This is my very first video and turn on the post notifications so that you will be alerted every time. I make a new upload. You ready let’s go as you guys, probably read from the title we’re doing a review over a smart watch, so let’s check it out here’s the package. This is what it looks like so today, we’re going to be reviewing over the noisefit and your smartwatch came out. Last year in india, so let’s take a look brand. Is noise noise fit endure? The color comes in charcoal black, as you can see, uh it comes in a variety of different colors like racing red and teal green um. This variety pack was in black, so let’s open this up and check what this is all about. As you can see, smart watch right away. Take this package out and let’s take a look at the content. So here comes the smartwatch got a bit more content in this. Some warranty information and a thank you card noise fit endure, got the usb. This is the charger of the noise fit endure. Okay, so now let’s take a look at the watch. Looks very premium like very premium looks very nice. I, like the feel of it. Okay, this is made out of silicon right. You get in a variety of sets like rubber, uh tan brown, which will come in rubber there’s, another black, which will come in rubber with the red stitches. This is with the silicon, which makes it look a little bit more premium and, as you can see, i just turned it on, and this is what the face looks like um, you get many cloud based watch faces if you download the fit app.

So if you get this watch download the default app it’s available on android and ios go download. It right now, connect it with this watch. You’Ll get all the notifications and calls so let’s check. This watch out right now. So, as you guys can see with this watch press this button watch turns on this is what the face looks like and you get a variety of different faces: 100 plus watch faces, which is really amazing if you download the fit app so i’m going to switch. This on swipe um, no messages right now until you download the fit app, you get all the notifications swipe and then different modes of settings. For you know your uh fitness right, walking running cycling, skipping badminton football, yoga, workout, brightness control right here. This is really amazing. I like this, you don’t have to worry. If you’re in sunlight right, you can still always adjust the brightness accordingly find my phone feature right here, connect this to the uh phone and you can use this. My uh find my phone feature. If you cannot find it and then settings so if i go back swipe up, go to settings, you get the stopwatch dial for different watch faces. So if i click on dial, these are the different watch faces available without the app now, if you want a different type of watch, face so i’m going to select this one for now. If you want a different type of watch space again, download the app 100 plus watch faces available and we’ll take a look at that in a second back to settings.

Reset dial stopwatch power off about qr code for the app again to get logged in, and one thing you may have already noticed about the smart watch – is that it’s different than other watches? Why do i say that you ask circular display a lot of smart watches? Come in uh in square shape, this is circular shaped. All touch screen, full touch, screen, 1.28 inches display comes and weighs in around 40 grams. You guys, if you take this outside and it starts raining, don’t panic. This is completely waterproof. Okay, waterproof and dustproof. You could take a shower in it if you like, you can take a swim in it. If you like, no damage will be caused to this watch. This is fully waterproof, as you guys can see right now, i’m downloading the fit app. You can also download the noise fit app for this watch so now i’m in the app you get. The steps feature right here: sleep, the counter sleep outdoor running outdoor running, so many different features in this app notifications from your phone of course alarms. Others – and you can upgrade – you may add a device. Of course it will be just watch noise fit in your amazing watch profile picture, go google fit and about. If i go ahead and click on others, you get the quick view you get weather around the city time formats and reminders to move fine device option again. Is available so take a look at that guys if you’re looking for a smart watch go for this, this is very worth: 3.

000 rupees. Try it out. You even get sensors in the back for heart rate monitoring to keep track of your health daily. So guys, if you enjoyed my review over this watch, make sure you guys, like the video and subscribe to my channel and turn on the bell notification so that you will be alerted every time. I make a new upload and i’ll see you next time.