com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews; okay, we’re back again on our part, two review of the number one: dt88 smart number, one: dt88, pro smartwatch; okay, so we have here the smartwatch we charge it at least more than 25. Just to check out the menus and options and other functions here in the number one dd88 smartwatch so again before we check the features here. The menus let’s take a look at the design of this smartwatch. Okay, so beautiful glossy glossy body here, okay, 2.5 d, display screen: okay, sharp display, okay, ips lcd base here on our specifications, full specifications – okay available at; okay, so we have here the smartwatch let’s glance. Take a look at the beautiful body of the number one. Dt88, pro smartphone, so we have here the screen based on the specs. Here we have 1.22 inch ips lcd with a slim black black bezel here. So it is here. This is the default display or the default watch face with the details here again. Let’S check, scrolling up and down we’ll see so it shows here the settings we have the battery here. I think i think this is for a brightness screen brightness. So how do we set here? Okay, so that’s it, and we have here the qr code, this one what’s, this okay that’s the qr code. This maybe this is for the boots. Function. We’Ll see, okay from left to right. We have here the message, notifications, okay, so here from right left we have the step counter the sleep monitor here and other menus; okay.

So, if you’re going to go to the main options here on menus scroll up to from down to up, we have – i guess this is where anti lost, maybe timer here the watch face so let’s see. So we have here several pre loaded, high definition, professional looking watch faces. Okay, so we’ll see let’s check. Okay, let’s try to change again for the watch face. You can also set it by pressing on or tapping on the screen for several seconds long press i mean okay, wow beautiful watch face. I like the color here it the text pop out very sharp, then for the options here. This is the alarm. Okay, i guess it’s the important details about the smartwatch, okay notifications, that thing and for the main menu let’s see. So you still have to go here, so we have here the heart rate monitor. We have it’s this audible pressure, monitor. We all have the oxygen monitoring and the ecg so see next, so we have here the sports function. We have the cycling walking running here. Hiking let’s try to check so it is activated automatically, so it counts for the calories here: blood pressure, the distance. Okay. The time the number of steps let’s go back, okay, data, two okay, also, we have here a bluetooth function here. I guess this is the music okay control. So those are the options we have the again sleep monitoring let’s check for the heart rate, we’ll see if it’s trying to measure okay.

So we have here the 88 blood pressure or they hit 88 bits per minute and the blood pressure here, let’s check. So when you select the option it automatically activates or measures, okay, no need to tap to measure your vital stats or health stats, just select the functions and it automatically scans or monitor for the ecg let’s check. I don’t know if it’s really accurate for this one. I guess just like other smart watches. It will serve just as the a reminder. Someone like that: okay, not really as a tool for diagnosing, but just the reference for your health stats. Okay, usually for this type of smart watches, okay, chinese, smart watches the you can rely on the heart rate, as well as the step counter. Okay, but for other functions. It is somewhat off not all, but most of these smart watches is off when it comes to measuring the blood pressure, as well as the blood oxygen for the number one seems like they have a positive review on their smart watches. Okay, for these past few years, they are getting better and better when it comes to wearables. Okay, they have premium. Product design is also top of the line compared to other brand and as well as they are very easy to contact when it comes to support. Okay, they have a very active technical support, so we have here other sports function and the blue dot function. Okay, so this one is the automatic automatic step counter with the calorie and the distance okay.

We also have here the sleep, so the message function here. So if you want to see already notifications, social, apps or sms, just scroll from left to right, okay for the bottom part, we have the additional functions. Okay, such as anti lost here alarm timer watch faces okay and from top to bottom we have the display screen here: brightness the qr code. Okay, especially if you lost your user manual, no need to worry. We have here the qr code, so you’ll know. If what is the support app for your smartwatch so far when it comes to display screen, it is very, very bright. Very sharp looks like an amoled screen display, although it says here, it’s only have a 240 i’m, not sure 240 by 240 pixel resolution, but i guess it’s here we have here 240 by 240 pixel resolution. But here you can you really can’t notice. It notice it. It is very sharp, very bright screen. The black is very dark: okay, so it’s almost the same color with a black blazer bezel here and various responsive menus. Okay, very easy to access. As you can see here, no lag at all easy to access menus and export options here are already available on the menu you don’t have to scroll or tap okay to see. Other sport function here, it’s already available here. Okay, so we have okay yoga. So, as you can see here, there’s a lot of sport function here.

Cycling such badminton, walking, basketball, climbing, okay, that’s, your smartwatch, okay menus so going back to the main screen or the default watch face just tap on the button here. Okay, if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries again. Watch out for our third review or another video for this number. One dt88 pro smartwatch we’re, going to connect it to the fondue support app, whether it’s, android and ios. Okay. So, if you’re having problems for the connectivity with a fondue support app with your smart watch, especially for the number one gt88 pro watch out for our video. Like share subscribe to smartwatchspecifications.