It has a lot of colors of it. So and let’s get started so we’re going to be taking all the key features. The smart watch for sporty live, so the key features are over 70 sport mode, wow that’s, a lot of sport modes, free offline outdoor maps. They all come in handy wrist, heart rate, yeah, that’s, good 50 meters – oh, my god, we’ll go get google google play and you can set this watch up on the android phone. If you have – and these are like some of the apps on the watch – and this is how Music a 360 that’s a good feature, so this is our watch – let’s do unboxing. So this is how the watch comes like it shows the watch and then some simple stuff and like yes, there’s some toy there and these then the features are also right in right. There too, the watch looks super cool let’s do unboxing, guys, okay, so it’s only white like this right now, okay, wow the watch looks very cool, so this is how the water looks, like so let’s see what’s in the box. Okay. For that thing, i think inside that thing is a charging and that’s a paper that’s a paper, and is there anything else? I think that’s manual, daniel sorry, for that Music power on download pair follow the tutorial start. Your sports get sent to us, learn more that’s. The website then let’s get to it.

So let’s do the watch thingies. Okay, so i think inside that is the charging. The wristband looks very cool, guys it’s, like very cool. I recommend you guys getting this watch. Okay, so i’m, just gon na take this off Music. Put that aside, okay, so it’s a golden it’s, a little golden and a little bit of black and the wristband is like wavy wavy lines, and it looks a lot like what’s that one again, i forgot mentor. Okay, guys this is this. Color is not gold, it says, grab like copper and nowadays, people like big watches and the last is pretty clean and the buttons look very shiny, okay, Music. These are the sensors guys and let’s check out the charging that’s. I think the charging is in there, but let’s see what’s in the box, and this one i knew it was a charging and there’s one more thing in there. What is that? Another strap in case? You need it for a watch that’s a good thing. They added this is the charger, looks very cool, put that aside right there and the other stuff that we don’t need right now, right now, we’re going to check out the beauty. The watch is the beauty right now. I don’t know what button to turn on. This is crazy, guys, let’s, try this button that doesn’t work let’s, try this button there’s, so many buttons i don’t even know what you want to press. Oh finally, one two seven that looks thick: okay, Music.

Oh, we forgot to take the sticker off the watch. Let’S put that aside Music. Where does that happen? Oh, oh wow! That was cool yeah. I think that’s, the word my google yeah Music. I think that may take a little bit yeah and the colors are so good. Okay it’s taking a while yeah Music we’re loading screen. First, so we’re going to tap to begin. It says that now we tapped, i think, we’re supposed to tap right here. Oh we’re going to change the language we’re just going to choose english united states uh and i don’t know any other things, but i can just go through it. Oh, you have to allow it to go on your phone download, open warehouse by google, so you have to download this app on your phone, so i’ll be right back. Okay, guys i got the phone ready: okay, we’re gon na start our setup. Okay, nothing happens. Okay, so it is asking for that code it’s connected yay. Can you use it set up on phone? Okay, so we’re, just gon na set up on our phone location you’re all set okay completely set up you’re all set. Yet oh wow that looks cool yeah. Okay, let’s see let’s, see this one.