But after the end of a long review like this, one I'm gon na highlight something new and different. That has nothing to do with the review, but involves a watch. A watch face an update, an issue that solved or an issue that's just emerged, so make sure you check the very end of the long reviews from now on in case there's. Something important to share with you, which there is today involving this watch, face so check. It out at the end of the review, greetings and welcome to smart watch ticks. We are a youtube channel on the web. At smart watch ticks calm and DT number one has sent out a bunch of new watches that they've been producing. This is probably the best of all of them, because it's got enough memory to hold quite a few watch faces and it's called the DT 98 and before I open the box and surprise you with what's inside I'll, surprise you with what they say in print at Their actual Aliexpress BT number one store, they show the picture and they say gift an extra band and it's true here's, a metal band here's, a TPU band, you're gon na see all that as we unbox it in just a minute. This is the Aliexpress store and those of you who prefer to buy through banggood. We also have a link for you from banggood for the same watch. The dt 98 check the show notes for a discount coupon on it as well in terms of specs let's.

Take a look: we've got a full round: HD screen it's, claiming ECG heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring. Now I don't want to get on my soapbox, too high, but if you're concerned and interested raaaah look at the review of the DT 28 from number one regarding ECG and whether or not it's real or faked – and this is the same situation – we have the ECG Claim and it's using the fundu app for tethering, and it says it has the heart rate monitor in it but I'm going to tell you it doesn't. So when you look at this watch, look at everything else, except the ECG don't buy this one for the ECG. But if you like everything else about it, you're good to go full touch screen all these different languages, ip68. Waterproof support for everything you see there. It'S got the G sensor, heart rate sensor, a 1.3 inch screen 240 by 240 pixel, pretty standard 300 milliamp hour battery with a standby time of a full week and a use time of three days, which is good 2 hours to charge your basic magnetic charger, and So forth, so when we open the box inside, look at this presentation, it's – really great they're, taking some lessons from the really brand name, folks, who put a lot of time, energy and money into the packaging. You see the watch boom right there. Then we lift up the card and see that the watch is just sitting on the card isn't that cool it's got a little plastic cover on it that we can peel off like that, and we can bring the watch out of its little holder.

Now you see how we have the 2 ECG plates here in a metal case, so all indications are. We should be able to do a real ECG we'll check that out that's the case itself. Then you've got 2 little places that you can open by lifting. When you get in here Wow here we go, you've got a beautiful metal band and a TPU style band with looks like carbon fiber finish on the outside and rubberized. Underneath really nice we've got another little card. Insert we lift up here and we've got the charging connector, which is your standard 4 in yep, 4 pin connector that connects like so it's good enough to hold the at least hold the watch without the band on it, and then we've got the overall manual. So let's take a look at the manual and it looks like English is our first language, so that's good couple of warnings, the side button to turn it on the charging information there's, the QR code for downloading the fundu it's. Now fun do pro. There were quite a few varieties, but fun do pro, is the one that you'll be using and we have a link in the show notes for that and you put that in your phone and then you tether directly to it it's pretty straightforward, some more information here's, The ECG talks about that. Okay and setting up about 30 seconds can show the data and uh huh. But I challenge any of you to show me an ECG chart generated by the fundu app that does not look identical to every other chart generated by that app.

The day I see something unique and different that I can wiggle my finger around and make it go up and down and change then I'll believe that we're getting an ECG, but for right now it appears to be a canned simulation. There are all the other languages, and that is the manual so at this point, we're gon na charge it up with a set of bands on it. I'Ll just put the TPU ones on, but definitely take a look at how classy that would look with the silver band on it. This is a very fancy one. You got also the bag of pins too, so that you have the quick disconnect pins that match the proper size that comes with the bag and with the box as well. Alright we'll be right back well here. It is and it's actually a really beauty of a watch. Very nice bezel carbon fiber bottom same thing, integrated into the band that we've got on this one nice. However, I want to finish debunking the whole issue related to ECG. This is the fundu app when I come over here to the more you see down here at talks about ECG detection and that you're supposed to just simply touch the screen. So I'm gon na go over here, I'm gon na bring up ECG I'm gon na touch. The screen now you see there's a line starting to come emerge there on the actual watch face itself and if you look real carefully it's, just gon na repeat itself over and over again in the meantime over here on the actual app itself after a few seconds.

It'S gon na start creating what looks like an ECG chart. You'Ve got a simulated chart here and folks you got a simulated chart there. If you see my other reviews, you know if I move my finger around, it interrupts the whole thing and makes all kinds of jitter noise on there. Not so at this point and it's, just gon na go on giving me my heart rate, what you see it down at the bottom is 64 3 right now, and this simulated red line on the screen itself. You'Ve got the time of day at the top and you've got this chart continuing to emerge down here now, if I take my finger off its gon na terminate it but it records, so everything that I did and if I say view report I get this now, I invite you guys to look at any of the apps I've done any of the reviews using the fundu app with devices that use ECG and you'll find that these are all exactly the same. So for ECG. The only thing you get out of this is a heart rate and I'm, pretty sure it's the same heart rate that you're getting when you go in here using the green diodes there's, nothing new, nothing to see here and there's, certainly nothing to rely on medically. For your heart condition, respect to electrocardiograph information, there's, no electrode in the screen and it's, not computing an honest, real ECG chart now let's start over and look at everything else about this watch.

Okay, when you turn it on it's, got a watch face in here, and you can press and hold and cycle through a bunch of them which we'll do later. When you swipe down, you see your Bluetooth connection battery level and whether or not you want sound, active or inactive and it's kind of misleading. When you activate the no sound making it lit up, then it's in silent mode, I think, or maybe it's the other way around this for sure. When it's lit up it means bluetooth is active and sorry if it's kind of washed out on the screen. The watch is so bright and you can see it easily outdoors that it it's hard to to see it with the camera here indoors. So we got to that by swiping up you get to that by swiping down it's a circle loops between the two. If you go to the left from the watch, face you're going to get to heart rate and go again and you get back to the watch face so that loops. Now, if you go to the right and you go right again that loops – and this is your app drawer – so you have all these things messaging phone book and call logs and dialer that are all related to Bluetooth tethering to the fundu app well, actually, not to The fundu app these four things are tethered directly to the phone itself as if you are hooking up a Bluetooth, headset two kinds of Bluetooth thing going on the phone stuff is directly connected to the phone itself and everything else in the app is done by tethering.

To the fundu app, which includes a bunch of stuff in here now, we've got a sports section and your overall pedometer account, which you saw some of the numbers on here when I go back to was trying to play that you see G simulation again. Go back to the center there's my step count that's the pedometer information right here, the ECG we just did and then you've got the heart rate, which we also saw when we flipped off to the less will come back to sport in a moment notice. This goes in groups. I'Ve got a blood pressure. Reading that I can do here and an overall sleep monitor that's, all part of the stuff that you can archive in your analysis, in your reports in the app then you've got your sedentary reminder. If you want to notify you to get up periodically blood oxygen on this one as well it's blood pressure, sleep monitor blood oxygen, all related, then you get notifications that you set up to push from the phone to the watch. Bluetooth, music control here so that you can control the music Bluetooth camera. So you can take a remote picture from your phone using the watch as a trigger and then the actual Bluetooth connection link to set up like headphones or something with this and search for a new device. When you get into that, then you get into this motion. Detection that's your twist the wrists to see the time type of thing, muting, an incoming call, muting an alarm, your wrist wake up, gesture and that's off so I'm gon na turn that on I usually like that on and then shaking switch to do something I don't Know minimize something and shake to answer a phone call.

So all those are different motions that you can do themes are your basic backgrounds for this page it's, a wallpaper behind it. Do you want to cluttered with bubbles, or do you want it plain black that's all there, a basic calendar setting your alarms, a stopwatch is built into this. You'Ve got a calculator as well and then you've got app, which is the app QR code that you scan to download the fundu app to put on your phone. Of course, we've got a link in the show notes down below that covers that one and then your overall settings, which one you get in here, is your Bluetooth settings. If you're having trouble pairing and I have been and it hasn't kicked in when I've come back automatically, it said disconnected and I've had to disconnect it formally by saying totally forget it and then come back in and link it again before it would link it again. I had to turn the power off on Bluetooth settings and then turn it back on on the watch before setting it up to tether again on the app that's a little trick when it's not behaving well to get you tethered properly. Okay, then here's new notifications. You can turn that on or off. If you want to get know vacations, your overall sounds that will ring or whatever for notification and ringtone, and then your volume for all of those to where six is the loudest on all of them and it's kind of soft.

On this watch from what I've heard here's your overall display brightness we're at four I'm gon na lower that down way down here now to like there's one now notice. This is kind of a yellow like the phone. If I pump this puppy all the way up. Look how that washed out, you can't, even see the word okay and that's a trick with the camera, and so I can't really show you what brightness is like. I can just simply tell you that outdoors, if you have it all the way up, it's gon na be good and bright. This one is something you can use outdoors and it'll work well, and I talked too long and it timed out on it. Sorry about that. We'Re back in two settings we just did display. You can set units for metric or imperial here and, of course, you can reset the watch and get about which tells you the device name and some of the other stuff when you tether it, you're looking for a smart watch, okay, you're, not looking for DT, 98 Or any of that stuff it's the word Smart Watch cord lock. If you have others that have used Smart Watch as well, you won't know which one it is. Unless you look at the Le address or the device address I forget which one it is. I think it's, the LD that will show up here make sure that some of those numbers match and then you're tethering the correct thing so that's all of the stuff in settings, and I believe, oh no.

No, we got another page let's see it's gon na whip. Us around, but it's not we have languages. You can set it to automatically change to the language of your device. Change the name list to last name: first: I'm, not going to go through all of the languages that's in the specs find your device is when you tap this and hit start – and I have this in silent mode right now, but it's actually ringing it see. It says, cancel ring, so you find your phone and likewise you can trigger this to find your your watch as well. Your overall display this is the brightness and screen out I've set for 60 seconds boy. I was talking long if it time to hot, be there and then that last one was a dial selection, which is same thing. We get when we press and hold and we'll go through those, probably next, because that looped us back to the beginning. So you have groups of four and it jumps four at a time, it's not smooth, and that threw me off for a long time. There'S like what the heck I can't zero in on it, but it works that way. Blood oxygen is normally in the high advanced watches done with red diodes and infrared this one's, getting you your blood oxygen with green diodes, see so the readings not going to be as high and as accurate as it could be on some of the other ones.

We'Ve reviewed that are using the proper diodes for getting you accurate blood oxygen, but then again, this one's not going to predict sleep apnea or any of the other aspects that go along with having a really good blood oxygen reader on it, it's giving you your basic Percentage: ninety five and higher you're alive, okay, the blood pressure, same kind of thing, we're using the green dye OS come here you to calculate the blood pressure and it is turning them off when you're not touching it. So at least it's sensing that you're there and, if it's, an interesting one on this now this is systolic over diastolic and you know in the doctor's office they do the coffin. They they do this and the pressure goes way up, and then they Lou use the telescope and telescope the stethoscope and they listen for your heartbeat as they let the air out of the thing well. This is behaving similar to that, as, if you had a cuff on it, looks like I mean it's up there so much that I should be exploding about now into one ninety and now it's starting to come down. This is not how it's working folks it doesn't do this there's, no pressure, there's, no cuff and it's, just a simulation to pretend that you're getting that same kind of doctor office effect, okay, it's zeroed in on 119 over 79. That sounds realistic. I don't know if it's accurate, I give you the disclaimer, especially the way they're handling ECG.

I challenge the ethics of the the companies, both DT number one and fun do on presenting false data on ECGs to the public and masquerading. It is real, so I'm, not gon na, say anything about the blood pressure you're on your own. On that one heart rate, you can't really screw that up too bad blood oxygen, 95 or higher and you're alive, and I think that pretty much covers it. Okay, the the watch faces are the last thing. We'Ve got a selection of a few of them are not going to show them all, but here's a nice Wow, it's it's, still too bright, it's a nice light blue with digital time and analog on here. At the same time, some busy analog ones here's one that's, just like a pure digital. If you want that, but it's, not white it's colored, but it's it's a bright color. So it should be easy to see outdoors another one, another one there's another one here's another digital type, here's a really bright one. If you want to use this thing for a flashlight outside, have this one on and just turn it on, and you know probably light up your way, that's for sure it's going on and off now, because I have the twist your wrist to turn it on and It'S not really a tryst, your wrist it's a hold it horizontal and it will light up if you turn it a little bit off horizontal in any direction.

It'S gon na go off, that's, really bad. If you're in some other function like blood pressure or heart rate – and you have to literally keep your arm like this in order for it not to just go off so something to take into consideration, if you're going to use that feature on here, here's one that's, A little dimmer blue with some digital writing on it and a nice bright, green one and another digital anyway. There'S a lot of different watch faces and that's one of the nicest features of this one over the other ones. We will be reviewing that only have a couple of watch faces. This one's got quite a few anything else. You want to see removable bands nice see. Oh we've got the carbon fiber look right along the edge metal bezel metal plates. It should be able to do real, ECG and someday, hopefully, if it's really working in the watch, the app will catch up to it and you'll actually get a good ECG reading, but not today. Today, though, if you want this one, I can tell you to head on over to the DT number one actual official school store at Aliexpress they've got it on special right now, 20 off and if I have any coupons for you, I'll have these down in the Show notes because I also have it from banggood and we have a listing for you there too, so check the show, notes, check the buying links, see what they're selling for because the prices are always changing and come on back.

We'Re gon na have more goodies here. Soon, thanks for subscribing and watching it all the way to the end now here's that special treat I promised at the beginning, elrod has been working on a variety of new watch faces. This is the lympho lem 10 we've seen that before and he's. Given us a few nice ones like this one, but he's also broken the code for doing responsive watch faces with complications to activate when you touch them so I'm gon na walk you through a little bit of what he and I have been going back and forth On cuz, I want to premiere it in a while I'll be doing a full on video talking about what he's doing and how he's doing it for those of you watch developers who also want to get into playing with complications, but for now just check it out. Here'S a round watch face intended for a round watch like. Are you ready for the reveal the new cos pet vision, that's right? This is the new one, with the highlighted red all around it, and the watch face that al rod has created now I'm showing it to you now, because, unfortunately, in this class of watch, the complications do not work. There'S, a bug and we're trying to be bug. It frantically right now to get them working again, but for all the other watches before the new ones, which include this one. The Janus the lock met X, 360 and probably future ones.

We'Re gon na have to work a little bit because there's some breakdown on it and there's also some other serious problems like this one has floating touch or installed. You know that app it's the little dot that you see right there. If I touch it will bring up scream that I can do things it's an overlay it's in here, but it will not show up on top of the watch face. So that's broken they've done something to Android seven one, one in the newest watches this prohibiting overlay activity for touching the screen. But if you've got an earlier version of any of the Android watches, you could definitely install Elrod's new ones. Now, like I said this is designed for a round face and if I touch something like the calendar here, it brings it up same thing would happen for any of these heartrate and so forth. But this is a rectangular watch, so here's one of our rods creations specifically made for the LEM 10. You got the date. The time you've got a simulated heart rate thing going step, count, distance, traveled and buttons across the bottom. In this case, you can activate the phone if you've got a sim card in it music player, heart rate and of course you can bring up your fitness choose. What you'd like to do and begin doing it right from the watch face nice huh. So that was a good start, and then he got creative.

The next face going back to round was to enhance they all of the different widgets that are on here are complications and all of the dots that you see are active. This is the music player there's a battery down here. What happens when we press that we get the Google Voice, which is listening right now to respond to me, we have camera, so you can go immediately into selfie or set things up for a video chat. You got the calendar, your phone, the temperature of weather, heart rate and your overall step count information and your workout stuff right there. All of that all on this round screen, but wait wait. This is what an le m10 it's rectangular. So, with a little bit more effort, Elrod's managed to stretch it out and make this thing absolutely. I do get a nice brightness there for you for the lympho lem ten. Where do you get these things check? The show notes. I'Ve got the link to al rods. Information it's works in progress, he's, releasing new ones all the time, custom for all different kinds of watches, round, android and now course square rectangular, android, watches and we're working on getting it to work on the newest ones. But in the meantime, like the COS pet. What are they, the hope and the brave and the optimist and all of those work? Fine with the complications, just like you see it on the le m10 cool huh, now remember in future, videos check the very end because i'm going to be adding little tidbits on to all of the longer videos to make them insanely long.