com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. We are here once again to provide you a review of the latest smartwatch in the market. Okay, what we have here is one of the latest smartwatch from our from one of our favorite companies when it comes to variables, affordable variables. We have here the number one dt 36, so we have here simple, sporty design number one dd, 36, okay, so we’re going to have a short preview review of its design and specs of this sporty smartwatch. Okay. So we have here again the number one dft 36 smartwatch. Okay, so let’s check it out. As you can see here the box, we have a preview of the smartwatch and we have here the color some of the features here. Okay, so we have at the back basic parameters, the specs and the support app for the smartwatch, as you can see here, there’s a lot of improvements. Okay, this past few years and months with the product of the dt number one company. Okay, i should i’ll show you here. This is the previous packaging of the company, simple box, simple design, and we have here a much improved packaging. Okay, so there’s a lot of improvements. It is, it looks much more premium: okay, much classic compared to previews product or packaging. Okay. So here we have another smartwatch here from the number one and beautiful packaging for their variables. Okay. So this time we have here the number one: dt36, okay, so let’s check out let’s have the unboxing again.

If you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we’ll answer your queries. Okay, so let’s see here. So we have here an activity tracking heart rate, steps notifications. What are the features here? Gallery remote camera, bluetooth, call and bluetooth? Music? Okay, so let’s remove the air cover? Okay, as you can see here, i guess this is the charging cable okay charging cradle? We have the smartwatch, so where’s, the okay let’s check the user manual, so we have here the user manual operation guide, okay, so the contents of the box are user manual. We have the charging cradle and we have the smartwatch with the strap attached to it. Already. Okay, sporty smartwatch, so let’s take a look at the design. I guess this one is a zinc alloy, just like other dt number, one smartwatches. We have a single physical button here, okay, so brush finish, and on the bottom part we have okay. This is the power connector. I guess – and i don’t know what this one this sensor here – maybe temperature or ecg sensor we’ll check it out and on the center here. I think this is the heart rate sensor. Okay, so simple sport design, it is the design, looks pretty much like the number one uh the amaze fit gts. We have here the amaze with gts. I will show you okay, see except like the except that the amaze fit gts do heavy glossy body here.

Much more premium, but they almost have a similar look, especially in the size here, what else? Okay, so it is much thicker compared to the gts, but so far the only looking at it seems like it is similar or the same smartwatch we’re, going to take a look at it at the first glance. Okay but we’ll see okay, if the display here is much better or good when it comes to graphics, okay, so for the specs here, let’s see so number. One dt36 do have a mtk2502 processor. Okay, we have 1.75 inch display let’s, see if you have the correct specs here: okay, so 260 mah battery with a g sensor and a heart rate monitor what else let’s see if you want to see the whole the complete specifications just just check it on our Website check out the link below so we have here the processor bluetooth 4.2. You have 260 image battery with a standby time about 10 days or more apps ip67 waterproof rated. We have g sensor, heart rate, monitor and blood pressure monitor. Okay, so we have bluetooth, calls speaker and microphone we’ll, see for sure, let’s check so call and message available in black silver and pink with the fandue support app compatible with android and ios. Okay, so that’s the specifications of our number one dd36. So let’s try check. Okay, this is it okay, so far easy to attach. We have a quick release, pin here for the strap okay, so far, it’s looking good again.

This is not a glossy finish, but a brush finish so let’s remove this sticker. Here nice display seems like we have a very slim bezel here: 2.5 d, glass, okay, again, let’s, compare with the number one gts, so it’s somewhat pretty similar okay on maybe on our next video. After a few days, we’ll have a comparison of the gts and the number one dt36. Okay, so let’s see if this very affordable number 136 can compete with the number one with the amazfit gts smartwatch for the meantime let’s check. So this is against the power button. Long press let’s see welcome okay, so far the black color is very black. Okay. Did you hear that? I think we have a speaker so let’s speak the english language here and that’s it okay, very fast setup. The smart watch already turned on slim bezel, here very bright, color, okay, so that’s it okay let’s see how do we navigate the smartwatch? So that is your long press again. Just like other smartwatches long. Press 4d watch faces. Okay. Oh this one is a very it’s. Pretty good watch face this one let’s check this one. We have this stats here. Okay, oh this one is an analog with the details for the color steps and heart rate and with the graphs here very professional. Looking smart watch or watch face okay, so scrolling from up to down. We have the settings here, the speaker, the battery, and i guess this is the connection here from left to right.

We have the heart rate and from up to down phone is connected. You want to connect, you want to connect to your smartphone from right left. We have here a variety of apps, okay, so that’s your number one dt 36. Again, if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. Okay, so that’s, that is our short unboxing and preview review of the specs and the design of the smartwatch again let’s, take a look very beautiful, looking smartwatch from dt number one. So this is your dt number one 36., very sharp, color, okay, very bright and seems like we have a speaker here and a microphone. Then this is your dt number 136 smartwatch. This is smartwatch specifications.