com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news 10 reviews. Again we have another unboxing review of one of the latest smartwatch from dt number one. So we have here. Espo is a sports smartwatch okay, last time, what that we reviewed is more of a women of female smart watch, very classic okay corporate premium. Look! So what we have here, ac sporty looking slush slash classic also, i guess okay smartwatch. So what we have here is the dt 91 smartwatch in black color, so it all has a similar packaging. Okay. I guess this is the style of the smart watches box, puppet box packaging for smart watches by dt number one okay. So this is your dt86. What we have here, that’s the ddt – 91. Okay, so we have here again the details on the box. We have multi, dials or watch faces sports data slip, remote camera calories; okay, we also have activity tracking or tracker heart rate steps, notifications and sports data. You have here the qr code for the website. Okay, again, this is your dt number. One smartwatch model is the dt91 okay, so let’s have the unboxing okay of this new smartwatch. Again, if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. Okay, so it looks like a wide screen display smartwatch, hopefully with a slim, bezel let’s check, and we have here this content. So we have the body of the smartwatch wow.

We have at least two strap here nice. We have a free strap, so this one okay. So it is a combination of leather on top and the silicon on the bottom part of the strap, a or anderson strap. Okay, as you can see here, it looks elegant. I guess this is for the corporate look. If you want to make it sporty. We have here see somewhat like a carbon fiber style. Strap silicon strap. Okay, let’s have a closer look. Okay, you see it. Oh with a stainless steel enclosure, okay, so all hassey quick, really pin for easy changing. You see it here. Okay and we have the magnetic cable. Here we have the user manual; okay, so let’s check, so it is available in several languages. You have here the qr code let’s see if this is so. This is a wear pro. The other one says it’s the the fit. I don’t know if it’s the real app base for that, but this one is the where pro okay, similar to the dt100 it’s, a pretty new app very basic function such as watch faces. Okay, then notifications. We have here the functions here fully detailed and that’s it. Okay, so we have here the user manual for the number one dt 91. Okay. So this is the contents. We have the smartwatch about the smartwatch, ready user manual, the charging cable and we have at least two straps here. This is for the classic elegant corporate attire.

Looking smartwatch and this one for your sports okay, so i think this is much more durable with the carbon fiber texture here and for the smartwatch okay let’s check. So we have the bt 91. So we have here the black color let’s see you can see: wow nice it’s, very elegant, beautiful design. I, like the bezel here glossy glossy bezel. Okay, let’s have a closer look. We have at least two buttons here: okay beautifully placed buttons, the back. We have a sensor here. It says it has a heart rate, bluetooth, 4.0, and we have here the power connector, i think so far it looks good metal, bezel and metal body, so the other one. So this one the side. The finish here is brush brush finish type and here glow glossy body here: black, okay, very beautiful combination. Let me show you this size here: okay, see pretty big smartwatch, but it looks beautiful. It looks professional and it looks like a high end. Wearable we’ll see on the display screen. It will have a beautiful screen. Let’S turn it on and see, it’s still heavy power. I guess we don’t have a battery left. Okay, no battery left. Okay, so let’s check it next time. The menus and the features when we charge it, but so far on the design aspect, i guess it is safe to say that this is one of the most beautiful looking smartwatch design from dt number one it’s, the dt91 smartwatch beautiful, elegant smartwatch.

Okay, i, like the i love the look here. I love the design. Okay, let’s check, specs online search; okay, so search okay, you’ll see so it’s available already and different shopping sites. Let’S see, i guess not yet it’s, pretty new smart watch. What we have here, the specs from our website – okay, the dt91 smartwatch, so let’s – see let’s, open it and check if it has a very good specs or not, as you can see here, full circular screen display. Okay, we have here the processor, mtk2502 c, 1.3 inch. Ips lcd okay, so we have 240 by 240 pixel resolution. Here again we have a blood pressure. What else do we have? We have a heart rate: blood oxygen and ecg here, we’ll check if it’s really have an else: ecg monitoring, bluetooth, 4.0 compatible with android 4.4 and ios 9.0, and above so, there’s no built in gps, but there’s a blood pressure ip67 waterproof rating, zinc, alloy body. Okay, we have here the processor, so there’s, no wi fi, so it’s, not a standalone, smartwatch. Okay, we have a tempered glass here. We have speaker microphone, let’s check later on health functions, multi use, sport mode message and call notifications, bluetooth, call stopwatch remote camera calculator, sleep monitoring, alarm and other options so available in silver, silver and black color. Okay. So i guess we have a mistake there. It says spando, but i think, based on the user manual, we have the web pro app we’ll see when we scan the qr code.

Okay, so far, this is sure dt91 very elegant, similar to the dd86 women or female smartwatch. So this one is pretty beautiful. We’Ll see later on, if we attach this trap, if it will look good okay, see it here for this party type and we have the letter type for if you want to use it in a corporate attire or you want to wear it during office hours. Okay, so this one, you can change it to the leather strap. So far we are impressed by the design will see in the software in the ui of the smartwatch as well as display, if it can, if it goes with a design. So we have a beautiful design here, beautiful body elegant, looking smartwatch we’ll, see if we all will also have a beautiful ui for the dt91 smartwatch again, if you have any questions regarding this smartwatch, please drop it comment below and we will answer your quest. This is your smartwatch specifications.