The unboxing of this noise fit evolve. Smartwatch. It is a next generation smartwatch. So in this video we are going to do the unboxing, as well as the review of the smartwatch, so without wasting the time. Please, like this video share this video with your friends and also subscribe to our gene tech. So now let’s begin so guys. This is our noise, pretty well smartwatch box and beautiful packaging and exclusive packaging. There you can see. Www noise go, go nice and there’s the noise branding. This is our watch face, there’s the noise fetal watermark and the next generation smart watch. So there are the features of this models like amoled, touchscreen, ip68, water resistance, lightweight, smartwatch, nine sport modes, dynamic heart rate, monitor and a smart notification. So in this you can see a lot of other things of this smartwatch, so there’s the coast. You can see 79999, but you can get this only at rupees. 5000. 499 rupees. So please go to the description and buy this smart watch and there’s the there. You can do this and download the app of this nice fit noise fit peak application. You have to scan and download so let’s open this, so it is a smart watch, so here you can see it is our smart watch and there is my bill. So this is my bill of the smart watch. Okay, so there’s a smart watch and something other let’s see so let’s see inside this, so guys there is a charger of this smartwatch.

So, as you can see, it is a charger of the smartwatch and inside this we will get a small user manual. You can use this to learn more about the watch and there’s a warranty paper for this, so i will put this and this as well, and i will close this one now side this all so guys it is a charger of the watch and it is our Smart watch let’s see so guys it is looking cool, so it is opened. You can also change the watch faces of this watch. You have to click on this for two three second and then you can change it as your choice. So i choose this one and you can increase the brightness from this sign, so there is decreases and now it is increased. Now, if i go to left side, so there is my steps of today kilometer and i could burn calories and there is heart: heart rate, sensors back side. So here you can see the heart rate sensors. Now next is the sleep data, and next one is my. This is the compass upside. There is do not disturb brightness fine phone lock screen setting and my battery is 40 percent downside. You can see there’s the some of the notification. I will click this end, so my notifications are deleted. Now now i go to right side. There is a lot of options like today: smart modes, there are nine spot modes, so these are the records now there’s heart rate, sensors.

Now sleep notification, camera control, then alarm clock. You can set the alarm. I can set this and add more so then compass, music. Then find phone stopwatch and setting in the setting you will get download app dial, setting and qr code pairing about power and factory set. So these were the some of the features of this smartwatch and guys you can see it is too much luxurious smartwatch. It is looking too cool so guys in this video. I did the unboxing and review of this noise pretty well smartwatch or more. Please comment me in the comment box and you guys, like this video share this video with your friends and also subscribe to indian tech.