It does get a little confusing. This time the main change they’ve made with the 8t is adding 65 watts of warp charging which can fully charge the battery in just ‘ minutes. Pretty cool not gon na lie, but is it worth the upgrade there’s only one way to find out let’s get started. There was a survey done recently of 2 000 people in britain, where 90 of them said buying the latest. Smartphone is a waste of money. Now those would usually be fighting words on a tech channel that reviews, smartphones but i’d have to say this time i actually agree. The oneplus 8t does come with the plastic screen protector pre installed. The reason i say i agree is because smartphones depreciate ridiculously fast. Of course, my phones do depreciate faster than most, but on average a smartphone loses 40 to 80 percent of its value in the very first year of ownership, so buying a new phone. If your old phone is still working, just fine is not a financially smart idea. It’Ll still be scratching at a level six with deeper grooves at a level. Seven the front facing camera is a 16 megapixel hole, punch and the speaker, grille up top, is made from plastic glued into place. I mean don’t get me wrong. The 8t does have a lower price point than other flagships, which is great starting at 750. There is more bang for your buck here than there is with samsung or apple, but just by getting last year’s oneplus 7t.

Instead of this year’s 8t, we could save hundreds of dollars because they really both do pretty much the exact same things we’ll bump them. You switch to silent because silence is bliss, the frame is metal yet again, along with the power button and the mute switch Music. This is the aquamarine green version of the 8t. It definitely looks more blue than green to me and reminds me quite a bit of the blue marble nord that came out a few months ago. The bottom of the phone does have its loudspeaker, usb c port. For the 65 watt charging and the removable sim tray with its rubber waterproof ring, there is no official ip rating this time around i mean if your current phone is falling apart or not working by all means it’s time to get another one, but in the last Few years of smartphones, there really haven’t been many earth shattering improvements. There is still glass on the back with a bunch of cameras, just like we saw on the 7t except this time, oneplus ditched the telephoto camera and went with the macro. Instead, the 16 megapixel wide angle, camera is up top, then the 48 megapixel main sensor and the 5 megapixel macro camera down at the bottom. The monochrome sensor is 2 megapixels and off to the side at least the camera bump isn’t the size of mount everest like we’ve. Seen on some other flagships. I guess what i’m trying to say is for the price of this new phone.

You could go buy yourself. An ice cream cone at mcdonald’s every day for two whole years and, as we all know, ice cream cones are way more delicious than cell phones. If you do get a new phone, though, or just want to make your old phone look way, cooler. There’S always my tear down skins. I can’t comment on the nutritional value, but it does come in original and ultra matte, i kind of like the original myself. We are so fast with these that, if you order one right now, it’ll probably get delivered before the oneplus 8t even starts shipping i’ll put a link down in the video description. Don’T get me wrong. Buying new tech is fun and i wouldn’t want to dissuade anyone from doing what they want with their hard earned money. The only real issue i have with the oneplus 8t is the fingerprint sensor. It keeps saying the fingerprint scanner is dirty, even though that portion of the display is scratch free and brand new, the at ultimately doesn’t even register. My thumb now granted – it’s, probably my fault, since my hands are not pristine but that’s, just something to factor into your phone buying decisions if you work with your hands a lot. The second major improvement on the 8t. Alongside that 65 watt warp charging is the 120 hertz refresh rate on the 6.5 inch screen. Some people get real excited for stuff. Like this. Personally, i wouldn’t pick that, as my main reason for upgrading, just like i wouldn’t pick it for the 30 seconds of fire resistance, it’s more of a perk to me and not a direct selling point.

One thing that is pretty important, though, is durability. The oneplus 7t didn’t totally survive my durability test, nor did the oneplus nord earlier this year and when your phone costs 750 ice cream cones, it needs to be structurally sound lucky for us, though, and lucky for oneplus. The 8t does survive my pin test. There is a little flex to the frame, but no cracks bends or kinks. There is some slight separation in the backlash panel, but no catastrophic damage it’ll be cool to see the dual battery setup inside. For that fast charging during the teardown oneplus is back at it again with another good phone and it’s definitely worth an upgrade if your current phone is dead. But if it’s not let’s, just grab some ice cream and wait for next year snag a teardown skin.