Techie hope you all are doing fine and i have with me the noise color fit pro 3, and this is the jet black version, which is priced at 4499. Right now now i’m, not a big fan of budget smart watches, but a friend of mine recently purchased this and he was generous enough to let me review it. So a big shout out to him. Thank you, and also sorry, my friend, because i’m gon na be really honest about this one, so i’ve been using the smartwatch for almost a week and i’ll, be giving my honest opinions about this one and don’t worry. This is not like some of those reviews where i’m just reading out the specifications and giving an overview. So how good is this smartwatch let’s find out, so this is the box of the noise color fit pro 3. now my friend already did the unboxing, but i’ll just go through it again for you guys, so the box looks quite nice and kind of feels premium As well on the back, they have mentioned some of the key features like blood oxygen, monitor, stress, monitor female health tracking 10 day battery life, and obviously you have to download the noise fit app to sync your data and get more control of the smartwatch on the Side, it says fitness everyday and the other side it says designed in india, so yeah inside the box, you get the jet black smartwatch a nice and long magnetic charging cable.

A thank you note, with an autograph from the hitman rohit sharma and an instruction manual. That looks pretty good, so when it comes to the build quality, this actually looks quite similar to the apple watch, and that is what these budget smartwatch manufacturers actually try to. Do you even get a number of straps to choose that you obviously have to buy separately and some of them actually look quite good, which can actually turn this into an apple watch? From far behind you get all of the sensors and on top the magnetic power charging point, the button on the side acts as the home and the menu button. On the front, you get a 1.5 inch tft display with a resolution of 320 by 360, which means that all the content displayed will be quite sharp. You get rounded corners and quite thin bezels compared to other budget. Smart watches now they’ve not mentioned. If this is a gorilla glass, but it is kind of scratch proof, the smartwatch has even gone through the 5 atm waterproofing standards, which means you don’t need to worry about using this in harsh environments. So the first thing it will ask you to pair with the noise fit app that you have to download and after completing all of the settings it will be ready to use. This is the home screen and the display seems pretty sharp colors don’t feel that accurate, but that’s. Okay, if you swipe down you’ll, be able to access the notifications which i’ll talk about later when you swipe up you’ll get some quick controls like the do not disturb feature, then the lift to wake option where you can only enable or disable it.

There is no option to choose the sensitivity level which, by the way, is even present in smart bands. Nowadays, then, you get the brightness control and again you get only three levels of brightness to choose from and then the find my phone option. When you press the button on the side, it will open up the menu where you can access all the apps like goals where it keeps a track of your steps, the calories burned and the distance you’ve covered. Then the sports mode, where you can choose the workout you want based on what you want to keep a track of then the heart rate monitor that also has a support for 24 hour heart rate monitoring. Then you get the stress level monitor in case. You trust a smart wash to determine that for you, then the very famous blood oxygen monitor i don’t know how far you can trust that on a smart watch, a breed counter, a sleep monitor to keep track of your sleeping habits, the weather app, which is very Important according to me, the music control app where you can pause, play, music increase, decrease volume and play next or previous song now, for some reason, it won’t function properly. If you play your songs from youtube music, which i use most of the time it just won’t, play the next or previous song – and that was kind of annoying when i was outdoor and in the gym. But it does function properly with other apps like spotify, ghana or amazon prime music.

Now, when you jump into the settings, you again get your basic controls, along with the watch faces which i’ll get to later and below that the option to power off restart or reset the smart watch now i’m, a little skeptical about the accuracy of the smartwatch. I did use it when i went to the gym and when i was out for a walk, it kind of automatically added 10 steps, even when i was at rest now. That is quite a large margin of inaccuracy, even the software of the smartwatch. For some reason. Doesn’T feel decently, smooth and at times i even found the touch sensitivity pretty bad, like, for example, when increasing or decreasing the volume or while changing the brightness in the settings. I don’t know if this is a defected piece or is just that way do. Let me know in the comments section, if you’re facing a similar issue from the noise fit app, you can view a summary of the stuff that is tracked by the smartwatch. You can even buy new noise products from the shop option. If you jump into the settings, you get some basic controls again, you can even use the google fit app to sync your activity data. Now i have certain issues with this app. It would sometimes take time to load, and even data syncing, just wouldn’t happen. The app doesn’t, even let you customize the order of the widgets, which i think is very important – even budget smart bands nowadays give you that option and to top it all, i even noticed that the app was draining quite a lot of battery from my smartphone, which I did not face when i was using the mi fit app or the samsung wearable app in the past.

Now, when it comes to notifications, you get support only from apps that are mentioned here, like whatsapp gmail, linkedin instagram, no support for apps like signal or youtube studio. Even the notifications that you get are kind of randomly displayed. I would have actually liked it if notifications from the same app were grouped together, so that it would be easier to view them. You can’t reply to the messages, obviously, but at least they could have added the feature of quick replies taking into consideration the price point in terms of watch faces, you get some by default on the smartwatch itself and for more, you have to jump into. The watch faces option in the noise fit app. Some of them are quite cool and some look quite amateur. You can even add a custom image as a watch face and because of that good pixel resolution. The image looks quite sharp. However, the time display pattern for the custom image will remain the same and now, finally, the battery life on the box. It says up to 10 days of battery life, which means you could get approximately 7 to 8 hours. That is what i was expecting, but i got only 5 days of battery life with all of the features active brightness at full notifications. Active 24 hour, heart rate, monitoring and location enabled this smartwatch drains around 15 to 20 battery per day, and i think the battery life on this should have been a little more like around 14 to 15 days, so that you could get around 10 days of battery Life because somehow i don’t see any major differences in the features offered by this smartwatch and other smart bands out there.

So my final verdict is that, if you’re a person who likes to keep a track of your heart rate, how many steps you’ve taken to burn your calories blood oxygen levels? Then i definitely recommend you not this smart watch, but some other smart bands, like the me band 5, the one plus band samsung, fit 2 or even the real me watch, plus you’ll get better customization better battery life and you’ll save quite a lot of money there. The only benefit that i see in the smartwatch is that it looks similar to an apple watch and if you manage to get some of those cool looking straps, then you can definitely flaunt this in public. So my overall rating for the noise color fit pro 3.