Tix.Com we're here not to talk about this, but to talk a little bit about this on this kos pet prime, is the original face designed by Tim and Pierce Collins, hi piers, my family. The Collins clan have come up with something new and I just wanted to show it to you briefly. They'Ve added animation come on. You come on. You ant touch spots, that's right. This is a Android SmartWatch face now that includes looping animation and all of these little buttons are hot buttons. You can get these faces over at WWF old Android watch, calm, not watches now Android full well, full Android watch, calm, WWF old, Android watch, calm to pick out these faces and a whole bunch more and also also al rod has been doing the the midnight oil Burning and created a new face this one here, you see all these things around the outside. They are all active buttons. Now, for some of them you have to go and download a special app like the flashlight, and when you do, you touch that button and the whole screen will go. White and you've got yourself a flashlight. Other ones are just plain old stock apps, like the phone. You can bring that up here or oh, I don't know the camera. You can bring that up here, what's that that's my thumb. Oh, my goodness, look at this with the camera on the side of the watch and with the watch at a different angle than it has been on the wrist.

I now can move my thumb easily out of the way and take pictures in landscape mode without always having my hand, the picture creative. As long as I keep my thumb down right, oh yeah, and I can flip it around and look at you guys there. I am with my special goggles on that I used to take apart the watches, really fun, stuff and it's all because of this whole new ergonomic watch face design, not watch face but watch mount yeah. This is a new band. It'S called an ERG on band and I'm, putting together a full review on this. You guys are gon na, be the first to know about it. Subscribers hope you're subscribed to the channel because you're gon na want to get in early to get yourself a link to pick up. One of these there's also, a contest going on I'll have the review on this one up soon. As soon as you subscribe. Alright that's a quick video for today. I just wanted to show you look in the show notes for the link to Al rod and his faces.