com. This one is from a british brand called objest and it’s going to kickstarter in the near future i’m going to do a quick first impressions and unboxing i’ll write a full review after a couple of days, and i will put the link to it at the bottom Of this video, so, first of all the object office, quite a nice, interesting design, there, glossy cardboard matte at the bottom and it’s a two part box, second part of which contains your object, watch i’ll, pull it out of the box, though, and show it to you Now, quite a reflective crystal there so i’m going to just pop it at an angle that hopefully minimizes reflection. So what have we got? We’Ve got a 42 millimeter case, but this for some millimeters is a lookless design, which means that it will wear quite significantly smaller than i would expect on the wrist 11.3 millimeters thick 5 atmospheres of water resistance and a double done, sapphire crystal, which i’ve spotted straight Away is quite reflective, it’s a matte dlc on on stainless steel, finish so that’s. The reason why it might look like it’s, ceramic or plastic it’s, not it’s, a metal watch. If we take a closer look at it, you can see that the dial design it’s got quite an interesting texture to it, which is a bit of just that. That kind of diagonal texture, which catches the light quite nicely when it’s not cut by the crystal you’ve, got three six: nine and twelve markers made out of polished metal.

There you’ve got hands which are in white you’ll notice that one swiss made quite a small crown, which i found quite difficult to adjust: it’s, not the worst in the world, but it’s quite close to the case. There it’s quite thin, which means that, although it looks quite nice once it’s pushed in, which is quite hard to do hand winding, for example, because of that thinness there’s your. I think this actually looks a bit thicker than uh 11.3 millimeters. Just because of the way the case is designed, but it is just 11.3, though, at the back, you can see an eta two, eight two four movement custom, black rotor and it’s, an undecorated movement and some engraving around the back. There screwing case back. Your watch. Strap is a vegan leather actually feels really nice for a vegan, leather it’s, quite supple, quite soft and quite a nice finish. It matches the watch quite well. I do quite like that and the it’s dial concave, if you can see that on the side there, just in case i’ve not mentioned it i’ll, stick it onto my seven and a half inch wrist let’s see what it looks like to where he says he said: I’M done there we go so that first, two millimeters, as you can see, it’s actually really wearable. It doesn’t feel like a 40mm watch, because you’ve got no looks protruding the other side here, so you could wear that on a relatively small wrist, not sure it’s.

The perfect watch for my particular wrist try to take it back off again now, not just the best watch for my particular wrist, just because of the way that’s uh. So i can do it a reflection of my iphone there’s yeah, not the idea watching my particular wrist shape. I don’t think but it’s going to be pretty versatile, uh, so yeah, so british brand they’re trying to get vegan and peta approvement approval for the uh watch and it’s strap, which is a nice little touch the price of this watch in late january february. When it comes out is going to be around 325 pounds now that’s quite expensive, for what you might initially think is a fashion watch, but for an eta powered swiss watch that’s, actually relatively low price uh. I don’t know whether they intend to do any different movements. Uh than the two eight two four i’ve been seeing, if there’s, perhaps a salita or you know even a miata in a watch like this – would probably be acceptable to keep costs down. But uh. You know it’s uh, whether you want swiss watch or a japanese powered watch. I guess is the question in terms of the design, i quite like the design, i think, it’s, quite a novel kind of minimalist design. It’S, as i say, it’s, not something that i would wear, but i can see that it will be attractive to a fairly large part of the watch community.

The only concerns that i’d have about it is that crystals. That could be a little bit less reflective, and i have this problem with many domed crystals. Is this just whichever you put the watch up? It reflects light into your face uh and the only reason that’s a problem to me is that it spoils the look of that fantastic dials, which again i’ll just bring back in again that diagonally prints it down, which actually looks really really nice. When you pick it up, right as it is, i’ll do a more thorough review in the very near future. I must do that on the website. Um. If you like the look of the watch, it’s built as well as you would expect that’s. The main thing to worry about and uh many thanks to objest for sending me this watch to take a look at. Thank you for watching. Please hit like subscribe. All those buttons don’t leave a comment. Nothing too rude. If you possibly can we don’t, then we’re a family channel, but uh needs must. I know sometimes – and i wish you all a merry christmas, because this is gon na go out before christmas. Don’T forget we’ve got a competition running on the site to win a watch. Uh, the latest competition will be our giveaways page on the wristwatch review. Dot. Co uk website so take a look down there uh. Basically, you have to subscribe to me on youtube, but you need to do it through the link on the competition to register an entry and that’s all i’ve got for you today.