This is my first video in 2021 and we are starting off with this. Weevil fly 3 smartwatch, as always people make sure you follow me on one of these social medias. As always, post sneak peeks on what to expect on all souls and, as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified, i have done the reward fly too. So if you haven’t seen it check out my previous videos, i will leave the link in the description box below so this is the latest version. The view of fly 3 as it stays on the box. You’Ve got the watch 3d printed on there. It does have watch embedded uh text on the box. I don’t know if you can actually see it right there and that is about it. So let’s take a look at the back and it actually stays include smartwatch band charging, cable and user manual. Not all capabilities are available in all areas. Smartwatch is not a medical device. Battery life choice cycle and display life may vary uh by use and setting smartwatch may need to be serviced or replaced by authorized service provider. It’S got a few trademarks and made in china, as is everything else, so let’s get straight into it. People no messing about that is what smartwatch looks like and i’ve got to say they did advertise it at the 44 millimeter. But it looks more like a 40 millimeter which i’ll show you later in the video.

So here is the manuals designed for it for building an excellent lifestyle, so you’ve got the manuals in uh two different languages and i’m just going to state it, as that one of them is english as well, and you’ve also got the watch bands which we have Right here and also a charger now, this charge is totally different. All you have to do is open. The book type charger place the watch inside close it up and make sure you plug in that’s how you charge it. This is a different kind of charger. I’Ve. Actually seen compared to the previous ones, and that is about it, people that’s, what we get inside the box, so let’s move this aside, zoom in and show you this. So this is what i mean with the body of this. It looks more like a 40 millimeter than a 44 millimeter. Let me just show you what the 44 millimeter body looks like here is a v wall fly 2 and the one here that we will fly three and, as you can see, the one on the left looks much smaller than the one on the right. As you can see right there, so we’ll put that aside, i will do a next video view. Will fly two versus real flight. Three to show you what the differences are uh. If you want to see that make sure you hit the like button – and let me know in the comment section below so here – we have it.

This feels really small in that. Of course it looks like it is the body of a 40 40 millimeter i’m, not gon na lie so let’s take a look at the body. You’Ve got the crown here, which i’ve been told it actually works. You’Ve also got the micro tap, but there’s no power button, so that’s a shame right. There you’ve got the bags right there. If you take a look at it, it’s got a silicone strip inside which actually gives you a see through effect on what’s inside of the watch and same again on the top. But you can see the battery at the top uh take a look at the back. It does stay it’s 44 millimeter, bluetooth, 5.0, made in china, water resistant up to 50 meters smartwatch series. Six you’ve also got the sensors right there and these two clips these two right here are the charging mechanism, and you can see you’ve got a cutout there as well at the top, and that is about it. Also, the speaker grills on the side. I’M. Pretty sure one is fake, one is real, but who cares anyway? So that is the body of the v wall fly 3 to power. This on all you got to do is hold in the crown you get a vibration and animation straight up, which gives you the battery percentage, the date and whatnot. We have got some different style watch faces. This is the first one check this out, so it gives you uh an inside of what the heart rate is the distance you’ve traveled in my other kilometers, and how many steps you’re doing the time active, um that’s, the second right there and i’m sure that is The day i’m, not too sure so uh that is one of the watch faces.

First of all, let’s take a look. How many watch faces they are. So we have one two, three, four, five, six, seven eight eight watch faces which ones sell i choose and, as you would know, the crown does work, which is really really good. So let’s choose this one there’s a bit of a delay like when it comes to the watch faces, but you know it’s all right, so let’s click these none of them actually work. You know we actually click the date. The date doesn’t come up with stuff like that, so it’s a shame so let’s swipe it down. You’Ve got yours your shortcuts right here. This one is to change the smart view. You only get two options, smart view and the list view. That is also the torch, which doesn’t do anything. Uh 24 hour clock 12 hour clock. Uh you’ve got your bluetooth, that is the bluetooth, and that is the alarm on and off, and also the battery power saving mode. You get three modes, so that is the shortcut. So we have right there swiping it to the right. You don’t get nothing swiping it up. You got your notifications, so once you’ve connected this to your phone, you can receive a notification from your calls and your text messages and your apps as well. We’Ll see what kind of apps they are when we connect it to the app itself, swiping it to the left. And here we have the smart view which zooms in and zooms out and if we just push the crown in put it onto the the nine app view, as you can see here, we have the nine app view right here.

So let’s go through the apps, because these apps are a little bit different. So i, of course, is the information smartwatch device, and it just gives you a little bit information. It does have swipe back feature as well, bluetooth, connection, search for a new device. We’Ll do that later, that’s your messages, your phone book, this one is your calculator which that was not actually going back. Uh that’s, your call. We will connect that later as well. Messages, wait, that’s messages messaging. This one is probably similar, that’s the qr code to download the app that’s. The heart rate let’s check the heart rate out to see if it actually gives us a reading, it’s got the same heart rate layout as the original, because the original does that as well. So that’s really good and there we go i’ve, not actually put it on to anything and it’s, giving you the heart rate, showing 72 beats per minute and it’s just stuck on that, so they just that just goes to show. So this one is the sport mode. You can do outdoor walking in the walking outdoor running, and you know you get to use on that uh. This one is find my device that also needs to be connected that works hundred percent. Also, your alarm uh blood pressure monitor so let’s measure. This and i’ll show you, as you can see right here. It is flashing, just a couple of red lights flashing and hopefully it should give us a reading of fresh air which is 82 over 117 for fresh air that’s, really good that.

To be honest, what else do we have? We had blood oxygen as well, so 90, straight away, 95 of blood oxygen, that’s, really good for whatever the reason it’s giving ecg as well let’s see what reading ecg gives us did not even not have a point. Checking these on my wrist, these health health apps, because you do know it just gives you a false reading – i’m, not even actually connected any to anything and it’s, giving us a reading so that just didn’t give us a reading of anything. To be honest, uh this one is your temperature let’s see what temperature does it give and we’ll see if it works from there 36.5 pretty basic? To be honest, so that is your clock. You can have to choose a few clock times, which that goes to your watch faces let’s, go back there uh date, time time format, as you can see, a is for international language, so let’s see what languages we’ve got. We’Ve got france, espanol, portuguese, italian uh, deutsche and a few others, as you can see right there, so swiping it down. That is your power saving. You got two power: saving general power saving and also super power, saving uh your music. You have to connect it to your phone uh. Also, your pedometer. This gives you the information on your steps, calories your heart rate as well, that’s, the night mode, your sleep mode, sports record. Whatever sports record you do, it goes straight into there that’s your weather.

This is your reset button. That is your motion sensor. It does have gesture to wait, which means it will tilt to wake flip, to mute alarm or flip to incoming call to mute incoming call. Your settings that’s the display, oh that’s, the display with your brightness and your screen timeout, and this is also your calculator calendar. Remote camera um stopwatch my that’s all this menu style. Your sound ring only ringtone notification, tone, settings or bluetooth settings we’ve been into that clock temperature units. You can change from centigrade or fahrenheit sound we’ve, been on to that volume display and also international. Is your languages reset and about we’ve been into that and there we go, you can actually shut it down if you want to so we’ll check the health apps on these we’ll check the full menu of these. On this view of life fly 3. I have got to say so far it’s. Alright it’s, not you know, it’s, not the best of watches um. I will be doing the other comparison with the vivofly 2 versus we will fly 3. Then i’ll give you my full um. You know opinion on which one is better, but overall, even the crown i’ve been using it off camera, and sometimes they just do these oats in the ground block, as you can see, rather, the crown just goes wherever it wants to go. Look but i’m not even turning it. It’S got a bit of a play in it as well, as you can see i’m, not returning it properly, and it just turns as well.

So what i’m going to do now is connect it to the phone. I did not. No point actually putting it on my wrist because the health apps don’t even work, but overall let’s see what it’s like see. What else we can change when we connect it to the app my bluetooth is on let’s, swipe it down put on bluetooth itself, and hopefully, you’ve got smartwatch right there, which we’ll just put on you’ll. You have to get two as well without i’m. Pretty sure that is for the uh the calls and everything so let’s go into fitfly. This is the app you need to download and let’s go into device and we’ll, just press that, as you can see right here, hopefully you’ve got the smart watch right. There let’s press that, and it should be loading and connect straight away to your normal pair, that uh display notifications. Yes, i’ll just show you what notifications we get on the phone as well and uh yeah it’s connected shows connected. It shows the 52 of battery let’s swipe it down it’s right as well and, as you can see, it’s connected to the phone which we have right there as well, so that’s, really good uh, so let’s go into what else do we have that’s still to wake? As well, if you wanted to toggle it on and off, but let’s uh, so it’s not working that’s used to the lag so there’s a bit of a lag and it does actually work from there.

So let’s watch faces same again. You’Ve got your uh three. Six. Seven eight eight watch faces there. You can actually change uh, your customized one from your photo gallery, so you can put whatever you want from there daily use. This actually shows you the spot mode and the steps you’ve taken, but it doesn’t give you a lot of options when it comes to the watch itself. As you can see, usually you can actually change the toggle on and off the notifications, but you can’t actually do on here. So there’s not a lot of options with this real flight. Three, i have got to say uh, but what i’ll do now is i’ll show you, the notifications when a call comes, and also when you receive text messages, one um, my other phone’s ringing this phone and, as you can see right here, it doesn’t show you the Name, it just shows you the number straight away, so that’s, no good, so we’ll swipe it across and cancel reject that call. As you can see here, you’ve got a notification saying missed call and you can view it as well. So we’ll dismiss that now. Let’S check out the messages just sent a message as well to the phone. So, as you can see straight away, it says uh all sorts, but you don’t get no notification of the ball. You get it there’s a delay, but you do get a notification on the watch which actually says from all souls and it says, subscribe to all souls as you can see right there.

So notifications do come on let’s, just quickly check what’s up as well, because i knew a lot of people have actually stated before uh. Does it actually give you um, whatsapp notifications and let’s check that right now, so here we go, i’ve sent a message: we’ve got the message on the phone bit of a delay. Would it come up on the and there we have it. So you got a notification. It doesn’t tell you which well let’s, as you can see here, so you got the phone call missed. Call there um i’m pretty sure that middle one is the what’s that one it says hi because i’m, the last one is the uh messages which says subscribe to all source. So there we have it. Ladies and gents start with the reward fly three uh, not the best of watches. To be honest, the only thing i like about it is the screen ratio. It does look like a full screen which that’s the only thing i like about it. It does stay. Is 44 millimeter but i’ve got to say this is a 40 millimeter body, smart watch, uh there’s, no chance! This is a 44 millimeter. You also don’t get the butter, which is a disappointment, so it’s not a full series. Six clone. I have got to say that there is better smart watches out there as well. It could have better features on this, but it hasn’t. So you know and there’s a lot of play with this crown button as well as you can see right there.

It just switches and changes to whatever it wants to, to be honest, uh, not a great lot of features on it and also you can’t change a lot of features on the app as well. So there is better smartwatches out there. In my opinion, i wouldn’t actually buy this to use. Personally anyway, you can purchase it from aliexpress, but you know there is better ones out there so make sure you stay tuned.