But before that, i want to ask you guys, like tell me down in the comment section below like: do you really find that a smart band is useful? What do you use it for, and do you see the value proposition of it in day to day life? So anyway, if you want to buy this oneplus band, the link will be mentioned in the description you can go and purchase it from my affiliate links down there. So yeah with that. This is shreyas and let’s check that out. So i want to start off with the build quality and design. I have no major problems or complaints with the build quality it’s good enough for the price you pay and yeah. The silicon strap is good comfortable. I did not have any irritation. I wore it to sleep as well, for sleep tracking, etc. I did not have any problems. The capsule itself is also well made i’m, not sure if the top surfaces of glass or plastic, i feel it is plastic, but i have not gotten any scratches. As of now, so in the couple of weeks it’s holding up okay now coming to the design uh, you have a loop kind of a design for the strap. The capsule itself is a bit thick, but that’s kind of understandable, because a lot of hardware is packed into it, especially the sp02 meter. Now the part of the design that i do not like is the charging mechanism, because you have to take out that capsule put it in this particular dock, matching the contact pads on the dock and then put it to charge now.

I’Ll come to battery life and charging time later part of this video but yeah. I do not have a problem with taking out the capsule and putting it, although it’s a longer process than probably something just magnetically. Attaching to this taking the capsule out of the dock is kind of a task and be careful because it might go flying somewhere because it’s very tightly clipped in so yeah that’s a word of caution from mine and in the front you have a 1.1 inch amoled Display now let’s talk about the display. The display quality is actually really good. The pixel density is good enough for me not to see any pixels. To be honest, the brightness is really great. Outdoor visibility was not an issue for me. I have been in really sunny conditions currently and it has not caused me any problems in the display uh. There is no auto brightness setting, so you have to manually toggle it, and the 100 display is too bright for dark rooms or when you are asleep so that’s something you have to manually, keep changing and there is no function via the app as well, which you Could have changed, which i would have preferred myself, because navigating through the ui of the watch is not the easiest thing for me and the display wakes up, because you have race to wake feature and stuff and it mostly works out fine. I did not have any instance where it did not wake on me, but i felt it was a bit too sensitive, because sometimes i didn’t really do this particular motion, but still it woke up also, if you’re enjoying this video, why don’t you drop a like hit? Subscribe and click on the notification bell so that you know when i come back to you with awesome reviews all right now, let’s talk about the interface.

The interface is pretty much simple, but it takes a little bit of muscle memory to get used to it. I took some time, but now i’m kind of fluent with it. You just have swipes on up down left right directions. Swiping to the right usually takes you back up and down is for scrolling. Now the ui is fairly responsive. I did not have any problem like. I don’t have much of an expectation from a 2500 rupee smart band as well, but i did not have any jitters freezing or anything like that. It’S, okay, obviously not a 120 hertz display or anything which would be weird. But yeah, nothing that froze on me or got stuck, or i felt that it’s. I had to wait a long time for something to play now. Also on the display, you have multiple choices of watch faces, which you access via the oneplus health, app, which i will also come to in detail in the later part of the video. You have a good variety of watch faces, but i am aware that me, band 5, has a way larger, a gallery of watch bases. So if that is your preference, and you want to show a lot of watch faces on your smart band, then yeah probably this will be limiting, because it has a few. You have a few neat tricks like you, can set a photo as a watch face, etc, but i don’t know, but i would like to say that the watch faces that are there are actually of good quality like i did not expect so much work to be Put in for watch faces of a 2500 rupee smart band, but yeah.

I really like the watch faces overall in terms of looks or the effort put in to make it look clean, and you know you have various styles of it. So that’s a good thing inside the tools section, you actually have options like stopwatch, timer and alarms. You also have music control, which you can remotely play, pause your music. If that is your jam and you also have a remote shutter trigger for your camera. I believe these are oneplus specific features, i’m, not sure, because i did not try it with any uh phone. I used it with my oneplus 8 pro so that’s, where i’m coming from okay now let’s come to the health features and the tracking functionalities. Now this particular watch comes with the area of sensors. It has a spo2 monitoring sensor, which is the usb of this watch in my opinion, because no other smart band really has this. As of now, as per my knowledge, next, just has a heart rate sensor as well, and it can do sleep tracking. Now you can. There are various modes of doing these trackings. You can select the intervals, and sometimes now i set my heart rate monitoring interval to six minutes. Then my spo2 monitoring to somewhere in the intervals where i’m still or during sleep tracking, when i’m sleeping and i kept my sleep tracking on as well. I had notifications coming in all the time with all of the selected apps i had brightness was mostly set to 80 or 100 with that i got a total battery life of around 8 days now in terms of charging time in 30 minutes.

This watch charged up to 40 percent and it completed the charging in one hour, 15 minutes almost, but the last five percent takes a huge amount of time. So if you really want to do it, uh get it done fast like having a shower or getting ready or something it will probably run you for another three four days now coming to the accuracy of the tracking of whatever i mentioned, i kind of compared it With my gear s3, which i found really reliable back in the day when i was using it daily uh, i could not do all the workouts, because this has a plethora of workout modes. I cannot vouch for them, but the simplest test i could do is an outdoor, walk and that’s what i did wearing these two and starting the workout. At the same time, now you can see in these clips the time of the walk is exactly the same, and the smart band will use the gps from your phone to track and accurately map down your walking path. There is a difference between the step counter. I found the step counter of the gear s3 extremely reliable, like even if you don’t have hand motions, it really counts your steps and that’s something really great. Initially, there was not a huge difference. There was probably a difference of 10 to 15 steps which i think is kind of within the margin of error, but at the end of the workout, when i ended with around 2000 steps, or so there was a larger difference.

So this is something you have to keep in mind: it’s, not horrible. I expected worse from this to be honest, it’s, just a reference device again it’s, not something you should really solely rely on for doing all this next let’s come to the heart rate tracking. Now the harder tracking was really good. According to me, yeah people did complain a bit uh about the hard attacking tracking and it not working for a certain demographic of people, but it got solved apparently, with a software update on the watch. Now i did not face any problems. Personally, i used it again. I compared it with my gear s3. The deviation was very low and i think it is within the margin of error and considering both of these are again reference devices and not something that will sure short give you the exact value you’re looking for now, sp, auto monitoring is something i could not cross Check at all, but it does a good job of tracking it throughout the night i never went down below 90, but i think that is something to do with tightly wearing it, because obviously i would loosen it up while wearing it for the night. Okay, now coming to sleep tracking, now the media coverage, which happened with the embargoes lifting for people who got the review unit, they complained about sleep tracking. Now, in my experience i again compared it with the gear s3, which was really accurate back in the day, and when i used it, it is not bad.

I mean it’s, not 100 accurate. According to this, but mostly there is a difference of probably 10 15 minutes from when you are awake, but you are not getting up uh. That is the time where it tends to not measure it correctly. Otherwise, i feel it’s very accurate and it’s kind of reliable. So yeah, for, i think the money uh you’re getting a lot and i am fairly happy with it. But again i did not use the mi band 5 or the mute band 4 before so. I don’t have a particular point of reference, but yeah that’s been it about the oneplus band.