What is this? This is the million loop by apple. It features a magnetic closure to it. This is how the box actually looks like the going rate, for this is a hundred bucks. You get the same thing much cheaper on amazon fba copy, and yet it is nothing as good as the real deal which is sold by apple, so let’s go ahead and check this out and see if this is right for you, material, wise, very nice metallic feels Good to put this on, all you have to do is to move this around. Like this put your hand in here and close the loop. Now i got my loop upside down. You can see that this is the wrong way to put this on, so let’s go ahead and fix this one of the biggest downsides of this is: there is only one way in, and it doesn’t tell you, which is the correct way in switch it around. You just press the button here and you pull it and it comes off. How do you know, which is the right way to put this on? I will show you in a second suppose. The ball you put this in this side of the band that sticks out has to be on the outside and that’s. The correct way to put this on now slide it in until you hear a small snapping, sound move this around just like that. I have enough space for you to put this in and you slide it in then what you’re going to be doing moving this and just pressing it like that, and then you can just adjust it.

How much you want this to be on your list overall it’s. Pretty great, it looks great. It feels good really hard to justify it’s a hundred dollar price 60 bucks cheapo you get free copy on amazon, most likely it’s fake, given the reviews and it’s not going to be as good. What i like about this ease of use. High quality material, real cool texture – to this i dislike about this – the price, the texture – you can see it’s c4, but understand the c4 issue. A lot of dot is going to easily get stuck in here, it’s going to be a nightmare to clean this pressure. If you’re clean freak like me, what i really love is this the magnetic thing right here open this see this is a very powerful magnet which makes it easy and fun for you to use. Put this on and put this inside now. You can see that once it enriches itself of the ankle i put this back in. This is one of the most annoying things about this once it comes out. Another problem with this is pretty much your chances of losing your watch. How much higher with this? On than any other loop that i encountered, why not because of this you see it doesn’t come out, but because of the flower once it is on you listen this put this on. I think it is secured once you put this on and accidentally this gets unstrapped see like this it’s, more likely it can fall off, especially if it gets super on slap like this accidentally.

If you’re doing some sports activity, it might fall now it is a stretch, but it is a little less secure than all the other ways for you to put this on now. This is the whoop that the watch usually comes with and compared to this. This is definitely the better option, but for the price this practically comes for free this, you have to pay 104. This is a winner because it’s cheaper, if you’re getting the neck watch. This is definitely the winner because it is 50 bucks triple, and this is a hundred dollars, it’s all about the price when it comes to you, if you’re going to be doing heavy duty activities, things that you’re going to get this whole watch dodie. This is the window, the cheapest one and the easiest one for you to put on so do i recommend for you to get this? I would say i’m on the fence. I like the way it looks, but it is missing some component to it. I mean it kind of looks like this it’s much cooler. I like the way it feels i do like this. You see this has a better and more funky, futuristic looking shape to it. This is definitely a better local. This one makes it feel more sophisticated now if you’re i’m going to be going to something fancy event, that’s what’s, just so cheap. This looks good. This looks expensive. This looks cool by the way, but when i put this on me, i don’t feel this is worth 200 bucks.

I also feel the watch head is kind of big, and this is kind of small making this a weird decision. It feels good, it does. What it’s supposed to be doing it makes it easy to take your heart rate, makes it easy for you to get your ekg and other sensors to be working, and yet it makes one issue i don’t like the styling, i just don’t like the way it looks, Or combined maybe i’m not used to it, but it’s, just not cool, not cool enough. For me, that is, the price is just a little too steep, though so i’ll, let you to be the judge. Let me know down below if you’re going to be getting one for yourself and do you justify paying a hundred dollars for this, or are you going to be going for the knockoff and getting the one that sold on amazon, which i don’t recommend for you to Get let me know below your response and if you did enjoy this video smash the thumbs up button and, of course, let me know write down below in your comments, what you think and if you’re going to be getting this for yourself now doesn’t.