This is damn vlogs or arts. Here we so go. Is my watch colorful 3 from noise, so fitness everyday and here you can see markings and model number designed in india so guys today we will gon na. Do the unboxing of this color fit pro 3 watch and the color which i purchased is jet blue, so guys you can also scan through this barcode for the application of noise, color frequency now let’s open it guys um, so just open. It guys let’s see what we get it’s just warranty card and user manual of this watch, so let’s check out the box, guys so yeah it’s, a very nice looking watch with some good built quality material and it’s. Really good watch, like i loved how it looks so here, it’s mentioned this charge to activate the watch. So, first of all, you need to charge all right guys so let’s not waste much of time and check out what’s inside the box. So here we get a magnetic charging cable with this watch without adapter it just only cable. So here is the cable Music. So let’s go guys now let’s talk about the features and build quality of this forge. So, as you can see here that it’s a very superior build quality in some aluminum sort of frame and it’s, almost look like apple smart watch, yeah. So now let’s talk about some of the features of this watch. So let’s go ice. So here you can see, this is, do not disturb.

This is rise to wake. This is brightness, and this is for find my phone. So now let’s talk about some main feature of this watch, so here it is first of all goals so which you need to achieve on your daily basis, like goals which Music, Music sports, most more chat like outdoor, walking, outdoor running outdoor, cycling, indoor walking running rover Pool swimming and weightlifting and all the hiking yoga, workout, Music, foreign, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, second Music, like it’s, very soft kind of thing, so yeah it’s, a very nice watch, so it’s a best price like this is best thing.