I do not like these. I do not like the bands that i came with. I don’t like the material. They fall off really easy, like they just clip on like this. If you’re wearing a sweater, it’s going to come off, i’ve been pretty lucky that it hasn’t fallen off, so yeah just push those off to the side. I don’t care about those anymore and, like the few other things would be like nitpicking things such as um. In the settings here they have the time first, which one it’s kind of incentive for cheating which and not a problem for me, like i don’t mind, people cheating with these not gon na lie sometimes i’ll. Do it it’s kind of a thing with these virtual pets, but they should have switched it around with the backgrounds, because every time i hit the camera every time you switch over like from the app back to the vital bracelet, your special background is gone and you Got ta switch it back. It yeah a lot of a lot of work. Just for the look he wants it’s to the point where a lot of times i just stick to the blue background. Let’S get into some battles, though. Oh, why are you turning off? I turned the sound off just so it won’t bother us greymo all right. I guess the first thing i want to say that’s good about this is the fact of we can do battles like this.

Just tap the phone when we’re at home and train up your digimon’s vital points, i like how easy they actually made getting the vital points like to be honest, even on weekends, where i’m not doing much i’m still getting vital points just by kind of moving. My hands around or just cleaning or something it’s really not hard to get vital points. If you’re starting to lose vital points, do some battles that’s what i suggest, but you probably want to do battles after you have a little bit of vital points which is all right see. I got ta actually do a lot to get him full, which adds to like you’re, actually using the thing a lot actually battling having fun. I also love the fact that they added in the adventure missions that have it just like the uh, the digivices from the avengers series, the animes, like those were pretty fun toys, but they weren’t really v pets. I i love the fact that they combine the two. This is almost, in my opinion, the perfect device they could possibly get better, such as making it waterproof, but i don’t ever expect bandai to put out the money to do that. Yeah and it’s also a little fragile. They. They probably could get some better plastic, but then again, it’s it’s, bandai, they’re gon na always go a little bit cheaper, come on let’s start this battle. What else do i love about this device? Well, the dim cards.

Oh my. I love the idea of the dim cards just buying a new dim card set is kind of like buying a new device. You have a whole new tree. You have new uh villains to battle in a sense like yeah they’re from your own digivolution line, but like the pendulums uh, the 20th anniversary pendulums, pretty much all the digimon you face in uh that tournament mode is in the device like itself like you could get Most of them, which, which is cool like there’s, some exceptions, all right, yeah, i think uh that’s about it, also a lot of people don’t, really like augumon and gogumon too much anymore, because a little overplayed. But for me, gabumon is my digimon, even though i’m not using them right now, i’m actually going to be training them up this week and unfortunately i probably won’t be showing that i’m not going to be doing any vlog style type things, but the training in this. I have to say it’s all right, it’s not too demanding like. If you do the workouts, they might help you with the cardio, but you can still just cheat with that as well and just shake the vital bracelet i’ve done it once. But i i normally actually do the workouts just because they’re that easy – and i think this should be the last battle and i’m gon na end. The video because i don’t really have too much to say about this it’s, a very simple device – very easy to get used to like it’s unfortunate, that it’s uh still in japanese, like there’s, no english release announced yet, but we are getting online battles, that’s gon na.

Definitely make this a lot better, all right, and that is that i think i talked about everything. I wanted to sorry that this video might be a little bit of a mess it’s just completely off scripts, just winging it completely that’s. How i do most of my videos and from now on i’m, actually going to start trying different games.