com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are here on our part, two review of ours, new smartwatch, the number one zt36. So we have here delay one of the latest smartwatch from number one. Okay, if you are, if you are new to our youtube channel, please subscribe and watch the first video, the unboxing of the smartwatch there we stated the specs, okay and the design of the smartwatch. So this time, we’re going to take a look at the menus of the number one dt36. Okay. So if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. Okay. So this is your number one: dt36, the specs here it states mtk2502. We have 1.75 inch display screen with a 420 by 480 pixel resolution. Okay, we have 260 mh battery bluetooth 4.0, compatible with the android 4.4 and above ios 9.0 and above okay. It uses the fondue support app for connection with your smartwatch and a smartphone. Okay, so let’s take a look again on its menus and feature offerings. So here is the smartwatch and let’s. Take a look first at these watch faces. If you want to change the watch. Watch face just long press, the smartwatch the screen, and we have here at least several watch faces. We have one let’s see two three, so this is the default watch face based on the graphics here again, one two, three four and analog watch phase: five analog again.

We have either digital six at least six watch faces. If you want more watch faces for this, one uh check out the support app, i think there’s, the section j section in the support f40 watch faces so far. We have at least several pre installed watch faces for the number one dt 36, okay again going back to the home screen just press the button here scrolling from up to down. We have the settings here or the battery and a speaker here scrolling from down to up so phone is connected. Do you want to connect phone is not connected? Do you want to connect so it asks you can connect to your bluetooth here just by accessing the menus here. So this is very useful. Okay from left to right, we have the heart rate and from right to left, we have the main menu so on our first grid menu here. Yes, this one let’s see okay here or the calendar, this one anti lost this one. Okay. I think this is an entire alert. This one is for the battery powers, power saving mode. We have calculator okay, how about this? One that’s this so flip action, so it’s a gesture control, wake up gesture! If you want the erase your wrist to display the screen. Shake to answer the answer, the call flip to mute alarm, so gesture control – and we have here the i guess this is a timer, the settings, bluetooth settings, the clock, notifi new notification, the sound the volume, the display the units here, as well as the qr code.

Okay, so here is your smartwatch address, go back. We have the qr code again, what else so we have here. I guess this is a phone book, the dialer, so we have the blue stud called for the smartwatch and this one. Okay for the call for the messages this one for the this is for the heart rate. We also have a music control, nice we’ll check it out and we’ll. Try it on our next video. Okay, we’ll also show you on how to install this one connect it with your fondue support app. We have the blood pressure. I guess this one is the blood oxygen and this one blood pressure or bits per minute, or maybe this is for the ecg control. So this one is an ecg okay, what else? Okay, we have here the history, the step counter. I guess this is for the sports. Okay, sleep monitoring here, ty alarm, so this one? Oh! So we have a theme here. Okay, so plain background theme: we have a theme with the background here for the watch for the smartwatch. What else so bluetooth call so that’s one this one is the bluetooth call, i think, and language hitting no, oh, yes, it is a language and camera control. Well, these are the functions and the features in the number one dt36. I wonder if there are other sports activities here seems like there’s. Only three let’s see let’s go back. No, i mean there’s only one here running.

Maybe you have the option to set it on the support, app and change it to other sports mode, but so far we have here the activity, tracking, counting your steps, the calorie and the distance. What else do we have here? The sedentary and the calendar so there’s a lot of options here in especially for the health sections. Okay, we have the heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and we have the ecg monitor. So i think this is for the ecg i’m, just not sure if it’s working or it is just a design, just like any other, just like other smart watches, with the ecg function, but it’s not working, hopefully for the number one dt36, it works as advertised okay. So that’s it so these are the functions of your number one: dt, 36. Okay, so let’s try let’s check for the heart rate and see okay, so it’s scanning or monitoring the heart rate. We’Ll see let’s put it here. If the, if the function really works or not blood pressure or bits per minute, so we have bpm 61., so i guess i’m in a relaxed mode or normal mode, let’s see for the blood pressure here. I think this is the blood pressure, systolic and let’s, see so it’s scanning for the Music blood pressure here see so, as you can see here, seems like it’s very slow takes time, but anyway i i’m not expecting that this one is very accurate, so you don’t Use it as a means of a tool for diagnosing your blood pressure, rather than it should be just your reference, so so far seems like it’s.

Okay seems like it’s, no, no normal and for the watch face here. It looks great so we have here the data already we have the analog watch face with the calorie steps and the heart rate, and we have here so this one i don’t know if this is ecg so seems like this is an ecg function here on the Bottom let’s pick another watch face here: okay, okay, i’ll pick this one. Okay, so far it looks good looks great, it looks sharp the display is very bright and we have a very functional menu, easy to access with its grid format and very responsive okay. So if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we’ll answer. Your answer, your queries again. This is your number one: dt 36 smartwatch, okay, so watch out for our video review. Another video review of this smartwatch when we connect it to the funny support app, whether it’s, android or the ios support app we’ll, show it to you. We’Ll upload it here. So stay tuned subscribe and like our videos for more updates on the latest, smartwatch and other wearables again, this is smartwatchspecifications.