This one is the new and latest uh low budget, smart watch with the voice assistant, the only one smart watch which can activate siri or answer phone call via the smart tracker directly. The other cheap budget, similar watches at the same price, can only reject the phone call because they have no voice output function. So this one has a 24 7 heart rate monitor and a sleep tracker. Also, the blood pressure monitor fitness tracker available for 16 plus sports mode, and this is a compatible with the iphone and then android, and this is the stylish smart watch for men and women. He has alarm clock compass timer, with the indicator with training and more so anyway. I want to give a shout out to joy for sending me this, so i could do the review for you guys and let you guys check out this watch so let’s go ahead and unbox it. So this brand is so probable and then this one is the cs254. Your fitness and the health tracker here’s the qr code to download the app. So this one uh is not for uh swimming that’s. Why? I said no swimming, so you got the accurate ray monitor, heart health training, measure of sp, o2, breathe training, phone call, answering and hanging up music, audio, listening message: notification, sendentarian reminder multiple sports, waterproof rating, and this one is made in china. So let’s go ahead and uh unbox. This i’m gon na cut out this tape right here, so you got the zo pro bowl right here.

Here is a user’s manual. So so i come with this charging cable and then this is a magnetic and here’s. The watch right here – wow nice case it looks uh. I feel like that. Aluminum, no, no, cheap plastic and right here is the sensor on the back. So you put a charging cable right here on the back right here and this one is the dummy proof only fit in one direction. If you do the opposite way, it’s not gon na it’s, like the opposites like putting away the magnetic, and this one has a nice, strap and nice buckle, let’s, go and do that partisan, real quick. So i got the english yeah, the different languages, so let’s go and then leave out the english. So let us swing the arm. Let me see so yeah the compacts works let’s test out the breathe training, deep, relax start all right, so it shows your heart ray before and then after Music perform is normal. You could do all this other one check out the blood pressure. So there you go and then you can measure your stress so all right, so yeah it’s uh normal and you can do the stopwatch start. You do the lap and then uh stop and then reset and then you go to the timer. It says that 30. Second, one one minute: three minutes: five minutes: 10, 15, 20, 25 30 one hour or you could do a custom, so just tap it by the digit.

We do that hour minute and then a second do the fast walking. So after that, you give distant activity total time active time, whole bunch of information here so anyway. Hopefully, you guys uh, give a thumbs up and then, like the video, please uh be sure to hit the subscribe button and turn on that bell for notification or drop me a comment down below. Thank you for watching and i’ll see you guys on the next video.