Do you need a Smartwatch? Apple Watch serie 7 Beoordeling.

Yet i had to ask myself: do i really need one i mean? Is it really a worthy investment given the asking price to be honest with you, i didnt really buy one just because i thought i needed one, but more so i bought one just because i thought this was the apple watch […]

BEST ADVENTURE WATCH? // Garmin Instinct 2 Grondige herziening

You guys can decide for yourself starting off with whats good about the instinct 2. Als eerste, the form factor. It comes in two different sizes, a larger one, met 45 millimeter bezels and then a smaller one with 40 millimeter bezels and the weight of those two watches is really light. The small one […]


Im going to give you the most in depth and unbiased review of the tag verve max smartwatch, but before we begin, if you do enjoy watching my videos and find these helpful, please consider smashing that, like button subscribing to the channel, if you havent already and after Watching this review, if you think […]

SMARTWATCH DT7 MAX Unboxing ReviewTELA 1.9", ALWAYS ON DISPLAY e NFC! Mas vale een pena? Is goed?

Na parte de baixo n QR code, Voor jou, Downloaden, o ep e isso uma caixa bem simples mas bonito at e bem reforada dentro, voc tem acho que elastiquinho aqui vem protegendo Protegendo, o smartwatch ento, bacana n esto, tendo cuidado legal veio, Ook, o plastiquinho na parte De baixo protegendo sem soro e […]


We review a new entrant in the market, a smartwatch by garmin that promises a host of new functionalities. But how well does it deliver? Lets find out Music, Muziek muziek. This is the new garmin epics a premium multi sport smartwatch, the second generation epics has been launched in india at a price of […]

Zeblaze Stratos smartwatch review vs. Zeblaze Stratos 2 SmartWatch

It just arrived well a couple days ago. Actually ive been out of town, so i just caught up with it today, im going to open this guy up, show you what comes out of the box and then youll charge it up, wear it for several days. This is a watch that has 120 […]

Tagg Verve Max – Unboxing & Beoordeling | tagg verve max smartwatch | tagg verve max unboxing | verve max

2, MB real time, MRP, Amazing, 22mm, Amazing, 86, 2235, 5, SIM 2204, spo2 day to day 2014, 2007, 111, YouTube, 98, 98, 12175, 27, 1, 52210, 250, 5, GPS, 1.


What feet 2 y a m me ha pillado, completamente, Voor, sorpresa, por eso, lo habis visto, el vdeo de rumores de que va a traer bueno pero ya, os lo digo porque la he estado probando y os estar poniendo algunas imgenes y lo, ms importante crece la Pantalla una con 76 pulgadas sigue […]

Huawei Watch Fit 2: Eerste blik, Performance Predictions & Unboxing

This is probably the one with the biggest changes compared to its predecessor. Nu, im not allowed to do any official testing on this watch yet, but in this video ill make some predictions on how well i expect the heart rate tracking sleep, tracking and spo2 measurements will perform based on some information, Ive […]

Adito Review Smartwatch Rusak? Review Haylou LS05S 🔥

Please keep learning Bird.

TAGG KRONOS II Smartwatch:ULTIMATE UNBOXING & BEOORDELING [ Great Value for only Rs.2799 ]

Now i have reviewed a number of smart watches on my channel and you get used to a certain pattern of build quality and features and accuracy, but every now and then a smartwatch comes along that changes, your opinion and sets a new standard and the tag chronos Too did that, but before we […]


What gt3 pro en este vdeo te voy, a contar mi experiencia, tras una semana, aproximadamente de uso llevo con el da a da y lo, he probado adems en muchas situaciones porque. He estado fuera estaba haciendo senderismo estado tambin nadando con l y por supuesto te los voy a comparar tanto con el […]