Now look i guarantee you if you’re listening to me right now. I guarantee you because we’re all in the same boat we’re all going through 2020. 10 years from now we’re going to look back on 2020 and all of us are going to have a story to tell we’re all going to tell different stories. Rest assured we’re, going to remember 2020. now i’m reading the article here right, you’re, never going to believe this. Now. Let me before i get into the article by neil degrasse tyson. I heard about this story about a couple of months ago. It was just kind of a passing news story. In fact, i thought the story was fake. I thought it was fake news, but it actually wasn’t fake news. You know astronomers are saying that a asteroid may hit the uh, possibly the united states a day before the election, or it could hit somewhere uh it’s a one percent chance that it’ll hit land. There is a asteroid on path to hit us a day before the election november 2nd, and we all know the election is november 3rd, now think about the chances that what what what else could go wrong and i i hope i should i – should knock on wood When i say that when i say what else could go wrong, i mean 2020 man, i’m gon na. Remember this and i i’m just gon na say this. I told this story before i’m gon na get into the article, but give me a second.

I hate to be long winded, but i remember when 2020 january, 1st 2020 usually i’m up for the ball to drop. You know it’s, like uh. You know every year as a kid it’s just been tradition for me for us to watch the ball drop back in the day we used to bring in new year’s my family with dick clark, rock and eve this year i fell asleep before the ball dropped and I remember when i woke up, i was like i think i didn’t miss it and then, when i was looking, then i turned on the tv. I missed it, and i had this um overwhelming feeling that this year, wasn’t gon na, be it wasn’t gon na be right and i had nothing to base it on. It was just a feeling and um. I was telling friends about it. It was like nah just calm down, you know, you know you’re, just tripping or whatever i said i’m, not tripping man. I feel it. We all have this innate ability to sense stuff. We all do some of us lose it, and some of us still have it. Some of us um have this ability is more stronger than others, but man i’m telling you. I had this overwhelming sensation because you know 2020. I was saying this is the year of the election. I said something isn’t, something is not right, then it all happened. I remember the story when i woke up, i heard about kobe and then after that it’s just everything is just the news just continue to come.

It was coveted, it was just now we’re all wearing masks. There was social distancing, the economy went down, jobs were lost, it’s just 2020 has been crazy, but let me get into this article. Neil degrasse, tyson, okay, astrophysicist, neil degrasse, tyson, okay. He said here: he’s warning, earthlings that’s, just something he say. An asteroid may be heading to our planet before the election day, but it’s probably not going to kill us, but maybe something else will now the fame astrophysicist posted a photo of a giant rock hurling towards earth with the caption asteroid, 2018 vp1 it’s the size of A refrigerator size rock, he said, is hurling towards us at no more than 25 000 miles per hour. Now he goes on to say it could have a brush with earth at an ominous time. It may buzz earth on november 2nd the day before the presidential election, but i hope he’s right here. He said it’s not big enough to cause harm. I hope he’s right now. I hope most of this um disintegrate before it hit us if it do hit us. So he said: if the world ends in 2020, it won’t be the fault of the universe. Neil who hosts the news fox, show cosmos possible worlds. Didn’T say what else could end the world as we know it, but we have ideas now. As for the asteroid, nasa has confirmed it’s on trajectory to possibly hit the us on november, 2nd they say: it’s, six and a half feet in diameter and there’s.

Only a one percent chance it will hit somewhere in the country, but still is 2020.. Now the space agency is saying there are possible three points of impact, but they weren’t specific. Now here’s the thing this is 2020.. What are the chances of an asteroid hitting us? A day before the election, this this asteroid can go anywhere in the world, but the u.s. Do you guys think this is a coincidence, or am i just tripping? I mean come on i’m, not even trying to be funny. Here i mean, let me tell you something: i’m, not even being funny when i say this, i am really having a hard time with 2020 and i’m, not the only person like i’m i’m happy to be alive and i’m happy to be sitting here. Bumping my gums talking to you. However, i am struggling every day with 2020. In fact, i’m, taking it day by day now, it’s, not the struggle that you think it’s the struggle of uncertainty. We all have battles with uncertainty. However, i i said when i woke up, i didn’t feel right on new year’s and just everything just spiraled out of control, everything who would ever thought when this year, when january 1st, when that ball dropped, who would ever thought we would be practicing social distancing. This wasn’t the first time in history back in the early 1900s. They they were going through the same thing but i’m telling you we weren’t prepared for this.

Now i always often say to myself: when did we find out that this was spiraling out of control? Did they just wanted to not tell us because of the holidays that’s one of my theories because i was um, i remember i was up in the new york area last november and december. You know celebrating the holidays and i’m like. Did they not want to ruin? Our holiday, because you know that’s the biggest money making time of the year for most con for most um stores and things like that. Then new year’s, all those people out there celebrating new year’s around the world, knowing that this virus was here like, did they just not want to ruin that because of financial reasons who knows but man 2020 man. Let me tell you this i’m, not i’m, not trying to be funny when i say this: i’m, just waiting for the the aliens to pull up and like hey what’s going on is the pull up party. You know how umar says the pull up team i’m just waiting for them to say hey this is the intergalactic pull up team hello? How are you we’re here i’m, just waiting for it? Man? Oh man. What are the odds? Let me just say this right: something coming at earth at 25 000 miles per hour. Maybe an intergalactic realm that’s, not that fast, but the size of a refrigerator. Could you imagine something the size refrigerator hitting your city, you don’t think that’s going to cause a mushroom.

I mean i don’t know i mean common sense to me is saying well it’s going to disintegrate. If it do hit earth it’s going to disintegrate, maybe it’ll hit the ocean right. They sent us a possibility, could hit land, mass and that’s the united states and we’re about to have an election. So maybe i should go early vote. You know. Maybe i should just go, get my tail up monday and vote early. What are the odds? Man? You know um, i i heard about this article in passing a couple of months ago and uh. It was just a passing article. In fact, i thought it would they weren’t being serious, but now neil degrasse tyson is coming out. You know the astrophysicist here he goes saying that the asteroid well, the size of refrigerator may hit us, but it’s not gon na end life if it hits the city it’s gon na end, something i mean that’s just i don’t know i don’t know anything about asteroids. Now now i need to brush up on the little that i know about asteroids now so november, 2nd so now that this gives us something else to worry about now. My luck! My luck had hit my city, my luck right, but who knows man? Let me know if you um, you read the article and let me know your thoughts about it and also, let me know your thoughts about 2020. How are you holding up with everything going on? Let me know, but a freaking asteroid yo an asteroid right before the election.

I i don’t know if that’s i don’t know man, i don’t know if that’s a coincidence, i don’t know i’m tripping man.