com the premiere set for smartwatch specs news and use okay. We are here again for a review of the latest smartwatch in the market. Okay, so what we have here? I’M, pretty sure you are familiar with this one, this the this is the number one dt88 pro. Okay, remember the last time we reviewed the number one dvd 36. So this time, we’re going with a sport circular smartwatch the number one dt88 pro so we’re, going to have the unboxing and re checking out the design and specs of the smartwatch. Again, if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. If we have time okay again, let’s start. This is the unboxing of the number one dt88 pro smartwatch. Okay, so let’s check it out. So a very beautiful packaging, as you can see here, you already, you already can see the design of the wearable, so we have the black color. There are no. There are no details on the box, except for the image and the color that you pick. Okay, so let’s open it again for the image here. It is somewhat like embossed, that is beautiful, so we have here. The smartwatch let’s hope that there’s still battery left on this smartwatch, so we can check out its menus, okay or the screen display. So that is your smart watch, let’s remove it, so the strap is not yet attached. Guess we will have to connect it later.

We have so we have the magnetic charging cable, unlike the d236, that asc charging cradle. Here we have a magnetic cable, so what’s, the okay wow nice i like it, we have here – is steel, strap, very classy, very elegant, milanese steel trap and we have the user manual okay. So it stays here that is a an outdoor sport smartwatch! Okay, so we have here the user manual again. The contents are, we have the user manual, we have the strap okay, the smart watch and the charging cable; okay, so let’s check out the user manual first. What are the contents here? Okay, so we have the instructions. We have the support app, so this one let’s check. If what is the support up for this one seems like it’s a fondue, i don’t know i’m, not sure, but it’s it is available in ios and android platform. Ah, yes, it is undo app. Okay, similar to the number one dt36, so the support app. I think it has the latest app and it’s always updated a very popular app for smartwatches, so that’s it so other details here are in different languages. So there are few pages for the user manual. Okay and we have the strap – i guess we have let’s see, though so it’s, not a quick release. Pin i guess you just have to attach it. We’Ll see it later. Okay, how? If how are we going to connect the watch to this drop? Oh no! It is oh it’s, a quick release pin so we have here the pin okay, so we have here that quick, really spin, so your smartwatch strap and the smartwatch so let’s go to the design of the smartwatch.

We have here the sticker here. It shows the. I guess the watch face, or maybe the default watch face. We have the physical button here pc, i think plastic button and we have a i’m not sure if it’s, an aluminum body or zinc alloy body, a heart rate monitor any connector here: power connector. Okay, so far we have the. Let me show it to you closer. We have the glossy design beautiful body here, looking good, okay, okay, let’s, make it clear so beautiful glossy body, okay and like the dt’s 36, that this has a brush finish. This one has a very glossy finish, so it is much more dirt resistant and it looks classy, especially if you will get the other silver here. I think this one is a rose: gold, color, okay, so let’s let’s check out the specifications of the smartwatch before we attach this one attach the strap. So we have the nrf52832 processor 1.22 inch ips lcd k, 180 mh battery. So, with a 240 by 240 pixel resolution, we have bluetooth 5.0 compatible with the ios and android again, if you want the full specifications, just go to our website, smartwatch check out the links below. So what else do we have here? So we have here? Okay, it is a zinc alloy and i have f5 to a g2 processor, so there’s no wi fi, though there’s no nfc so 15 day by time, ip67. Waterproof so let’s see if there’s the g sensor, heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen and ecg okay.

So it is available in gold, black and silver colors. It is using the fandue support app so that’s it so that’s the specifications of your number one zt88 pro smartwatch, so let’s try to attach the strap here. Just wait, let’s check if you can connect it. Okay, we have successfully attached the strap with its easy to attach quick release trap here. A quick release pin okay. So far it looks good and the strap that comes with the number one dt8 pro is very premium, looking: okay, very classy, and we hope that it will hold on okay, but so far seems like it’s, a very beautiful and durable, strap. Okay, we’ll see in the long run, if it’s, strong and, of course durable, especially if you have a lot of movement, let’s check. Okay, so far, okay, so far seems like it’s durable enough for your sports activity. Okay, so let’s check out the screen here, very sharp. Looking display screen 2.5 d with a slim black black bezel here, okay let’s have a closer look. Look at the design. Look looks beautiful nice. Looking smart watch from no dt number one okay, so let’s compare it with our number one ust36, okay, so here’s a somewhat like an equivalent rectangular smartwatch here beautiful number one dt36 – and we have here elegant, looking professional looking number one dt88 pro smartwatch. Okay, so let’s hope that there’s still battery left under smart watch if there’s, no juice left or we’re going to show it to you next time.

Okay, on our video review of the menus functions, features and other health options here long press, so i guess there’s! No battery left there’s, no juice left. Okay, try to check it out; okay, so the battery for the smartwatch is already depleted we’ll charge. It snag we’ll charge it next time and watch out for the video i’m going to show you the menus and functions of this smartwatch again. This is your smartwatchspecifications.