This watch is around 50 dollars if you’re interested i’ll put down the link to amazon into the description of that but i’m going to show you a little bit how it works you can see. It has also the app here that’s the android app. You have everything about your fitness activity. It is tracking your steps, your blood pressure, your fitness, your heart rate, your no blood pressure, it doesn’t have that’s one of the only things it doesn’t have, but it has the heart rate. It has stress, monitoring has good sleep. Detection has spo to detection, not 24. 7, but you can at least do that it has a lot you you can have, alarms, uh, countdown, timer and so on and so on. But the really interesting thing here is, of course, the alexa, and how does it really work? I mean you have to be connected to the smartphone and smartphone has to be connected to the internet, of course needs internet doesn’t work standalone, but apart from that, it really works. It just needs the connection to the very fit app it doesn’t need connection to bluetooth. That’S a huge advantage compared to similar watches, which are using the google assistant when you’re using google assistant. I can tell you with the bluetooth and microphone speaker here. You will have to add an additional connection in the settings to bluetooth. I had this here with the cs542 watch, it’s a really interesting thing. The problem is just that it always is tending to disconnect, and then you, when you really need it, you can’t use it.

I mean it has been working really good. As you know, the google assistant is really good. I mean it’s way advanced to the alexa, but still alexa is capable to do quite a couple of things by the way. What we have, of course, is the microphone i think that’s the microphone hole here. We do not have a speaker, the only thing which you will get from alexa here is not voice but it’s a text message so i’m. Putting this thing on the side. You can see it’s like you, have it in a pocket uh, and you have your watch here on your wrist and then i’m going to use it now. Let’S say we want to see the latest bitcoin prices, so we can just when the watch face is on. We have to long click, then it goes to alexa and it starts recording. Then hey alexa what’s, the current bitcoin price, it’s, listening, saying, it’s thinking and here you can see what it’s coming up with a current bitcoin price, and you can do a lot. You can even let alexa tell you a joke: hey alexa, tell me a joke. So again, listening stop now it’s, saying thinking it always takes a couple of seconds and then it’s coming up with something like that. I left the voicemail message would yeah? Okay, no time to read the whole thing, but anyway, you’ll get the point. Also weather information. I mean we don’t have to do the same thing: go back to main menu and click.

Again, we can as long as we have this blue icon. Here we can do something again: hey alexa how’s, the weather. Today i don’t know what that is. I don’t have time to read: yeah, usually it’s, no problem, hi alexa. Will there be some rain today today? Here are a few popular ones, what’s that it’s really weird? Usually it hasn’t been a problem. You can even change some settings like from metric to imperial dosings and you can also let alexa add a timer or so add a timer to 20 minutes. So you can see 20 minutes starting now same thing as you have with google and the good thing. The really good thing it’s important to know that this even works offline from your phone, so let’s say you are waiting for something which is really important. You don’t want to miss that and it’s 20 minutes from now, but you want to go out in the backyard and you don’t want to take your phone with you and then it gets disconnected, and you only have your watch when you have the timer set through Alexa, it will work from here alone, even when it’s disconnected. So these are really nice things. Of course, the the rest won’t work disconnected, but at least like timers or alerts, or these things are working when it’s disconnected. So it does a huge help. I mean it’s not like the google assistant again when you’re using that let’s say, while driving it’s a little bit difficult, because you will have to read the uh watch here or watch face uh.

Whatever alexa is saying so it’s not exactly the same thing as you would have like a speaker and a google assistant, but still it’s it’s, pretty good. It can be very, very helpful and another positive aspect of this thing is and that’s, maybe even really important. For some people that’s the thing that alexa is not listening all the time i mean we have been hearing these things reports in the news about alexa listening all the time and then employees of amazon, uh or listening and checking uh or almost spying people out. This could happen uh any time with other such amazon or alexa speakers when you have them permanent on power, but since there’s just a very limited battery, they have to save some battery and it’s. Only listening really when you are hitting this button there and i’m happy with this, i think i’ll go for a while with this watch. Maybe we’ll make even a long term review. I have made a short term review already, which is available or will be available soon on my youtube channel. So if you’re interested into that, make sure that you subscribe to my channel and yeah anyway, i hope i’ve been able to help you a little bit with this video.