… I never saw the pointof having a Miniature and handicapped version of your smartphone On your wrist. Whenyou can actually own Beautiful timepieces Like this, But with the recent influx of newsmart watches, As well as manufacturers, beefing them up with More features more battery life. Aswell as a More affordable price tag, They have definitely caught. My attention Today will be myvirgin journey into the world Of smart watches And since I’m Chinese I won’t Be popping mycherry tonight I’ll be popping my Xiaomi With the Xiaomi Mi Watch. Lite Let’s see if this watchis actually Worth … Your time, Get it Watch … Time …. Today. I want to take a closer look at the features From this Mi Watch Lite, Which is priced at a very reasonable RM249 To see how it performson a daily basis. Is this CheapBuy watch Too good to be true, or is it just right for you Let’s dive right into the review, Correct, mah … this watch waterproof mah …, Full disclosure? This is a second unit Of Mi Watch, Lite ht that I have in our lab today, Because the first one was hijacked by Elaine Who liked it so much that she took it From under My grafts Grafs. I cannot say that my Chinese tongue Will not allow it Anyways let’s, take a closer look at what You get inside the box. Firstly, You getthe watch And what else you get Just look for the smart watch tab right here And pull it up.

Insideyou have Instructions manual That nobody reads and The charger itself Here: I’m, just gon na take thisout Like a virgin Touched for the very first time. Firstly, let’s take a look at the aesthetics Nowthe Mi Watch. Lite comes in three different colors Black navy, blue and ivory, And what we have hereis the black version. It is very simple in terms of design and comes with Very few distinguishingfeatures. Just this button right here Turns on the watch, As well as a removable TPU rubber, strap that You can just remove easily By clicking on this Tiny little button right here, As you can see And then pulling onto the strap At the same time Like so Okay And also this side as well, Justgo like that And pull it And there you go So, as you can see it’s that simple, So youcan switch things up. If you want To get a different, strap and all you have to do To switchit up is just to align it And click it back in On both sides, and you have a brand new watch. Also, the 1.4 inch screen actually curves around all edges. To give it a more refined and sophisticatedlook Overall, the watch is very simple: Nothing too fancy And the design is very unobtrusive That it will fit and pair well with most outfits In terms of dimensions. This watch is 41mm long, 35mm wide and 11.9mm deep Inclusive of the sensor. Without the sensor it is 10.

9mm deep Now moving on to specifications, I can’t tell you much About the specs of this watch because I can’t find any Information pertaining to the processoror RAM. That’S Being used for the Mi Watch Lite. What I can tell you, however, is that thiswatch Uses a 1.4 inch TFT touch display, Which is essentially an IPS panel With decentviewing angles. The screen resolution here is 320 by 320 pixels, With a max brightness of 350nits, Which is plenty bright based on our test. 50 brightness is more than good enough. Formost use case scenarios. Unless you are using it In direct sunlight at all times. You can justangle it away To. You know avoid the glare. You know that, right, If you’re an athlete, the 5ATMwater resistance rating Will surely be appreciated. Now I took it out for a swim the other day and It showed zero water damage And also because of the material that this watch Was made in. It is veryeasy to clean as well. All you need to do is just rinse it off with some water. After your workoutsand you’re done And speaking of workouts, It comes with a suite of different fitness applications Such as heart rate, workout modes 11, different sports and sleep monitoring. There arealso the essentials like notifications, Weather alarm and clock, So that’s pretty awesome. I would also like to highlight the fact that this watch Actually comes with onboard GPS thatworks, with both A GPS as well as GLONASS for More accurate location positioning And this isinsane, because smart watches at This price point never come with GPS.

Apparently – And it is very goodbecause what this means Is that you can leave your smartphone at home And go out for a run, withno issues. We tested it out with our smartphone And found out that, although the accuracy isn’t100, It will still get you there. So don’t worry The battery capacity on this thingis only 230mAh, But it still managed to last a very mind, boggling Seven to eight days Based on my test And to charge it you simply just Plop it into the provided dock Like that Snapsright in Like so It Doesn’T come with wireless charging If it matters to you, but I think it’s, A very good compromise, considering the price And also to get the most out of your Mi Watch, Lite Make sure to go and download the Xiaomi Wear app To download more apps as well As watch faces Sohere’s, my verdict on the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Now do take note that I’m, not a smartwatch connoisseur, So take it with a grain of salt. Firstly, let’s take a look at the pros. First and foremost, I like howit, looks It’s not too fancy, Which means that it’s very basic And should pair well with most ofyour outfits. In case you like to be very colorful. Like me, Printed Shirt, Brother Abang, Baju Bunga. Secondly, the 5ATM water resistant on this thing Is insane because I can actually swim with it Now. Next, the battery life is actually quitecrazy, Considering that it’s only 230mAh And also at this price point Youactually get built in GPS, which means That you can leave your smartphone at home, Andjust run out there Into the wild and be free Next.

It is quite customizable Because you canactually remove the straps And change it up, as you like. Also, you have access to 100. Smart watch faces That you can just swap out Readily available in the app Moving on to the meh Now there’s, only one When you scroll through the app It doesn’t feel as smooth as it should Fora smartwatch in 2020. However, it still functioned pretty well. There were no lags whatsoever Nomatter what I used it for In the past couple weeks that we tested this on, And I really likethis watch So i couldn’t find any cons with it. Maybe it’s because I’m, not that experienced with Smart watches, but I really like this thing And Elaine definitely likes it too, because She stolemy first one, And that is why I give this watch A very solid CheapBuy until your mother Can not recognize RM249 9 out of 10, Go buy, lah, wait for what, If you thought thisvideo is awesome. Don’T forget to Like and share leave a comment to below.