Here your one minute begins now whether you have a standalone, android, smart watch phone or a fitness watch. If it has a gps module in it, you need to season it and get it ready before you do your workout on an android watch. You want to make sure you turn on gps here and in the fitness app you want to go over to the third panel and make sure it's turned on there. Then you want to activate your activity, so it can start looking for gps. This one found it right away because it's already been tested and set up that's how you want it to respond when you're out in the field on a fitness watch, it should already have the gps module ready to go. You just need to go in and select your out activity and it'll start flashing, the gps when it's solid you're good to go here either one of them if it starts too soon and you're not ready that's, not a problem. Just simply stop the activity, throw it away and get ready for your real run, walk or cycling that way.