My name is abhinav mahajan and welcome to my channel avir man in this video i’m sharing my present morning, routine, which you can follow too in case you like it. I have a very busy lifestyle because that’s what i like for myself and i always keep the record of my everyday’s routine and to make that possible i’m using this real me watches pro, which comes with highly durable stainless steel case when it is about health. For me, self monitoring is the first name. The gps of real me watches pro provides me an independent part, track, recording function for running jogging, cycling, walking, step, monitoring, yoga, meditation, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring and even the hydration reminder. If i consume right amount of water every day, then my body functions properly. So this watch always reminds me to drink water nowadays, i’m living a simple and affordable lifestyle, so i’m sharing a very basic morning routine, which keeps me healthy, and this does not disturb any patterns from my eating, sleeping gyming or work routine. In fact, my morning, routine is a great warm up with a lot of fun which keeps me charged up for the rest of my day. So let’s begin i wake up around 7am and my first step is to drink two glasses of warm water, so that i can get fresh nicely, because if my gut is healthy, then my day will be. The healthiest 7 am is quite a decent time for me to wake up, even when i’m sleeping around 12 at night 7 hours of sleep is enough for me to start my day again with freshness.

So after an hour of waking up, i feel ready to start my day. Then i go for just 15 minutes of sunbath those who try to stay away from sun know. This sun holds limitless benefits for the human body, and it is like a medicine, because sun heals your mind and consciousness. Both the watch comes with always on display feature also because of the amoled display. Even the direct sunlight does not affect the visibility of this watch and the premium material of this watch is skin friendly and very light for daily use, which comes with silicone. Straps and vegan. Leather options are also available, so just after my sunbath, i take face steam for five to ten minutes. This takes care of my throat and my voice. If you are a smoker, then face steam is a great way to clean your lungs and to lengthen your breath, you can buy a good face, steamer from any nearby chemist in case. You are looking for it just after this i’m ready to do a bit of meditation with pranayama and 20 to 25 minutes of basic yoga practice. Just five minutes of meditation is enough for me to get my focus back on my breath, and my watch has a meditation feature too, which is quite unique. Mornings are heavy for me, because i have so much to think about what schedule i have for today. Regarding my work, my weight training, which i’ve just started after a year, my team management, my family life and there’s – a lot in a day which i have to cover and to hold my heavy schedule on time.

Real me works the best. So then i do pranayama and for me it is like the brain food. You can call this kapalbhati or breath of fire. Pranayama has done wonders to minor health. This is my every day’s morning ritual and if you would want to follow this routine, then in this video i’m providing you two links, one video is about pranayama and the other video is about basic yoga for beginners, which you can use as a reference. This watch has yoga mode 2, which is my personal favorite, because even in yoga now i can always know what schedule i have for today. Both the sessions take 30 to 40 minutes, and my warm up is complete, now, i’m ready for a morning walk or a run. We all need to wear masks. Whenever we go out. My watch can receive almost all app notifications and it can automatically unlock the phone when i’m approaching it, which is actually very convenient. Considering the fact of wearing a mask, i do sprints, but twice a week generally, i run just for 10 to 15 minutes, which is always fun and manageable with my morning routine, because, if i’m running daily, even for 10 minutes, then i’m taking care of my health Realme worked a lot on high precision dual satellite gps, which makes my everyday’s routine manageable and easy when i’m walking, running or traveling, because of my extremely busy schedule, i’m always occupied in something. This is why i hardly have time to get my blood oxygen and heart rate checked, especially in this time of corona, but this watch takes care of that too.

So when i come back home from my running therapy, i take shower, and the best part about this watch is: it: is water resistant and helpful for swimmers to track their progress? Now is the time for me to enjoy my immunity drink this heals many organs. In my body i’m sharing this because i thought the string might be helpful for everyone, even for your parents. It is pure health to make this drink. I need long elaichi soft tulsi, kali mitch, dalchini, that is cinnamon and adrak ginger just boil a glass of water. Then add these mentioned ingredients and keep boiling it for 10 to 15 minutes on medium flame, and it will be ready so to my morning routine. I have added two glasses of warm water, 10 to 15 minutes of sunbath, 5 10 minutes of face steam a little bit of yoga with pranayama and a healthy drink to my life in this morning, routine. I don’t add any other fitness activity so that i can have all the time to manage my work, my meals, my weight training and a power yoga practice which is going to come my way in the evening, that’s it for my morning, routine. I take charge of my health with consistency because i believe in one thing: no consistency, no results and the more i heal myself, the better i feel with myself now i will check my watch to see what else i have for today regarding my work and my Other activities, you can also find the link of the watch in the below description and experience the fit lifestyle brought by it, see you soon with some more good content in the next video.