com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews; okay. Finally, we are back for our second video review of this new smartwatch from dt number one. What we have here, you see female focus: smartwatch, okay e smartwatch, intended for women. We have the number one dt86, so we have here the last time we check on its specs as well as its design, okay, so this time we’re going to check on its menus and additional functions for the smartwatch again before we proceed on checking on the menu. If you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. So what we have here, the contents of the smartwatch are: we have the user manual available in different languages. We have the charging cable and, of course we have the smartwatch okay ready silicon strap with quick release. Pin, as you can see here, okay, so again, let’s take a look at the design again, so we have here: okay, e, beautiful design, okay, very obvious. It is for female audience, so we have a glossy, a metal, zinc, alloy body here with a single physical button. Okay, a diamond inspired bezel here that adds okay sparkling to the the device and we have on the bottom part. We have the sensor here and the glossy. I think this is the pc material. Okay. So far, it is a medium size, a size that is suitable for women. Okay, i’m, going to compare it with our.

I get smart watch from amaze fit, as you can see here slightly this just slightly smaller okay, so this one it looks premium. It looks beautiful with a full color display screen. Okay, again let’s check on its design. Okay, have a closer look: today’s beautiful female smartwatch! The number one dd86 it has one of the newest smartwatch 4 female – that is very affordable. Okay. So this is your number one: dd86, okay, so let’s check on its menus and functions. So we have here. The default watch face okay, we’re going to have a much closer look okay, so we have a full touch screen. We have here the details. We have the okay automatic activity tracking, so monitoring your steps, calories and distance. Here we also have the sleep monitoring. We have the training, okay and set on the left side. We’Ll, see let’s, see if there’s a function. Okay, so the same. Okay just see rotation of menus, specific menus. Okay, then, on the bottom part from up to down, if you swipe it, we have the list of different functions here. I guess this is the step counter, have the heart rate and this one it’s monitoring. I think so. We have the grid menu here. Okay, 2×2 grid menu; okay, let’s check; okay, so we have here what is this? So we have the sports function here we have the walking running okay, cycling, at least we have at least nine. I think skipping rope, badminton, basketball, okay and football let’s see one two.

One three: four: five: six: seven: okay, it’s, not nine, seven sports mode. Okay, let’s check the functions here, so we have the running okay, so it can store or record the activity we have here. I think this is the heart rate. Monitoring mature, so bpm let’s see if it’s, okay, it’s working let’s check, so it’s monitoring the heart rate, let’s wait. I hope it will not take at least a minute okay, so that is just, i think, less than 10 seconds. Okay again and we have maybe dcc. I don’t know if it’s blood pressure or temperature we’ll see so measure okay, so it is a blood pressure month barring, so it is monitoring your systolic and diastolic. So far it is a very simple ui, very direct okay, and i also like the bezel here. So we have here the results. Okay, again, we also have the graphs here very good. Okay, you can see the graph again. The data for for its health monitoring should not be used again. Caution should not be used for diagnosing your health issues, but just the reference. So we have here what’s this water reminder or something what’s this let’s see so calculating. Maybe this is blood oxygen we’ll, see on the features later on, we’ll see on the specifications so let’s check this monitoring and we’ll see the results. So i guess this is blood oxygen. Okay, we have here the 98, oh spo2, okay, so it is a blood oxygen monitoring confirmed.

So we have here the message: notifications weather. I guess this is the camera control, music control and what’s this. So maybe this is female. Smartwatch, okay, a brief thing. I think this is breathing guide, so it is a guide for your breathing exercise. Breathing. Okay, a very useful feature! Well, this one what’s! This oh watch face that’s the section for watch face and we have focus female focus watch faces here. So we have here flower, red and another one okay, so this one is much more premium. I think so. We have at least three here. We hope there is a additional watch faces in the support. App. Okay, let’s, try let’s try to change it. I don’t know if the long press works here. Oh no, oh yes, it’s work. It works okay, so that’s our watch face now. The old watch face okay, what’s this. This is the timer okay. We have a mute, brightness reset power off fine phone and that’s. It i’m really curious why there’s, no female function here, such as female physiological monitoring, maybe it’s in the support app okay, so we’ll see later on when we connect it to our support app, but so far that is the menu or this is the menu of your Number one dt86 smartwatch okay, let’s, see in our in our website the full specifications of the dt86. Again you can visit smartwatch, so we have here: okay, the processor operating system. Here, okay, grab this new female smartwatch.

We have 1.09 each 240 by 240 pixel resolution. Here, okay, so we have multiple sport sports mode. Okay, activity monitoring seems like we really don’t have a female function here, maybe in the support up, we’ll see okay, but hopefully we have it’s very disappointing if there’s no female function, especially this is this. This is a female smart watch; okay, 120 mh standard time, five days; okay, so we have here: okay, centauri monitoring remote available in gold and silver. So we have the left with support app, okay again in terms of the design thumbs up for the number one dt86 beautiful, okay, okay, it is really female. Smartwatch! Okay, although there’s no uh, there is no g wells here. Okay, so uh what’s that swag it’s crystal okay, i don’t know there’s no details here, but the diamond inspired bezel here gave city very shiny, look sparkling, look! Okay! So far it looks beautiful. It looks premium and it has watch faces p that is female steam. Okay, then the different women, okay, look it’s sharp display screen full touch, screen beautiful display, easy to access menus, very responsive, and it has health and sport monitoring function. So this is your number one. Dd86; okay, if you want an affordable smartwatch that tells time, of course, as well as it has notifications. Okay, sports functions and health functions. This one ac recommended by four female, affordable, female or women. Smart watch number one dd86. I love the design beautiful okay, again watch out for our third video for this one installation of the app support app okay we’ll see if it has the app it or the other apps will see here so so far, there’s no name so let’s check it on The third video review again this is smartwatchspecifications.