Like finish on the back, i found it to be nice to the touch and it does a good job. Camouflaging the fingerprints. This phone looks similar to nokia 2.4 that i reviewed a few days ago, if you haven't, seen that video you'll find all the links and show notes down below in the video description, even though the device lacks premium materials in the construction. I have no complaints about the build quality. We have a large ips lcd display that may not be the most pixel dense, but it's good enough for social media, some youtube and so on. As for optics, there is a triple camera system on the back. That consists of regular, wide angle and depth sensors on the front, there is an 8 megapixel shooter. Other key features of the device include usb type c port for charging, mediocre, sounding loudspeaker, a headphone jack and a dedicated google assistant key. The fingerprint reader may not be the fastest author, but it gets the job done. Unlocking the phone, the reader also acts as a touch panel to pull down a quick settings and notifications menu. A snapdragon 460 is at the core of this device. I have a model with 3 gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of storage, but you can also opt in for a higher end variant.

Gaming performance is not the best but it's decent. Considering the price of the phone games like asphalt, xtreme run well, call of duty is playable with a bit of stutter and skipped frames and pubg can be played without major lag on low graphics settings day to day performance has been decent, the phone is usually responsive And fast enough to handle the basic tasks, but you should expect some stutter lag and skipped frames, especially when you run multiple apps at the same time, not a big deal, but this is something you have to know before: buying a budget device nokia kept android 10 Based user interface clean from bloatware, meaning that you're getting a stock android experience when it comes to image quality, this phone's cameras can produce really nice daylight photos using the main image sensor.

The pictures are sharp detailed. They have good contrast, and overall these are one of the best looking photos you can get in the budget segment portraits selfie, portraits and irregular selfies. Look really nice too. Definitely social media material. The wide angle shooter, on the other hand, produces just above average, looking pictures things get worse in low light, using the main wide angle and selfie shooters. The image quality could be better, even considering the price of the phone. You can record videos up to 1080p resolution using the main wide angle and selfie cameras. The quality is pretty good, but the video is quite shaky as on most of the budget devices.

Nokia 3.4 is a 2d battery phone for most users who use the device for the basic stuff. I ran a screen on time test with youtube playback at about fifty percent of screen brightness setting, and i could get over 13 hours of sot. Unfortunately, the phone does not support fast charging, meaning that it will take about three and a half hours to fully charge it overall. Nokia 3.4 offers quite a lot of value for the price, but before you decide to buy it, you should know that there is some stutter in the ui. The loudspeaker could be better and battery charging is very slow. On a positive note, nokia 3.4 offers a large display, great battery life, very good daylight image quality with a main camera sensor, a nice and minimal design.

To sum up, nokia 3.4 is a decent phone for the price, but it has some flaws to consider. Thus, you should also check out what the competition has to offer before making a final buying decision. What do you think about nokia 3.