Today we have it. Does the latest edition of the color fit series from noise and it’s the color fit noise 3, and in this video we will do the unboxing and show you the features of this smartwatch in the front of the box. We have the model name and the picture of the smartwatch, and here we can see that the noise was india’s number one variable watch brand in second quarter of 2020.. Here at this side of the box, we can see this smartwatch is designed in india and here at the back, we have some features. This smartwatch is in the jet black color and apart from that it’s available in a few different colors now looking at the features we get, the blood oxygen monitor 1.55 inch color touchscreen 10 days. Battery life stress monitor 320 by 360 pixel screen resolution. It’S 5 atm waterproof, you get the female health tracking support cloud based watch faces and you get 14 different sport modes, and here we can see the mrp, which is rupees five triple nine. However, the launch price is rupees, ’99, now let’s open the box and show you the content. So here on the top, we have the documentation which includes a welcome card, and here we have the details about the warranty registration and then here we have the user guide, which has the info about different features of this smartwatch. And then here we have the smartwatch itself. I like the design of this smartwatch and in terms of design it looks very similar to an apple watch.

We will look at the smartwatch in a moment, let’s see what else we have in the box. So here we have the charging, cable and it’s a magnetic cable, which you need to connect at the back of the smartwatch, so that’s all we have in the box now let’s, look at the smartwatch closely noise colorfit pro 3 is a budget fitness smartwatch. Looking at the design and quality, i like the build quality of this smartwatch, especially the main module. The housing is made up of metal, which gives it a nice and a premium look and feel the straps are also of good quality and guys. This time you get different, strap options which includes magnetic leather, classic nylon and so on, which you will be able to purchase separately. Now. Looking at the display, we get the 1.55 inch trueview display, which comes with the resolution of 320 by 360 pixels. This display offers 500 nits brightness, and you also get this curved glass on the top, which looks pretty good now, in terms of the overview on the side, you have a single button with a red color accent at the back. We have the charging pins and below it. We have the sensors, and here in this smartwatch you get the heart rate sensor and a separate spo2 sensor. Apart from that, you can see the battery capacity, which is 210 milliamp hour, and it supports bluetooth 5.0. So, overall, in terms of design and build quality, i like the design and the quality of the smartwatch, keeping in mind the price range now let’s pair, the smartwatch with our phone, the app noise fit, is available on both android and ios, so the app is installed And the pairing process is really simple: just scan the qr code and then follow the instructions on the screen.

So the watch is paired now let’s see the menu. So here we have the watch face and you can change the watch face upon long pressing on the screen and guys you can add more watch faces from the companion app now about the navigation. It’S touch based and swiping down from the top shows you, the notification. History and swiping up from the bottom shows you the quick setting such as dnd brightness and the find phone option swiping left or right gives you the access to shortcut apps such as heart rate, music control, workout modes, etc to access the main menu. You need to press the button on the site, and here we have the goals menu, which shows you the current day’s fitness data, which includes step count, calories, burned and distance traveled to go back. You can swipe right on the screen, then in the menu we have. The sport modes – and here we have different sport modes such as outdoor walking, running cycling and guys. You also get the cricket mode as well as a swimming mode which includes for pool and open water. Then in the menu we have the heart rate and it shows you the continuous heart rate data which is really good and also i found the data accuracy pretty accurate when we compared it with other smartwatches, then in the menu we have the stress levels, which is Based on heart rate, variability after that, we have the spo2 menu and guys.

I must tell you that in this smartwatch, the spo2 monitoring is very accurate and it’s. Also pretty fast. After that, we have the breathe feature by which you can do some breathing exercises. Then in the menu we have the last night sleep data which i’m, yet to test. After that, we have the weather, which shows you the current weather details, as well as the weather forecast for the upcoming two days. Then we have the music player which might not work out of the box, and you would need to enable it from the companion app and once enabled you can use it to pause and play music or change songs on your phone from this watch, then we have Some usual features such as stopwatch alarm timer, which also includes some preset timers, and then we have the records which will show you the details of your workout history. After that we have the find phone option which plays a loud tone on your phone, then. Finally, we have the settings in here. You can enable the race to wake feature which, by the way, works very well, and it also turns off the screen. When you put down your hand, then in the settings we have the real time heart rate option. Dnd watch faces and the brightness control, and here we have three different brightness levels and you can also enable the auto brightness mode, which lowers the brightness at night time, and then we have the power of reboot and the reset option.

So that’s all the features we have on this smartwatch and right now i can say that the features we have on this watch is pretty good, keeping in mind the price segment. The touch response is good and the menu, though, sometimes lags here and there, but overall response is pretty decent. Now, before we check the companion app, let me show you how you get the notification. So here is how we get the call alert and in this watch you can only reject the call, and here is how you get the message: notification and guys. When you get the notification, you can only see the icon and you need to tap on it. To read the message, and also you don’t get the preset reply option. There is one more thing that this smartwatch doesn’t offer emoji support. Now let’s check the companion app looking at the app i like the design in the user interface on the home page. We have the current day’s fitness data, which includes step count, distance and calories burned and then below it. We have some more details, such as sleep data, heart rate, stress count and the blood oxygen level. Then, in the app we have the store menu to see the latest offering from noise. And after that we have the activity menu, and here you can start any workout activity from your phone. After that, we have the watch face menu, and here you can select from the available watch faces to be honest right now, the available watch faces looks okay, but i hope to see more watch faces later on this app.

You can also add your own picture as a watch face, but again it lacks the customization feature. Then, in the menu we have the settings, and here we can see the connected device with the battery level and when you tap on it, you can go through the options such as music control, dnd, auto heart rate, monitor option, and you can also sync the data With the apple health, and then we have some other features, such as wrist sense and drink water reminder, after that we have the notification and the alert settings, and here you can select the apps for which you want a notification on the watch. After that, we have some more features, such as hand, wash reminder sport, recognition which recognize automatically when you’re running or walking. Then we have the auto stress which helps you to keep track of your stress level and then finally, we have the walk reminder. So, overall, the features and the options we have on this app is very good, and i like how noise has named and categorizes settings, which is really easy to understand and navigate. So overall, the noise color fit pro 3 is a decent budget. Fitness smartwatch at rs, 4000 you’re getting a good design and the build quality, and i really like how comfortable this smartwatch is. It looks premium on the hand and you can also customize the straps as per your choice. I’M. Yet to test the data accuracy. But as of now, i can say that the heart rate spo2 and the pedometer data accuracy is very good i’m yet to test the sport modes, battery, backup and sleep tracking, which i will cover in my review, video, so stay tuned for that.

So, to sum it up, if you’re looking for a decent, looking smartwatch with all the essential fitness features for your daily use, then i highly recommend you to check out the noise color fit pro 3.. This smartwatch will be available to purchase from amazon and flipkart, for which you can find the links in the description below so that’s. It guys this was the unboxing and overview of the noise colorfit pro 3 smartwatch. Let us know if you like it and also if you have any questions about this smartwatch then do let us know in the comment section below so that’s all for now. If you like this video, then please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadgetgig for more videos like this. Once again, this is arnold.