com and if you remember, we recently made a video on the oneplus, not n100, where we talked about how oneplus was kind of changing well cut to now and oneplus has changed see. This is the new oneplus band and this kind of begins oneplus is oppo rebranding journey in india. I say this because the oneplus band is basically the oppo band rebranded, so here’s the oneplus band on one side and the oppo band on the other side, and as you can see, they look exactly the same. They also have the same specs and they even have the same companion, app here’s, a screenshot of the oneplus health, app from my phone and here’s, a screenshot of the oppo, hey tab, health app from the play store now, as you can see, they’re, basically the same App, this is the home page on both the apps for details like steps, heart rate and sleep, and they are identical, is the same with other pages too, as you can see see when i first opened up the oneplus health app, i was kind of surprised because It just did not look like an app designed by oneplus, i mean generally oneplus, apps, look very nice and the oneplus health app has no oneplus or even stock android design language to it. It just looks very color os like which makes sense because it is identical to oppo’s health app. So, yes, the oneplus band is rebranded, but let’s. Keep that aside for a bit and talk about the features and what’s it is that so this is the oneplus band.

On my hand – and i think the design here is in line with what you expect from smart fitness bands at this price – you get a silicon strap with grey on the inside and black on the outside, and these lines kind of make it look a little different Than say the mi band 5. then there’s the pill akf tracker in between and like the previous mi bands, you have to remove it to charge because there’s the pogo pin charger in the box it’s kind of old school, because mi bands have moved to a magnetic Charger, which is definitely more convenient so yeah anyway. I also don’t, like the big logo on the front, the oneplus logo, but the display is nice it’s, a 1.1 inch amoled touchscreen with a resolution of 126 by 294 pixels, and this display is good. Looking first of all, it’s responsive, which is very important since the whole ui here is touch base, there’s no buttons. The display quality is good too. The colors are nice and it’s sharp and it’s also bright enough to use outdoors here’s the band at 100 brightness outdoors and while it’s not crazy bright. I think it’s decent enough by the way. There’S no auto brightness you’ll have to manually change things up depending on the situation anyway. This whole oneplus band is very light and comfortable to hear i’ll give it that and it has the ip68 and 5 atm dating for water and dust resistance.

So you can take it for a swim or shower no problems there, so that was kind of the design of the band now coming to actually using the oneplus band. The ui is pretty straight forward, so you can swipe left and right to check out the different band faces like this, and you can only have five of them on the band. But there are a lot of different band faces to choose from in the app as you can see, including some inspired by oneplus wallpapers there’s, also an option to set a custom image as your band face, so that’s cool anyway, coming back to the ui. So swipe left and right for band faces. Now you can swipe up or down for the different apps there’s daily activity, which shows you, the steps, calories burned, the time you’ve worked out and the number of activities you’ve done. There’S also workouts, where you can begin tracking different types of runs, walk cycling and sports, like cricket, badminton, etc. Then there’s heart rate spo2 sleep, which shows you your last night’s sleep, breathe for breathing exercises weather a tool zap where you have music control, stopwatch timer alarm camera for taking a picture using the band and their search phone aka find my phone, which starts ringing. Your phone now moving on from tools, there’s settings where you get dnd, which you can enable or set it to smart, which enables it when you sleep, there’s brightness, with different percentages to choose from.

Then there are options to customize, display time, vibration, reset the device, reboot shutdown, etc. Now to go back from anywhere. All you need to do is swipe right. Lastly, in this apps list is notifications, where you see your current notifications, they are not actionable, but yeah. You can check them out now. One more gesture is just a tap on the home screen, which shows you bluetooth, dnd and battery status, so that was how the oneplus band’s ui works, but how accurate are the fitness tracking features now? First of all, let me show you all of the sensors that the oneplus band packs so there’s a three axis: accelerometer and gyroscope, an optical heart rate sensor and an optical spo2 sensor for blood oxygen monitoring. Now, talking about the accuracy, i’ve only used the oneplus band for like four days now and the tracking seems to be a mixed bag, see the step tracking is fine. I’Ve done a manual test where i walked 200 steps and the band showed me around 190 steps. So it’s a very close margin and that’s fine. I also did not notice any crazy step tracking. While i was driving or sleeping so step tracking seems to be fine, but what’s finicky is sleep tracking. So here my sleep starts from the first day. As you can see, i have a sleep assessment score of 87.2 and next to it is good, so that’s good, but below that it says my sleep was poor kind of confusing.

Also right. At the end, it says i went to bed at 8 o’clock, which is definitely wrong, because i was at office at eight and i went to sleep at around 12. My usual time now, that’s, not all one day it just out of nowhere, showed me that i had slept for six minutes in the daytime. Trust me, i did not take a quick nap anyway. After the first day, it was kind of getting better kind of getting more accurate but check out the sleep details from last night. They are totally incorrect. So here are the details and it says i slept for around 4 hours 21 minutes only and i went to sleep at 3 47, which is crazy, so yup, the sleep tracking on the oneplus band needs an update badly. As for the other, fitness tracking features, the spo to blood oxygen monitor seems to be fairly accurate. I compared things with the dedicated blood oxygen monitor and the results were similar. The hardware tracking seems to be on point too, but you have only used the band for four days like i said so i think everything beats step tracking sleep, heart rate and spo to all deserve a more detailed look now. Moving on to the smart features. Phone notifications arrive promptly, so that’s good, and you also get incoming call notifications on the band. You can put the call to silent or reject the call from the back. Music control also works.

Fine, as you can see, you can play pause change. Tracks find my phone also works. Fine, it quickly rings up the phone so yeah. These features work well and the band remains connected to the phone without any issues. I use the oneplus band with the meat ni and there were some disconnection issues at the start, but once i locked, the oneplus health app in the decent screen turned off the battery restrictions. The connection issues have been fixed. Lastly, the battery the oneplus band has a 100 mah battery, which is fine, but the mi band 5 has a bigger 125 image battery anyway. The battery here is rated to last 14 days, but that’s, probably with heart rate tracking set to every 6 minutes. Well, in my usage, at the end of the fourth day, the oneplus band was at around 25 and that’s when i said the heart rate tracking to every two minutes and spo to tracking during sleep set to at intervals. Look to conclude things after using the oneplus band for a few days now. I think this is a decent fitness tracker so far, especially considering the price and the features see, i say decent, because even though it has a good display or the important features, i have doubts on the accuracy, especially with sleep tracking. The charging style is a little old school and the oneplus health app is nothing special, really so yeah the oneplus band is not extraordinary, but it’s, not bad too see.

Apart from that, i just feel that the oneplus band does not feel like a oneplus device see at the end of it all. I just hope that oneplus fixes things in their upcoming devices like say the oneplus watch, so here’s hoping well. What do you guys think of the new oneplus band? The whole operation of oneplus comment down below also give this video a like if you enjoyed it and make sure to share it with your friends. Lastly, subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech videos.