That offers you good value for your money., Its also the first oraimo smartwatch, with the popular IP68 rating and the better Bluetooth. 5.0.. Other advantages are the improved, hear rate sensor longer, battery life, bigger display size and good pricing. Oraimo smartwatches have good build quality, and this one is no exception. Its made from zinc alloy, which is pretty cold to the touch and gives a sign of having premium design.. Only the right side has a button functioning as a power back and home button., The 12 flexible, strap holes makes it fits comfortably in any size of wrists.. The rubber straps have a 3D textured design or pattern on it, which looks cool.. You can easily remove the straps.. The bigger 1.69” IPS display with good color and full touch control is one of the reasons to buy this smartwatch. The bezels are actually slim for an affordable smartwatch.. The dual curve glass edges makes it look and feel premium to the eyes. 80 and above Leading screen to body ratio. Oraimo claims that the display has Anti Oil amp Fingerprint Nano coating on the surface, which is resistant to stains fingerprints and germs. Although there are still signs of fingerprint and oil stains on the screen, but its reduced., It has larger font size for easy viewing and navigation with more information at a glance.. Brightness level is also good under sunlight., Just like the tempo W2. It has good and reliable heart rate sensor, which is hard to find in this price range.

. If you have slender wrist, then the heart rate accuracy is above 90, but the accuracy level reduces towards 60. As the wrist size gets fatter and thicker., Hopefully oraimo will improve on this. From my test and usage, the sleep monitor accurately records your sleep mode in three parts for proper diagnosis and understanding of your sleep pattern.. There are up to 13 unique exercises and sports like walking, running swimming and rope. Skipping all have their own unique measurement sensors, which makes it more user friendly, because it shows you relevant health data for each sports.. The results are accurate, with minor errors during my tests. Nice one Oraimo., You can always get more informative data when you work out with the joywear2 app. Connecting or binding the smartwatch to your smartphone through the Joywear 2 app is pretty simple. Launch the Joywear 2 app And give access or permission to all prompts or pop ups. After you have registered or login to your account, then its time for pairing or binding Click on devices below at the bottom right, then, click on select device, and you will have to also turn on your Gps location service for the maps to work when working out. After searching click on oraimo smartwatch, and you are finally done with the binding or pairing process., Make sure your Bluetooth is on. When using the sports mode in the Joywear 2 app. I like how there are light vibrations with demo voices that keep you informed of important data during work outs.

. Also, when you are out of Bluetooth range, it automatically alerts you and then pauses the workout data reading until you are back in range.. This is cool. Just like other oraimo smartwatches, the oraimo watch. Osw 16 has some cool watch faces.. You can also select more watch faces in the joywear 2 app and its very easy to synchronize with the watch.. But the weird thing is that custom watch face is not yet supported. It may probably be resolved through a firmware update. Speaking about updates the extremely sensitive and faulty raise to wake. Gesture was fixed with a firmware upgrade and it is now better it no more senses and wakes the screen at random movements, thereby improving battery life. But it will be great if we could adjust the sensitivity level in the joywear 2 app.. You also have the tap to wake gesture. Like I said earlier, this is the first oraimo smartwatch to have an IP68 rating, which means it can go further up to 1.5m under the swimming pool water for 30mins.. Thanks to valor reviews, courage, I decided to test the waters and I am glad I didnt faint. Nice job oraimo.. Another upgrade is the Bluetooth 5.0, which means wider coverage and faster synchronisation speeds.. Although from my tests, the average bluetooth coverage is between 58 metres, which is good., The Bluetooth 5.0 upgrade has a lower power consumption rate which, when combined with Oraimos advanced power, saving technology, helps to improve the battery life of the smartwatch.

. From my tests it can last more than 3 days of continuous non stop exercises or work outs. Well, thats. If you dont faint collapse and run out of energy. With random, safe breaks or intervals, it can lasts up to 7 days because it has long standby time of 15 days, which is pretty insane. But it would have been much better if there was an option to switch Bluetooth off from time to time.. You can easily track or monitor the battery level because it shows you the percentage data.. This is one of the best and convenient charging style implementation. Ive ever seen for a smartwatch., It is so satisfying to connect and disconnect.. The magnets are not too strong and, at the same time, not too weak.. Just the right amount of magnets. Nice job oraimo. Charging time is about 2 Hrs, which is pretty fast for the long battery life it offers.. The 247 heart rate monitor is an amazing feature, especially in this recent times, where everyone is advised to keep tabs of their health conditions., And if the heart rate is abnormal, it alerts you through a soft vibration to be more careful., Even though the 247 continuous heart Rate monitor has a significant impact on the battery life. Oraimo smartly took care of this by ensuring the heart rate sensor only works on wrist for lower power consumption.. You could also turn it off in the Joywear 2 app.. It displays notifications correctly and promptly for all your desired apps that youve already set in the Joywear 2 app.

. It just shows up to three lines, which is enough to guess what the message is about, but it is not a good use of the bigger screen estate.. The Bluetooth music app works. Fine, as you can easily play pause and skip tracks., But it will be cool to see a little more artistic UI design, showing more music info to make good use of the bigger screen. Space., The female health tracking is still available for the ladies to track their menstrual cycle, which is nice, but of course, you have to set it to female mode before it works.. I like how the Joy wear 2 app is loaded with important and helpful health information. Like the heart rate, states and sleep analysis with advises to keep you healthy., You can also check your daily heart rate, sleep rate and workout or sport. History records and share them with your doctor or any health personnel for professional advice. For convenience, always use the side button for easy navigation backwards because you could get lost when swiping backwards.. There are other functions like stopwatch: timer, smart alarm, clock and sedentary reminder.. Oh Before I forget, lets take a look at whats inside the box.. The centre of attraction is the 1.69 inches curved screen.. Next is the welcome guide or user manual.? The manual is very explanatory, with multiple launguages. The nicely designed magnetic charging dock. Finally, the smartwatch. Thats. All we have in the box, The price offered by oraimo is good and affordable for the value that you will be getting.

. There is a discount at the oraimo website right now, so dont waste time to get it now, if you are interested. In conclusion, Im impressed with the accuracy, level and instant responsiveness of all the sensors., Swiping and Tapping are pretty responsive, but oraimo should improve on the Navigation flexibility and smoothness. Also the touch sensitivity – needs a little adjustment.. It is an amazing smartwatch that is both reliable and recommendable. Nice job on the Joywear 2 app customizations.. Let me know what you guys think about the new oraimo watch, OSW 16. Kindly subscribe and turn post notification on for more videos like this.