This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and uh it’s been a while guys. I just had my vacation for one week and now we are back with our w26 plus uh unboxing. So this is the upgraded version guys of the previous watch that we have, which is the w26, but this one it has w26 plus so let’s find out guys the specifications of this watch all right. So it has here. The cpu is mtk 252d and the watch size is 44 millimeters by 38. Millimeters waterproof level is for ip68, but guys i don’t suggest you submerge it and the main features it has: sports heart rate thermometer and the package it’s a smart watch, charger and manual. Okay, guys – and i actually got this one at shoppi for only 899 pesos, so that is almost 18 okay, so let’s open it guys. Okay, we have here in white and we have here the charger, okay, so the charger guys. It is the same as the one that we had before it’s magnetic okay, so you just have to Music, do like that and yes – and we have also here our manual okay, as you can see guys, it is in chinese and the other side it’s in english. So all of your questions can be found on your manual and also i will be uploading more tutorials guys about this uh watch in case you have problems with it. Okay, so here is the watch itself, so it’s, almost the same with the w26 watch that we had before, so it has a curved edge here, as you can see.

Yes, so it looks premium on the right there’s, also like the microphone, and we have here, the crown okay let’s also find out if the crown is moving, and then we have here the speaker and at the back, you have here the charging area and also the Sensors, okay, so let’s turn it on guys, Music, okay, guys so it says still battery low, but let’s just have a quick overview of this watch. So this is the watch face guys upon turning on so let’s try to scroll okay, so you it will direct you to the menu guys. So it has here like the bubble. Launcher: okay, wrap it to the right. Then it will give you to the sports exercise. Okay and when you swipe down, then it will give you to the shortcut menu. Okay and when you scroll up for the messages. Okay, now guys let’s, look at the the crown so let’s see if it is okay. So, as you can see guys, it is working our crown okay, so you can zoom it and you can also zoom out zoom it in okay, so for proper viewing guys. Let’S just have here the nine app so that we can see the applications uh easily. So we have here, this is for contacts. Okay, you need to sync it with your phone: okay dial, when you want to call someone remotely and the call logs, and this one is for message: okay and this one is for a notification – and we have here for bluetooth – and we have here the steps.

Okay, and if you want to go back to the smart style, then you can just change that one, and we have here find my phone okay and we have here sleep monitoring, if i’m not mistaken guys. So this is a sleep monitor. Okay – and we have here the heart rate, okay, so, as you can see guys, the sensor is sliding so let’s try it. Okay, we have here 83 bits per minute and it also has here history – and we also have here the temperature guys so let’s check our temperature, so our temperature guys it’s 36.7. So it means we are okay and we also have here the blood pressure, so let’s check our blood pressure. Okay, so our blood pressure guys it’s uh 114 over 78, so that’s normal, so guys, um. I know that this is really incorrect. The 114 should be on top and after that you have here the distillery which is 78. So of course guys we just have here a you know: a cheap, smart watch. So i think that is software error. I think then we also have here the clock. Okay, the alarm, i think, okay alarm. We also have here calendar music, okay, what else? And you can also move guys the column here by manipulating the crown okay, we have here the camera, okay and stopwatch calculator. Okay, okay, we have here some motion flip to mute incoming calls, so you can set that when you’re by yourself – and we have here the language, okay, Music – and we have here the settings – guys: okay, bluetooth, settings, clock, new notification, bright, sound volume, there’s also display.

Okay, you can set it the brightness and the time that you want it to on standby mode. Reset and you’ll have your about okay, we have oxygen level as well, and we also have here the acg and the reminder: okay, so that’s, basically it guys so uh. The main difference, guys is that it has the crown function compared to the w26 or the older version. This one, the crown, is already moving and you can also change the watch face by just moving the crown so let’s count guys how many watch faces does it have so they have here one two, three, four, five, six, seven, okay, it has only seven watch faces. Okay, guys and the strap it, it looks nice and guys. If you are not really familiar with iwatch you, it can be mistaken, like as an eye watch guys. I really tell you – and i like the display guy the saturation and also the color it’s, very vibrant, for me for the price guys it is reasonable and if you just want a stylish watch and you don’t have to spend lots, lots of money, which is you Know really expensive the original iwatch, so that costs you around like 500. Yes, the the the newest one, okay. So for me guys this one is a it’s good to to buy yes, but it’s. Just up to you guys, i have other smart watches you can choose which one you like the most okay guys.

So if you have any questions, just comment down below and i will be uploading more tutorials about this watch soon.