Now smart bands, as an accessory has been a really popular product in india and xiaomi has more or less reigned supreme in this category. Many other companies have come out with their smart bands, but not to the kind of success that xiaomi has had with the mi band. Xiaomi recently launched the me band, which they called the me smart band. Basically, the me band 5, but it lacked an sp o2 sensor and which is why a lot of people were quite disappointed with the product. However, oneplus has filled in that gap, as oneplus band does have an spo2 sensor and it does fall in the same price. Category, so how good is it, should you be buying one and how well does it work you’re, going to find out in this video let’s talk about the price it’s priced at 2499, which pretty much goes with any other smart band in this category, the me band 5 also is priced at the same. In fact, these two bands are quite similar, apart from, of course, the sp02 sensor, but before we get into more details about all of those things, let’s talk about the origins of the oneplus band. The oneplus band is exactly the oppo band which was launched back in june. It was launched in the global market and in china, and it never made its way to india, and this is basically the oppo band rebranded and launched as the oneplus band since oppo will not be launching the band in india.

As far as design is concerned, the band consists of two things: the capsule and the strap the capsule is available in a black color and the strap is available in three colors, including the black and gray, that we have here. A gray with orange and a full blue all the colors look, nice and vibrant and the black looks very subtle. So if you’re somebody who wants something understated, the black color goes well with that. Now, with the capsule and the strap, the entire oneplus band weighs in at about 23 grams. So it is a really comfortable fit on the hand and as far as build quality is concerned, the band is of a really high quality, rubber, it’s, extremely soft and because it’s so lightweight, you can barely feel it on your hand at all times, and then it Is also ip68 water resistant and it is also 580m rated, which means that you can take it for a swim as well. In fact, in one of the training modes you do have a swimming as an option. The display is the same that you see on the me band as well, so it’s a 1.1 inch amoled display and it has a resolution of 126 by 294 pixels and it does have adjustable brightness and it is touch capable. But you are missing out a tap button that you have on the mi band, which also makes the screen off of the me band looks slightly bigger.

So if you want something more compact, the oneplus band is definitely more compact. We talked about sensors, the oneplus band has a blood oxygen sensor, a three axis accelerometer and a gyroscope, an optical heart rate sensor and a motor sensor. Now these are great for use, especially the heart rate sensor. This is something that can come in really useful, especially to track your fitness and to track your general heart health. The blood oxygen sensor is something that has become more popular nowadays, considering what’s going on in the world and it’s a good feature to have on the smartband. Now the oneplus band does pair up with android devices. At the moment it doesn’t pair up with ios devices. Even though oneplus says that they are working on an app for ios at present, you can download the oneplus health app that’s available on android, and that allows you to not only pair with the band but also interact with it. And then you also have a whole ton of watch faces that you can set up and uh. These can be customized and you can send five customizations to the oneplus band. So you can change throughout the day or you can set up for a week and then change throughout the week. And if you don’t, like changing constantly, you can just set up the main oneplus band face and just set it from the app and then send it to the app and that’s your main watch face so to speak on the oneplus band.

Now, one of the main reasons that a lot of people are going to be using the oneplus band is to track their fitness and oneplus has included 13 exercise modes on the oneplus band. That do include a certain rigorous exercises like a fat burn, run or a elliptical, cycling or treadmill, or a free run. So all of these exercises, including yoga, are included on the band for tracking. So you can set that up before you get into your workout and then it’ll track that automatically we tested some of these out and overall tracking is pretty accurate, but there seems to be a ways of a difference between the step counter and the actual steps reported. So if you do decide to monitor how much you’re walking in a day uh that may not be so accurate on the oneplus band, also it failed to automatically detect whenever we were sleeping, even though it claims to have sleep, detection and sleep monitoring, it doesn’t automatically Detect when a person is sleeping, at least in our case, it never showed up that information on the app the app itself is also quite buggy. So, for example, sp02 readings will not show up in the day mode and to go check your spo2 readings. You have to go back to the weak mode to be able to see what your spo2 readings were. So some of these things need to be worked out. The overall app itself is uh, quite nice and it’s quite capable of handling some of the information.

It tells you your daily activity, your heart rate. Throughout the day, it keeps monitoring uh some of the activity that you’ve been doing, and it all shows up in the app. So the layout in the format of the app is quite nice, but certain bugs do exist in the app one thing. That’S a little clunky is the charging you have to remove the capsule from the band and plug it into its charging sort of mechanism to charge. The device it’s quite cumbersome, and it requires quite a lot of effort. It should have had some sort of magnetic or just a dock based charging, but it doesn’t have that you have to remove the capsule and sort of plug it into a charger. However, you won’t need to do this frequently, as the battery does last upwards of 10 days, with a claim from one plus or 14 days. Overall, this is a good alternative, and the fact that it has an sp, auto sensor makes it a good product to have in this price bracket as well, and the band has some interesting features and tracking capabilities. But it misses out on a step tracking and sleep tracking and the app is buggy and is also not available on iphones or any ios device. So anyone who owns an iphone they shouldn’t be looking at the oneplus band at this moment and uh. If you are looking for an spo2 sensor, this is basically going to be a good price category to get in at for a smart band that does offer up an spo2 sensor as well.

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