com. I got a new prototype watch in that i'm, not supposed to review for you guys yet it's, not ready, it's a prototype but it's coming along. I do want to share a little bit about it, though, and especially give a shout out to you guys for constantly being tenacious and committed to helping improve the android smart watches here's. What i'm talking about we've seen this one here! This is oh gosh it's. Under a lot of different names, the dm 100, the tickris max – is a lympho model of it, it's it's a big watch, it it's got a lot going for it, but it has some drawbacks and you guys have identified those. For example, removable bands they're really big bands, and it would be great if they were removable well, okay, that was that point was taken into consideration and addressed as you'll find out. Next thing was this thing: oh it's, stuck over here, uses a dock, a charging dock that slaps on like this non removable wire um hard to get a second one replacement ones. This is not really the best way of charging. So a lot of you guys really wanted wireless charging it's coming, but at least you wanted to change this thing out for your standard wire. You know your regular four pin wire for charging. Instead of doing the dock, so that's been addressed. You also um. What about this one wanted to add another camera to it.

It had a front camera here, but no uh, side, camera front, left right, bottom anywhere else, just a camera over here so to address those things have been shifting. First of all, the why the bands the bands are gone now this is from the video i did where i actually removed the bands. This is the same watch with the bands removed, and this really shows that they're not removable they're, not just pins, that come out. The antennas are actually buried inside of here. When we're talking removable bands we're talking, i mean seriously easily removable bands, something that you could have on your arm boom and then pop it out or off, so that you have a standalone phone or a watch kind of like the earbuds in a in a watch Format, you know where you can use them, for whatever their purpose is and then put it back and it becomes a watch as far as the camera goes well, the tickris folks came up with the max s a little bit smaller design and they sorry they added A camera to it, so you have two cameras, one on the front, one on the side which shoots right into your hand. So, of course you guys came right back and said wow. It should be on the top. It should be facing that way. Okay, okay, we heard that that's been changed and then finally it, although it's a camera these aren't, like the best resolution, you guys wanted a better camera, in fact, we're, looking at a camera equivalent to the one that's on the cuspet prime 2, the big round, smart Watch similar to the rectangular one but uh round, right there's the flames, i thought: where's, the fire okay.

So this is a true 13 megapixel camera well 12.6, to be exact when you multiply out the dimensions of the picture – and this gives you both your top facing outward camera and your forward facing camera all in one but it's a little bit. You know it's a moving part and you don't like moving parts and it's, also not water resistant, because it's open for the cable to go back and forth in here. So it makes this much less water safe. You have to be really careful not to get any water splashed on it, so taking the 13 megapixel camera into the rectangular design, moving it from the side to the top, putting in a charging wire instead of a charging dock, putting it on the side and coming Up with a design that is pretty much sealed everywhere, with the heart rate, sensor protruding a little bit so when it's on your arm, it's going to seal nicely there, giving you a front facing 5 megapixel camera and a forward facing from the top true 13 megapixel 12.6 uh camera right here for doing the landscape type, uh pictures and videos microphone right. There, thin design, big battery it's nice it's got good sized screen pretty much the same layout same overall size as what we were looking at in its predecessor. This is an android 7.. This is an android 10.. All of these use the same basic format of implementation of the os.

This one is os 9.. It is a bit different than what you've seen in these watches it's kind of built from the ground up, and it uses a different tethering app as well we're working on that one. As as we speak. This is all tied to the y watch 2 app. If you love it, that's great, if you don't, you have no other choice. All the way back to the very beginning of android watches the old android 4.4 on forward through android 10 use that one app this one uses a different one. We'Re going to be reviewing this puppy if you are a die, hard, uh watch collector and want to buy it sight. Unseen. I'Ll have links in the show notes for you to pick it up directly from the aliexpress store uh, where this prototype comes from and i'm also going to have a link for you from banggood, because they are releasing the commercial version of it. If not right. Now, very soon we are showing this video in the middle of the um spring festival in china. Happy new year year of the ox, as i understand we're, moving out of the year of the rat ox should be really good. You know we're going to work hard and we're going to pull through that's kind of what it's all about so that's coming up like right now and when the folks in china are back at work, you can expect shipment to start and i'll have some answers on Some of the questions i have on this one, then i will be ready to review it for you fully, but until then i just want again to shout out to you guys a big thank you for demanding that the camera be moved to the top of the Watch that it be upgraded to 13 megapixels that the charging is handled in a logical way and you don't even see the band yet that's yet to come.

But this thing is going to fit in a band on your wrist and you'll, be able to pop it out hold it use it as a phone sim card goes right. In there i'm testing it it's working it's great full on handheld tiny little phone full on smart watch right on your wrist, beautiful, beautiful design, beautiful implementation of all the features you guys have been asking for come on back. Please subscribe if you haven't, and i do have a few more videos coming up before this one and if you don't mind just come on over and take a look at them, it really helps if we get some numbers of people viewing those it helps build. The channel and keep things going so i can continue to get little prototypes in and show them to you and, of course, the production units that we all love to see. So we could actually test these things out, compare them wow and really greet 2021 with zeal.