright. If I tilt it at an angle, you get a better look at it. It'S a vivid colored, almost looks like stained glass butterfly with things changing on the inside and the diamonds blinking on the outside. You see all that definitely download it to check it out on your watch it's much much clearer and easier to see whoa here we have things floating through the screen like little snowflakes and leaves and things yeah, okay, it's worth it to spend a little time on These here's another verse of that here's, another one that's all bling.

So if you have a Android watch it's in bling, if you can find one, you can add to it with the face itself and again fashion coordinated in different colors yep yep, Purple's, Pink's reds. Now here's a dark face, and this one actually looks good. The thing is so bright with the background lighting. We have in here right now that it's kind of hard to get it to show right, and I don't have the hands adjusted to tintin that's. The proper way for us to you know show faces, but it's kind of the current time right now so we'll just leave it there getting pretty close together, so gon na be hard to distinguish them, but mostly just want you to see the faces here is very Colorful that actually, when you tilt it, looks like they're, 3d doesn't it like they're, really some chips inside of there here's a different one with the heart on it. Here'S a rose mm, hmm and the hands are right down here again. Analog watches same thing, but with digital design in case you'd like that, instead let's just go on and on and on here's another one dark view. Even has the temperature in it and again in different color another one with a heart in the middle, all Valentine's themed all for the ladies there's. A great springtime when coming up spring will be here soon mm hmm there's, another Wow. It looks like a dandelion seed.

Doesn'T it I don't think you guys have seen these faces before al Raja, sent this whole package over and I'll have a link, of course, to his resource and a little bit about how you work with his materials. He has groupings of free faces. You can download and play with and then a paid section and it's a one time fee gets access to. I don't know what's. He up to 600 faces something like that. So here's, what you do. Oh that's, a ballerina dancing and her hands are or legs are the time and look look at that and that great from I understand how his stuff works. As you go to the link you'll see down below and from there, you get thumbnails just pages and pages of thumbnails of his stuff and there's some categories at the top that you can pick look at how the second hand is changing, as it goes more a Pattern against the background see that very creative anyway, when you look at over the different categories, they're all going to be looped together into his overall package. So what did you go to the very last thing that says contact and in there he's got instructions on how to go about getting these faces and pretty much you end up, I think sending a donation and your email information and then he'll email, you back with A link to his Google Drive where he's got these things zip and you just simply download the zip file and you get access to the grouping of faces that you're interested in okay we're just about to the end.

This is the one I like. This is the one I leave this watch on for mrs. tics to wear it's, just I think it's cool and I think she thinks it's cool too so we're in agreement here's. Another springtime me one with animals in it at giraffe and then they're going into Rolex and he's got a whole bunch of other stuff so that pretty much wraps up. The parade of ladies faces for Android smart watches from Elrod you've seen the ones here from the Collins clan that are running on these. These you can get. Of course, I'll have links for that in the show notes that you can always go to www.