So yesterday, 24 hours ago, i put up a post on my youtube community, a poll to between three different smart watches, which one do you want to see next and over 80 percent of you. People wanted to see this new hw13 it’s a 22 millimeter smartwatch. The latest design in the hw series smartwatches so in this video today we’ll do unboxing and review and i’ll give you my opinion on what the smartwatch is like. I purchased this from ali express for around 26 pounds, including delivery. You got to pay tax on aliexpress. Now so, obviously, whatever you buy now, you’re gon na pay that little bit extra so let’s get straight into it hw13. This is what the smartwatch actually looks like. This is the app that it uses when you connect it to your phone, so smartwatch on the side comes in four different. Colors i’ve got the black color right here, which is my favorite color you’ve got a qr code for the app. If you want to download it a few trademarks here, let’s take a look at some of the information it says on the back, so it’s got a metal, slim body, multiple sports modes, real time call reminder all day. Heart rate, monitor 30 days of standby, um customized watch face size, sleep management and hd twitch screen so let’s open it up and see what we get inside so it’s a slider box, as you can see here, is the box itself inside of the box that’s.

The watch, but just before we take a look at the watch, let’s see what else we get inside the box. So we have a magnetic two pin charger right here. You can see. We’Ve also got a watch band which is different compared to the previous ones. I’Ve been doing even on the hw series, this is a bit more different and also some money was hw13 you’ve, got it in different languages as well. Let me show you what it’s like so. Obviously, this just shows you how to use the watch and if you don’t, have to put on charge that’s how you put it in charge: anyways let’s get into it. So here we have the watch waffle pro that’s, the app that you need to download start your smart journey. Tear off before use so let’s take a look at this watch it it has a 1.57 inch tft hd display. The resolution is 320. Over 320 is a 22 millimeter, a lot smaller than the previous hw smart watches. It has a 250 mah battery as well. Like i said earlier is 30 days of standby. I will have to do a battery test to see how long this actually lasts from full. To battery low looking at the body, it’s a zinc alloy body, but the design is totally different compared to the previous hw series. Smartwatches. If it’s got one button, placement on the right hand, side nothing else around the smartwatch they.

Obviously these are where the watch band goes. They just clip in the sensors at the back are totally different. You’Ve got a two pin charger right here, which clicks in which is really cool, and that is about it. So let’s put power this on. It does have a few features: it’s got a passcode, lock, screen split screen, it’s got three user interface menu changes as well let’s check out some of the watch faces. So here we have, it just hold the watch in and, as you can see, you’ve got style. One style two, three, four five, all right, so you’ve got five different styles, so don’t worry. We will actually check once we’re connected to the app what uh other features it’s got. If you can change and customize the watch faces so let’s swipe it down. You’Ve got your shortcuts right here. The top one is the smartwatch swiping it back and the middle one is the brightness you’ve got your lock screen as well and long press the side button to uh release, as you can see so that’s unlocked uh you’ve got your on and off button. Your settings button, which will check later – and this is your uh night – do not disturb mode, so you’ve got a battery percentage right there and that little uh circle right. There is when it’s connected to your phone, and it gives you the time and date right here. So that is the shortcuts swiping it up.

It gives you your notifications, swiping it to the left. It gives you the split screen, and these are the apps that you actually use just before. It also gives you the weather weather as well. It stems down really quickly and the top one is the time and date, and you can actually click this for to download the app so swiping it to the left gives you your heart rate. Swiping again gives you the data pedometer and all the information when you’ve been walking and how long you’ve been working for your weather app, and you can also add components right there so clicking going into the menu you’re going to click the button on the right. It does have three user interface menus, so what you’ve got to do same as the other hw series? Smart, watches, just double click it and it will actually change to a nine up view. Double click it again, and this is a scroll menu as well, which you have right there, which is really cool. That is a really new design menu which we have there. But as you know, i was like the list view which actually tells you, as we are in the menu let’s see what the heart rate is like, so it just vibrates and as you can see, you’ve got no lights there, but when you put on an object, So we’ll leave it on there for a second, you can see that it has got the lights on.

So let me just leave it there for a few seconds to see. If we get a reading, while it’s placed on an object, a few moments later been waiting over a minute and it’s, not actually giving me a reading. So what i need to do is put it on my wrist so i’m, just going to go back into the menu and well let’s go into the menu and it’s vibrated. Now what i’m going to do is i’m going to place it on my wrist and let’s? See if it gives you the reading that way and as you can see here – it’s 95 to 97 beats per minute. Well, 90. it’s going to 100 i’m, not actually doing anything. So does it go off when i actually take it off, as you can see, i’ve took it off my wrist and there we have it. So that is that might actually work um i’m going to put on the desk again and see if he actually gives us another reading, but if it doesn’t, then this has real heart rate sensor, which is the first time i’ve actually done in any of the smart Watches so the screen times gone out and it’s not actually giving me a reading so wow. This actually gives us a real time, heart rate, which is really good, that’s, definitely a first so uh. This is the blood oxygen spo2 the blood oxygen. So, as you can see here, we’ve got no flushing lights.

Let me put it on to the desk and see if we get any blood oxygen, any results, so we’ve got no results right there. I just want to show you in real time as well. It should actually give us some results: i’m, just going to wait for the time, uh the screen time to go off and then i’ll click it because it usually gives us a reason after it takes about 15 to 20 seconds to get to the reading. But it’s not actually giving us the reading right there, as you can see so i’m gon na go i’m, just gon na click, it again it’s vibrated and i’m gon na put it onto my wrist as you would. If the straps are on and let’s see, if it gives us a reading that way, if it does, then this is a cheap smartwatch which gives you um real time. Readings of your health of the health apps, which is good so we’ll, just wait for this. To give us a reading if it does and there we have it, look at that 97 to 98 and that didn’t actually work when i had it on the desk as well, which is cool so other, took it off. It would just went straight off. Uh let’s. Go into outdoor sports we’ll check that out, you can do outdoor pulse outdoors running, you can put it on and off from there we’ll take that off and you’ve got your indoor activities.

Indoor running indoor, cycling, uh, sit ups and we’ll, go back, let’s, see what else we’ve got find phone that’s connecting it to your phone to do that. So this gives you the data on which you can use um the sleeve that’s, the sleep mode, the bad thing about it just goes back to the top of the menu, whether that’s, when you connect it to your phone uh breathe. That just gives you you can just stop breathing yourself to be honest, uh match that gives you your it’s, like the calendar, i’m, pretty sure that’s the calendar um stopwatch we’ve. Seen that already the bad thing about it just go straight to the main, the main top of the menu shape to take photos. Music it’s got no music on it, so that’s you have to connect that to your phone to play music and pressure. Let’S say well, because you got your countdown so what’s this pressure, so that’s your blood pressure, um, monitor it’s, not a monitor as well. That just gives you the information right there. So let’s go all the way back down messages: um that’s, when you connect it to your phone setup, so you got your dimming and screen off time. You can only put it up to 15 seconds, raise your wrist to wake the phone up, as you can well let’s let’s go and show you. Oh my gosh i’ll show you that in a bit, uh let’s go back and go into settings from there.

Uh well. Let’S, come back into settings, do not disturb vibration, mode, language, setup, bluetooth, um, a connector mobile phone password. You can actually switch it on and off from right. There. So we’ll put four zeros and you’ve seen how that works. Let’S go back and what else do we have in settings you’ve got yet about which tells you what watcher is w30 and then you’ve got your reboot, restore factories or shutdown. So that’s what you have in settings, let’s go back to the bottom, see what else we have and there we go. You got your calculator, so the good thing about this. It has real time heart rate i’m, just going to check it again. I don’t waste the time here, but i just want to check it again, i’m, going to hold it against the desk, as i would do it on my wrist and see if it gets really. We need to double check it, because this is the first time that i’ve reviewed a smart watch and the health apps actually work. So, as you can see here, the screen dimmed down and it’s still not giving us a release. So this has real heart rate and blood oxygen readings, which is really really good. Now let’s connect it to my phone and see what other features we can do on this app when we connect it to the hw13. So, as you know, you need to download where fit pro here. We have it right here, so you got all the information on on here: heart rate: sleep, blood pressure and blood oxygen, so equipment.

We need to add a device hw13 right there and, as you can see succession successful pairing, if i can say that right, allow iphone notifications. Yes, we’ll do that on the stored and, as you can see here, it gives us the battery percentage and it says connected so let’s go to watch faces and recently new right here check that out. So you can put all of these smart watch faces on your smartwatch let’s. Try this one! This is actually remove that let’s go into this one download free as well. So we’ll wait for that to download and then let’s put that smart watch face on to this smartwatch. Look at that wow that’s watchface is really cool. Can you put customized watch faces on so um? Actually you can actually customize customize right here and yeah. Remember before i actually put my honda record type power on, you can actually put the style and position of where you want the watch and everything, so you can actually put customized watch faces, which you really could some of you of them. You have to pay, as you can see here – 99 cents, but yeah. You can actually refresh it. You can there’s loads of watch faces. You can actually do make sure your phone is connected to the internet and it gives you a whole load of watch faces once it’s refreshed. You watch always taking his time anyway. So let’s move on. So, as you know, you can actually change and customize.

Whatever watch face, you want from your photo gallery or put the ones that are pre loaded onto it, which we’ve just done right here with this nice yellow one so weather reports, you can actually choose your weather reports, notifications, you can actually toggle on and off which Notification you want so we’ll put sms on we’ll put miss call on. I will put phone on because i’m gon na try that out uh you can actually put wechat whatsapp we’ll check that out as well and as you can see, look how much notifications you can get from apps, which is really really good onto the smartwatch health reminder. You can choose that as well along taking pictures find device, it just vibrates, understood on all the settings raised to a 12 hour clock hourly point to measurement so with this well fit pro. It actually gives you more features than any other smartwatch app that i’ve used previously, so it is really good. You can update it as well device version update, let’s, see if that gives us um. Any information about updating currently has the latest version, so yeah it’s really really good. I actually like working on this app and also with this smartwatch being a 26 pound. It actually gives you good features with working heart rate, monitors and everything else. So, as you can see here, that’s what we can do when it comes to this watch, you can put your own information in on me exercise as well.

Everything goes there, your heart rate and all the information once you’ve done it, seeing straight from your smartwatch to your app. So what we’ll do now is i’m. Just gon na give my other phone and see what notification we get when we actually make a phone call. So i’m, just calling my this phone from my other phone and as you can see here, it says it’s actually vibrating and it gives you the name as well. So it actually says all sorts which is really good, so that’s it doesn’t just show you. The roommate shows you who’s, calling so i’m gon na send a message now and let’s see what um notification we get when it comes to the messages i’m doing it from this phone. As you can see, it also says subscribe to all sorts the bad thing about it. Is you can’t reply which is no good, so obviously that was the lock screen and, and you can’t actually reply to it, which is no good. You can delete it from there from the notifications, but you can’t reply to it same again when it comes to what’s up uh let’s go on to whatsapp and send a message and what’s up and as you can see here, you should get notification, all sorts and He actually gives you the picture of what’s up right there and also sent a message. They don’t show you the message so yeah overall my opinion about this hw13 for 26 pound is definitely good, it’s, just a little bit smaller than previous than you know.

The other smart watches – this is a 22 millimeter body, but i have got to say: it’s got really cool features you can customize. Your watch faces. Put your own watch faces on um, put the pre loaded, one that this one really cool by the way. It’S got split, screen, it’s got three user interfaces. Uh he’s got your lock screen as well, and mainly the health apps, the two health apps. It actually has um, that is the heart rate and the blood oxygen. They actually give you accurate reading. So i actually do like that. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below. If you want to see any other videos with this watch, you do.