Our main product is the smart watch and fishing tracker. Our factory was located in balwante street and easter basin. In 2009, there are more than 100 production workers in our factory. There are many items in our factory. Most of our products has passed ce loss and fcc locations. Now i would like to show you the housing item in our factory uh. Here you can see the products it is fully debunked on the style, it’s just microphone style or two buttons here. It is for steel, just take it off, something is okay. I will show the function for this smartwatch uh it has. You can see a trini china, you can click here. You can find more than 1020 models here and here for heart rates or plant collection and you’re just clicking on manufacture here, such as the circular stairs stopwatch waiter and message, and also you can still find the cities. You can power from the research and also can find a referral here. I will show the simple the function here so when i open the uh application. Firstly, you’ll need to create your pro tools: visual, smart watch and for the home page. You can find wait here. Uh because i just located rinse engine, the temperature is 25, so it just showed the the sensing temperature on the top, and here you can find the strip when you, when you wear this, my watch during release trip. It will show the sleep data here.

The hours and also the stable state is not good or or not good, heart rate here, when you just need to wear a smartwatch line, it can show the lower hash rate status and also for prospection on the device. The device gear on the main oscillating ports also furnace models is for a dashboard. You can choose many clock face and it can stick to the smartwatch, so you will have many clock face gear and they also have a custom dial you can see. I just chose one: i can choose different colors, so you can choose the colors, which you lean so very, very nice. Okay, then i will show here, i think, remove faction will be all fully from koni. You need to open it and for sms openings. When you have the phone calling, kami and also sms incoming, it will show the funkoni the lambo and link here. So you you will know who will just making comic con to you and i think for also another function. Phase is music. The music here you can see the music. You can just control your smart watch applications, so you can make reports the play and also like so on and that song so it’s very easy to control it. So you don’t need to just click your smartphone also. You can make a remote control to take photos. So it will be very easy. So what do you think of this smartwatch uh? You can see just the face, the sync and the body and has two buttons microphones there and also stripe motorways for the same course drive and also the charger in the water.

You say: it’s it’s, falling magnetic charger, just a cricket and you can still charge your icons.