Gig. Noise has launched their cheapest bluetooth, calling smartwatch and its the Noise colorfit Caliber buzz., And in this video we will do the unboxing and show you if its worth buying.. So here is the box and in the front we have the picture of the smartwatch and the name caliber buzz., And here we have a few features such as bluetooth calling watch snug strap fit customised watch faces.. At this side. We have more features such as you get the 1.69inch TFT display 24 hours, heart rate monitoring, calls and sms quick reply: multiple sports modes, spo2 monitoring, 7 days battery life, stress monitoring, and this watch is IP68 waterproof.. At the back. We can see the colour which is Jet black and, apart from that, its available in a few different colours.. The companion app is the same for this smartwatch, which is the noisefit and its available for both android and ios platform.. The MRP on the box is Rs.. 4999, however, as i said earlier, its the cheapest smartwatch from noise and its available to purchase right now at Just Rs. 1499.. Now lets open the box and show you the content. So guys, even though its the cheapest watch from Noise. But you still get good packaging and here on the top, we have the documentation, and here we have the welcome card and this side we have the warranty information and then we get the user manual and the usual noise stickers. And then below it.

We have the smartwatch itself, which we will check out in a moment. And then finally, in the box, we have the same magnetic charging cable, which connects at the back of the watch. So thats. All we have in the box now lets see the watch. Closely. Noise, Colorfit Caliber buzz is the latest budget bluetooth, calling smartwatch from Noise. And looking at the design and build quality. We find the build quality of this watch really good.. You get the boxy design and the body of this watch is made up of plastic.. But again, due to this, it really feels light weight on the wrist.. The straps are of different styles, though you can remove them, but you dont, get the pin connection strap in this watch., But again the fit and finish is good and the watch feels really comfortable on the hand.. In terms of the overview. This time we have a smaller 1.69inch Display, which comes with the curved glass., And in this watch we get the high 500 nits brightness support.. Looking at the right side, we have the crown function, button and the mic for calling.. At this side we have the speaker grill. At the back. We have the sensors and the charging point. Now lets, turn it on and pair it with our phone.. So here it is on. And for pairing just scan the qr code with the app and thats the smartwatch is now ready to use. And guys.

Here i must tell you that this smartwatch also comes with the single chip. Bt calling support, so you dont, have to add two different bt devices to get the bluetooth calling. And its really good to see in this budget smartwatch. Now about the features.. So here we are on the watch, face. And guys. The display quality is pretty good. Its quite bright and the colour output is decent. So to change the watch. You can long press on the screen, and here you have the default watch faces.. You can also add more from the companion app. Swiping down from the top will show you, the notification, history and swiping up from the bottom will show you the quick settings, and here we have the dnd, find phone brightness battery saving mode and the settings of the Watch., You also have a shortcut cards which you can access by swiping left or right on the watch face. To access the main menu. You would need to press the crown button once., And here we have the menu. And guys again. I am sure you have noticed already that the touch response of this watch is good, though you will see a very minor lag here and there. Which is acceptable. Keeping in mind that its an entry level smartwatch. So in the menu first, we have the noise health., And here we have the activity and in this you can see your current days, fitness data and then we have the heart rate and guys the HR data.

In this watch is fairly accurate and we have also compared it with the pulse metre.. After that we have the Spo2 monitoring, and here as well, the data accuracy is decent.. Then, in this menu we have the sleep, and here you can see your last nights – sleep details. After that in the health functions we have the breath by which you can do some breathing exercises., And you also get the stress monitoring, which will show you a score, Letting you know how stressed you are Coming back to the main menu. Then we have the Noise buzz, which has the calling function, and here we have the contacts which you can sync with the app and then we have the dial pad by which you can make a new phone call.. And then we have the call history and form here. You can see the call history and also you can make calls to these numbers right from here. And guys about the performance. We will talk in a moment. After that in the menu we have the clock, and here we have the alarm Timer, with some preset timers and stopwatch along with the world clock which you can set through the app., Then in the menu we have the Workouts, and Here we have different workout modes and in total you get 100 sports modes and they are also neatly categorised.. After that, we have the sports records, and here you can see the history of workouts.

And then we have reminders which you can set from the app and after the reminders we have the music control., And here in this you can control the music playing on your Phone and also you get the volume controls in this. After music, we have the weather, and here you can see the current weather conditions along with the weather forecast., Then in the menu we have. The watch faces stocks which you can set from the app. And after that we have the Flashlight. And then finally, we have the settings. In the settings we have the brightness and the brightness is good and its quite bright for outdoors as well, and as expected, we Dont get the auto brightness feature.. After that we have the vibration settings and we have the wrist awake feature which is the raise to wake and it works good. And surprisingly, the response time is very quick.. After that, we have the screen on time, which you can set to max 30 seconds, and then we have the DND menu view and the autosports detection for walking and running. And then the usual power off reset and the restart option.. So thats all the features we get in this watch and feature wise. You are not actually missing on anything here. And you get all the basic and essential features in this watch. Now about the app So the noisefit companion app is available for both android and ios., And here on the homepage.

We have the fitness data. And you can tap on any of these cards to see the historical data. On the device page. We have the battery status and then below it. We have the watch, face, store and guys for this watch. You get a lot of cloud based watch faces and in total you have 150 watch faces.. The watch also comes with the custom watch face support, and here you can click a new picture or choose the photo from your gallery for the watch face.. After that, we have the notification settings, and here you can select the apps for which you want the notification on your watch. And talking about it here is how you get the call alert.. So you have the call accept and reject button along with the silent option.. You also get this quick reply feature which is surprising and works pretty good., And I am really happy that noise has given this feature in this budget, smart, watch., And about the performance. The speaker output is loud, but there was some distortion in the sound at full. Volume. But the mic clarity is very good and the other person on the call was able to hear us loud and clear. And about the message alert. So here we have the text alert and you do get the auto reply feature here, but unfortunately we dont have the emoji support in this watch. And guys. The app is also very good and you also get different app icons for the alerts.

. Now, coming back to the settings, then we have the health functions and from here you can turn on the auto HR and the REM for better sleep, tracking. And also here we have few reminders and alerts. In the settings. We also have these options, such as Google fit integration, quick reply, settings where you can edit or add a new, quick reply message, and then we have the weather settings., And here we have the remote camera shutter option.. So, Overall, the Noise Colorfit Caliber Buzz is the latest budget smartwatch from noise, which comes with the calling support. The bluetooth calling works, pretty good and design and build quality wise. We find this watch definitely value for money.. The display of this watch is also decent, but you get a smaller 1.69inch display, but if you have a smaller wrist or for females, this is the perfect entry level smartwatch.. The fitness data is also accurate and because of the strap design, this watch is really comfortable on the hand.. The battery backup is also good and can easily last up to 7 days.. So, in short, if you are looking to buy your first smartwatch ever then this is the smartwatch you should buy. And because of its price, you dont have to worry too much in case the smartwatches are not your cup of tea. And as usual, if you like, This watch and want to buy one then do check the buy link in the description below.

So thats it guys. This was unboxing and Review of the Noise Colorfit Caliber Buzz.. Let us know if you like it and also do tell us if you have any queries or questions about this smart watch in the comments section below. So thats all for now. If you like this video, then please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadget gig for more videos like this.BVTwHISMIyA

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