My canon battery has gone bust, doesn’t charge. Doesn’T, do anything who are you like? What i meant is uh? If you already own a smartwatch or a wearable let’s, say a redmi watch or a xiaomi, a fitness tracker, something like that which is even cheaper than this. So it’s, not you’re, not getting anything. Exceptional, you’re, it’s, not gon na, add a lot to your plate. Uh don’t get me wrong. You shouldn’t even look for something exceptional in this price range, but uh. If you are looking i’m just saying, it’s, not gon na add a lot to your plate. It’S uh it’s in a given price range it’s for certain people, like people like me, who don’t even have a fitness tracker, they’re, just trying to experiment with it and trying to get there first or just trying to upgrade. They don’t want to invest a lot of cash into it, yeah it’s for them. I noticed one more thing is i uh keep on looking to myself like while talking not to the camera, so i think it’s gon na look a lot. So the second thing i really want to talk about is from the display aspect of the things: uh, the marketing images, the promo videos, everything you see even on their official website, wait a minute it’s an lcd display, and if you look closely uh or in a Tim lighting condition you could make out uh where the screen is and where the bezels are like it’s, not perfectly uh black.

Even if the ui background is black it’s it’s, not completely black, you could really make out uh the display that’s. The second thing uh uh, that uh i thought it’s a bit misleading like so, if i, if i have to sum the entire review or the impressions whatever i’m doing in one word, i would say it’s good enough like for the price range, whatever it offers, whatever It does it does it good enough and in this price range i think you should really aim for that. Some of the features that i really love is its accurate step count uh the vibration motor is really strong. Other features are it’s a waterproof, uh water resistant up to 5 atm. I guess it has a water remainder. It monitors your stress, uh. It uh monitors your heart rate. It also has a spo two sensor. Sp spo2 sensor in this price range is really crazy. If you are getting so that was one of the one of the deal maker, if you can say uh. So one of also one of the funny thing uh that happened with me is day one. I got the smart watch uh, i was wearing it and i was playing valorant and you know indian servers, even even in d2 and immortal games. There are generally people who like to throw games. So i was super mad. I was screaming. I was cussing. I was slurring, i was doing everything. It was my left hand vibrated like crazy in a shock like what the what happened, and there was a message written on the screen, it said, relax i loved so hard watching it, like half of my stress, was relieved just by looking at the display, and then I started throwing the game as well.

You guys are still here. I wan na talk about if you wan na chill for a bit. So if you are, if so, if you are here just for the video, the video is done.