Let’S talk about this obs Music, as you can see, it’s a port and the first i’m going to tell you the important things this device is made by a zinc alloy built in battery 1600 milliamp battery. The power range is from 5 watt until 40 watt and the occ cost is compatible with the smoke rpm, but you cannot put it into the smoke rpm. Just only the smoke rpm occ can put into this spot. Charging current is 4.2 until 2a. Inside this packaging does include two types of occurs and there is a omsk regular, because one ohm and omy mesh costs 0.4 ohm. So the coils that currently i’m using is a one ohm coils that came for you all to pump up 10 until 20 watt. Beside then, that this device has additive intelligence system that uh, when you put in the cartridge, it will automatically detect the resistance and give you the best wattage, like example, you’re using one ohm 10 until 20 watt. It will give you suggestion for a 15 watt like this, so maximum power is 15 watt right now, as you can see, when you press this minus plus button there’s a minus plus button right here and fire button, and when you press this button, it cannot adjust The wattage that means that this device is a touchscreen fingerprint button, so you must press here three times one two three to access the wattage just now got a one lock right there.

Now the lock is already gone and then only you can adjust the voltage. So if you are using a one, ohm occ course, the maximum, you can pump out under 20 watt and when you press the plus button again, it will go down to the lowest voltage 5 watt, so example, as you can see right here. Currently i set for 30 uh let’s, just try 30 watt, and then you put in the cartridge one ohm odd atomizer, and then it will give you the best 15 watt after that, if you take out this cartridge right here is also the maximum 20 watts. Some people is wondering why i already take out this cartridge, but the maximum is still 20 watt because you didn’t attach another new cartridge. So after you attach another cartridge, that is a 0.4 ohm 30 until 40 watt pass. For example, now you see 1 203 and then you adjust to the max is only 20 watt. You press the plus button again it’s only 5 watt, but when you put in this cartridge port atomizer attached and right here, the best is 30 watt and then you still can bump up until the max 40 watt. So if you’re using the 0.4 ohm, the best is 30 until 40 watt, but right here the additive intelligence system, they suggest the best is 30 watt for you all. But if you are using the one ohm, the wattage range is from 10 until 20.

They will suggest you 15 watts, so you put in this one ohm cartridge like this and then see it’s only 20 volt maximum. Beside that anything special there are pros and cons for every port this device, the pros is there using a fingerprint magnet same like the previous obs that i review at the bottom right here. You’Ve got the type c port for your all to charge it’s built in 1600 milliamp battery the weight is only 140 gram. Something like this about the height is 106 millimeter, for the width is 30 millimeter and for the length is 21 millimeter before we unbox this device and talk more about this device. Let me give you all c. First, okay, i’m, currently heating on 20 watt, with the one ohm coils Music tastes, so good, guys, tastes so good freaking nabu, the cheeto guys now let’s just take a look about the unbox so guys this is the obx sky, ki, sky, sky, key sky, ki, skye Ska squad, okay and right here it wrecks obs technology c, o l, t d, o b s right here. Sixteen hundred milli, amp arcade zoom uh a little bit more closer, give you obviously 1600 milliamp battery type c, cable protection. It drags protection right here and then this is the side of the packaging back of the packaging and then another side of the packaging so inside the packaging. It looks like this. Okay, it looks like this. You will get the user manual inside.

It will teach you how to adjust all those things all the fingerprint like this look. Okay and of course, you will receive one port like this green color portland. There are total six type of colors available. You can choose red, color, silver, color, black and gun metal and then rainbow color and also green color. So the one that i received is a green color, this very, very nice, organizing alloy material. You take a look more closely about the color. I very very like about this color, really really nice color. You will get two occ cards and, together with the caters, got one is red, color and got one is black color, so example for you all for this red color. When you pull out this occ cars, this one is a one ohm inside it’s, a regular course. It’S not a mesh course, and then this one, the black color one, is a 0.4 ohm. When you pull out it drags right here, om yeah omy, i don’t know what that means. Now: okay, 0.4 ohm 30 until 40 watt best is 35 watt and then, when you turn right here, it drags ob as they are logo. So these occ coils you can put in at the one ohm cartridge as well, and this one can put in right here as well – is the same okay it’s the same, and when you take out this cartridge example, i got bringing one rpm occ when you put In see it fits it fits but i’m, not sure is it got leaking or not.

So if you want to risk your occ go to, try got licky or not just go. Try it it’s! Okay, now, i’m, not sure you just go! Try it because this one rpm occ really can put it into this catrice for this cartridge, it’s a 4ml and for the tpd version is 2ml and then last but not least, you will receive one type c. Usb cable actually still got this another card for your attention card warning card inside the packaging. You will not receive a lot of things like blah blah blah the lanyard, but at least they give you two cartridge and also two occ cards. So now let’s just talk about the chipset, so, as you can see right now, two of this spot what’s the difference between two of this spot. You see the button there’s the different button right here. That means that actually there are two types of same port for you all. You can choose either you want the fingerprint or not fingerprint. So it depends on you all. If you like to play fingerprint with the port, you all can purchase the fingerprint version. Actually, both of this specification is almost the same. All the wattage, all the cartridge. Everything is the same. The difference between these two port is just only right here at the button fingerprint, not fingerprint so for the fingerprint and non fingerprint. Now you can see about the chipset it’s a little bit different about the color okay, the color is kind of different a little bit for this device.

Example: okay, you press five times, one two, three four five to turn off and then redeeming obs logo and then switch off one two, three four five to turn on when it’s turned on it will ask you to place, touch la fingerprint and then you just touch. Okay, sometimes it will not detect and then it detects okay. Every time you want to set about the fingerprint, you need to press the this button, this plus button and then the fire button together and then right here, please stash. Please touch you can set another fingerprint like this, okay and then save okay same like the previous obs. If you all want to know more details about the fingerprint you all can refer back to the previous model of the obs, the chipset is almost the same. It’S a fingerprint as well so after you unlock, you can just flip it. If you want to delete your fingerprint and you press the minus button and then the fire button and then please touch admin, delete, successful, okay and then it will refresh again and talk about the non uh fingerprint there’s only button right here everything looks simple. The the ring right here, there’s no led and then, if you press one, two three there’s nothing happen. You press this two button. There’S nothing happen. You press this two button, there’s nothing happen. When you press the fire button, it will write the path right here to path three path, four path.

So if you want to reset the path you cannot press three times, you press this two button, it doesn’t function at all everything also won’t function. What you need to do is you press five times, one two, three, four five to switch off and then one two, three four five again to switch on obs and then you see the path. The path is clear: uh, clear path; okay, so the path reset. I remember you cannot switch off once you switch off and then you switch on again. It will reset the path and for this non fingerprint chipset. If you want to adjust the voltage c now, it’s also the same, you cannot adjust the voltage when you want to adjust voltage. You must do the same step press three times: either you press left or right one. Two three like this: only you can adjust the voltage until the max is 41c 40 watt. So if you use another occ cos example like one ohm is the same: it only can go up until the max is 20 watt for these two device. Okay, the fingerprint and non fingerprint. I rather you all choose the fingerprint okay it’s, because the non fingerprint you cannot press three times to lock the button. If you want to lock this device, you want to keep inside the back. You need to press five times, but when you press five time, the path is already zero: zero, zero, zero it’s already reset the path cnc.

If you use this device, you use this button, it won’t, let you wait, see it won’t. Let you fade unless you use this thumb. Okay, so if you register this thumb and then you need to register again press this two button, you register the second thumb like this. If you want to delete the fingerprint, you press this two button, the minus and the fire button, and then you use this finger, did it successful and then it will refresh now you can vape with every button what’s the meaning that i want to tell you is, If you just only want to delete this thumb, no, if you register four finger, love how many fingers like the maximum is seven finger. You can register now. Okay, when you delete it directly, delete all the fingerprint. You need to register one by one again and then after you wait for a while, see ya, see ya uh, you still can vape it. Actually, after the oled screen is switched off, you still can vape it. You need to wait more longer. Only it will lock by itself. Another thing is pros and also the cons. Ah, the chipset let’s say now: i’m, not enough with 20 watt, even though i’m using the one ohm cause, you cannot go up any higher okay, the maximum it just will give you 20 watt and also there’s no adjustable airflow for your all. Okay, it just depends on what occ coils you’re using uh.

You cannot adjust the airflow right here, got four holes and same as this side got four holes it’s like. Actually they can make it go one down for you all to push to open and close the airflow at least some people. They want more titan, even though they’re using the 0.4 ohm cores. But if you want mtl, you can just use the one ohm coils using common issue, very, very small issue, but in case, if you want to break the rules – and you use the one ohm coil – that they suggest is 10 until 20 watts. You want for 22 25 watt cannot cannot okay, the maximum, they will give you 20 watt, or otherwise you use the more lower ohm coils. The maximum for this device is 40 watts. So now let’s switch back to this spot like this and then it’s already a moment like a one minute plus okay. Now you want to flip okay, see, however, when you want to vape, cannot, ah, you need to press this finger, use this finger or this uh. This one i didn’t register you use this thumb and then you can vape it. So this is the protection last so recommend for your old. If you want to purchase like actually, the packaging is also different, see. There are two packaging right here. Ah don’t make it blur right here, got four icons right here: got three icons: okay, this one they add on the fingerprint unlock right here.

Doesn’T have fingerprint unlock so remember when you go to shop or you buy online, please make sure which type of port you want this obs sky key kit, because the name is also the same. The packaging is also almost the same. It’S only got plus this icon, small icon and right here, don’t have fingerprint magnet and non fingerprints. So remember this is a video that i want to teach you all don’t later you go online website and then you see more cheaper and then, when, after you purchase already shipping until your house that time uh hey, why is no fingerprint and then you make a Complaint. Okay, so you must choose wisely make sure you ask for the operator. Is it the fingerprint version or not the fingerprint version overall, one star under five star? I rate this device honestly like for four stars: okay, it’s, not that bad as you thought, it’s really a good for maximum 40 watt and then, if you put in the uh one ohm cost, the maximum it’s only can go under 20. Volt like cannot go higher. Like because obs company, they also want to protect from you all over fire overheating and the occ costs burn more faster after you unlock the fingerprint, not means that you cannot use other finger to rape it you still can use other finger to fit within every finger. Can break it when you fire that time there is no problem. Okay, the fingerprint magnet is just for you all to unlock.

For the first time you just unlock uh. You leave it for one minute like this and then after that it locks. You cannot vape it with other finger. You just unlock it after that you can just hold it every finger. Hopefully you all understand about today’s information about this obs sky, key sky, sky, kit. Okay, i see you all in my next reviews. Again, my name is adrian low deja vu remember to subscribe, my youtube channel now guys. Okay, please help me reach 1 million subscribers loud 10 more years long.