But just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias. As i always post sneak peeks on what to expect in all souls and as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. So this is the hw19 and it’s a 40 millimeter smartwatch uh. Just before we get into it, let’s see what the box says. So we’ve got the picture of the watch here: smartwatch uh, the app is called wear fit so we’ll check that out later you can use 40 millimeter watch bands on this one. It comes in four different colors. I purchased it from aliexpress let’s see what kind of features it’s got. 1.7 7 inch. Dual screen display, um a full circle: hd touch, screen, wallet, function, business card function, real time, call reminder. Custom watch face all day. Heart rate monitor 30 days of standby, and it gives you a better information right. There, uh wayfa pro uh that’s the qr code to download the app and a few trademarks and made in china as it’s everything else. So, just before we take a look at the watch, it is really nicely packaged, as you can see right here. It comes with two different straps one black silicon and one nylon strap as you can see right, there elastic strap guys. So it does come with a two pin charger and some manuals and it does actually stay hw 19 smartwatch.

So manuals are in two different languages: that’s one and that’s. True, oh, wait actually there’s nothing! English! I don’t think there’s any english on this one anyways yeah that’s the manual let’s check out the watch. We have it so let’s, take off the plastic packaging and see what we have with this hw19. There is a hw, 18 that’s uh out as well, but i’ve got that on order but i’ve received, even though i ordered that first i’ve received this one. So i thought why not just unbox and review it for you. I did put up a poll on my youtube community, so make sure you follow me, but here we have it. Let’S, take a look at the design. As you can see, you’ve got a crown. The mic cutout is placed much below near the charging port and the charger well on the back and you’ve also got a button placement here which actually works as well. Taking a look at the back, the sensors look pretty similar to the original. You got text around the sensors and you’ve got a two pin there for the charger and also the speaker, as you can see, one is fake, the left one and the right one is real. So, like i said it comes in four different colors let’s push in the buttons. If you switch it on you’ve, got a vibration as you can see, so it is uh. It does have a chin at the bottom, as you can see when we push it in, but first let’s see how much watch faces we get with this hw 19, so that doesn’t work, the crown, no idea where the crown is not working so let’s, oh it’s, Crushed let’s switch it back.

Oh let’s uh. This watch is so weird, so let’s swipe it down and check this out. So you’ve got the bluetooth button there. The brightness turn always on mode, so it does have always on display. We’Ll turn that off because we don’t want the battery to go yeah. The lock screen is what screen is locked locks, long press the side button to unlock it and there we go so that’s unlocked. This is right here. No collection code is currently uh bound. Please open that up to bind the collection code, so we’ll check that out when we download the app pushing it back in. It is really slow. Look at that! Look how slow it is. Let’S go into settings. That is the settings option. So you’ve got dimming right back bright screen. Duration, let’s uh turn that up to 20 screen off time, we’ll change that to 15 seconds phone settings you can change it down, mute dial, vibration and co vibration uh screw your phone settings raise your wrist too bright. So you can raise your wrist to turn the screen on and off. Do not disturb mode. Sound vibration, language settings connect mobile phone password. You can put a passcode on it when you lock your smart about so virgin. 1.09 hw 19 that’s all you’re gon na get bad thing about. It goes straight to the top, once you’ve gone into a option: reboot and restore factory settings and shut down, so let’s click it back and the last one is there’s no business card with the qr code.

Please open that up. So we’ll check that out when we open up it gives you information about the battery percentage time and day, and that is for when the smartwatch is connected to the phone. So swiping it to the left. You’Ve got split screen, which is another good feature to have. Swiping up is your message: notifications and swiping it to the left. You’Ve got your shortcuts, like your heart rate, your data weather and you can add components which we have right here, reach up here well, that’s, which anyway that’s working as we are in the heart rate, section let’s uh, see if it actually works and let’s go back. So we do have the christmas flashing lights, going right there and it’s off an object, so let’s see if it gives us a reading, while it’s off an object. We’Ll, give it a few seconds, if not we’ll put it onto our object, because some some of the smart watches they have a sensor that once it’s twitching something it gives you a reading and, as you can see, it’s not unknown object and we’ve got 134 beats Per minute, so that definitely is a fake so to go into um menu, your watch menu. You just got to push in the crown button and look how slow it is. Look at that. So if you uh double tap it when it’s on the menu it actually changes, the crown does work, but it’s got a bit of a lightweight, so let’s see what else we got as you can tell by all the health apps.

They don’t actually work data that gives you the data of your uh um, exercise, sleep indoor activities and that just you can just uh change your indoor activity there, outdoor phone. We need to connect it, which we’ll do oh that’s gone so weather. At least that goes back to the same place you will weather breeds met, gives you your weekly information, stopwatch music, all right, so you’re going to connect it to your phone, so we’ll do that later shake to take picture countdown pressure, message, calculator, setup, so setup is The settings but it’s got no games, and that is it from the feature wise let’s see what other watch menu we have. So here is a different watch menu, as you can see right any different out snob. We need to see if we can actually change the uh. What is it now? The watch face is dimming right now i didn’t say anything about watch faces right here, so yeah let’s go back uh any other menu interfaces, so yeah you guys march 9 up view and that one so i’m holding it in to see if you can push the Or change double tap it’s, not working the crown isn’t uh. It doesn’t actually change the watch face. So you can’t change, no watch faces on this, but other than that. The smart, which is okay, a passcode feature, split screen, always on display, but it’s not got a lot of features as you would expect, so it might change when we connect it to the app so let’s connect it to that and see what other features we can Use on the chw 19.

i’ve already got waffle pro downloaded with the all of the previous smartwatches i’ve done so make sure my bluetooth is on and also same again on the watch now with all the fake smartwatches make sure you connect this twice. So, first of all, when you go in the app make sure you connect it that just syncs all the information straight from your smartwatch to your um app and then from there. If you’re going to settings which i’ll show you that’s to connect it to your calls and everything, so all the calls and everything will be uh, sync straight from the phone to the smartwatch, so you’ve got to connect it twice so let’s say: hw19 let’s power. It connect it straight away and you will see it as you can see there’s a little line through there, so let’s press pair and it should connect. Allow notifications, yes successful, pairing and tint forwarding, know so yeah. That is what uh well how to connect it. So let’s see what other things we can do. Watch faces is the first thing because uh we need to see if we can actually change watch faces all dials there’s, no dials, there recently new, all again there’s no more data for some reason edit. I think you can only put your custom watch faces off they’re saying something in a different language. So no idea why you can’t, put watch faces on here that’s a bit weird that ain’t it so you’ve got your steps.

Calories, kilometers your wall to wallet, let’s check the wallet out, so you can actually put your wallet from you receive payments on wechat, alipay or paypal, which is really good i’m, not going to try out business card. You can choose your business card and put it onto it’ll have a qr code. So once you scan the qr code, your business card will just quickly do a little setup of the business card on my whatsapp. So if you click this one right here, it will give you a whatsapp qr code. If you scan that it gives you the contact information, the reason why it’s blurred is, you could probably be able to scan it and get my number from there. So you can choose different ones like wechat, facebook and qq, twitter and what’s up that’s, what’s up don’t, think uh, whether reports notifications, you can choose your notifications, what you get from your phone onto your smart watch, that’s, really good, which i’ll show you later uh health Reminder fine, bracelet let’s, find it it’s not doing anything. I think it’s on silent that’s why everything was low, so uh all the settings raised to wake a 12 hour clock use guide. This gives you a bit more information, favorable contact, firmware, update factory settings and delete current device. So the disappointing thing about this watch is the custom watch faces and also the watch faces. I only got one normal watch face if you’ve got hw19.

Let me know in the comments below how to change the watch faces or even if you can or can’t so, like i said earlier, you have to go into settings and make sure you connect this twice so it’s connected once here. You still have got quite a few hws, so you should get another uh device saying that that you should connect so let’s just go back, make sure that bluetooth is on and that’s the one that connects. What could watch call. So all the calls and notifications from your phone will be connected, so where’s the watch call there. It is so what i’ll do now is make a phone call from my other phone and uh i’ll. Show you what well we’ll see if the number comes up or if uh the name comes up making the phone call right now. So, as you can see the name, there was a delay when the number come up, but the number comes up that’s why you can see it blurred out. So that is the call notification let’s go into text message and see how that is so just sent a text message subscribe to all sorts and, as you can see, you got a vibration. It says subscribe to all source right there same again with the whatsapp, to be honest, you’re just going to get a notification. Let me just quickly is going into whatsapp on my other phone there we go sending a message right now and hopefully you get a notification on the phone there we go, you got a vibration uh, it just gives you a vibration or you can put it on Loud and as you can see, it gives you a picture of the whatsapp logo and there we have it.

If you swipe up you’ve got your notification right there. You can’t reply back with these as well that’s the bad thing about it, so that is the hw19. Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think a few disappointing points? Uh you can’t change. The watch faces uh well, i’ve tried if you know how to do it. Let me know in the comment section below i haven’t got a lot of other features. Um, like the games and whatnot, they have got some good ones uh. It is a 40 millimeter for those people who want a 40 millimeter watch. This is probably ideal um, but yeah other than that it’s got a passcode. You can lock your screen split screen, always on display and two new features where you can add a paypal, business and a business card, so you can make a payment and you know, have a qr business card which is really cool, so that is it people hw19.