Let us open it and see what we can find inside. Oh, this looks even better than what i expected. The watch is here. Speed scenes it has comes with a charger, the charge stand, which looks very easy to use also inside the manual it comes with the authenticity card and a thank you card and what’s more important. I found that they also are very eco, friendly, no plastic in this packaging, which is important in our era. Let us have a closer look at the watch. I’M going to take it off this. The strap looks very comfortable it’s, a silicone strap. This one is the rose pink, but it also comes with other five colors rose, pink obsidian black steel, blue there’s, a gold and lava gray, it’s suitable for both ladies and gents, who love pink as well. Um. I, like the finishing touches this is made from zing. So it’s very sturdy, i’m going to light the screen. It looks like this. The back looks like this with the sensors um, so it’s waterproof, which is very important. You can take it with you in the shower. Also for swimming so it’s a, i think, it’s a watch that goes for everyday use as well as for those of you that are interested in the health benefits of a smart watch. Let us look at the menu it’s, a very easy to use. So you can, you can count the steps let’s enter here. Okay and the distance, as well as the calories you burn, wheels, walking or running.

You can receive messages once you pair it with your smartphone uh track. Your sleep quality shows you the deep sleep and so on has many health benefits here, the blood pressure you can take the heart rate and also the oxygen level let’s see how it uses this sensor on the back i’m going to wear it. Just give me a second light: it again and waiting for a second it’s measuring now a good track of your health that’s, the blood pressure let’s, take it off okay. So this is the health function. Uh, you have your blood pressure monitoring your heart rate, also the oxygen levels in your body. If you’re into training, you have different sport modes, walking running cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball and football going back, you can check the weather. You can listen to music when, once you pair it with your smartphone um, adjust the brightness of your uh watch. You can also use the camera by shaking the hand Music. Obviously you can use a flashlight we’ll enter more let’s, see what else you have from here. You can restart and power a power off or reset okay, you can change um the face of the watch by just doing a long click on the home screen and you can choose this screen, or even this colorful screen. Okay, i’m going to choose this one by long clicking the battery life and it’s very good. It lasts between three to seven days, depending on how much you use it, and it only takes about two to three hours to charge it with this very easy to use.

Charging stand um, so it has a very good life um, the smartwatch. I highly recommend it because it’s very good quality. It looks very sturdy resistant. I like that it’s waterproof. It has many sport modes and health functions and obviously the price is very good for the quality it offers. All in all. I highly recommend this watch from the cloud.