We generally don’t do unboxings, but we wanted to quickly show you guys what is inside the box of this new brand new watch from oneplus it’s, very first watch by the way and we’ll also give you an overview of what all you get with the watch. Unfortunately, i can’t show you the features and stuff like that, but i’ll definitely talk about the design and you know how it feels in the hand all right so let’s quickly jump into our unboxing and if you’re here, for the first time on this channel, don’t forget To hit that subscribe button and the bell icon right next to get notified whenever my smart price puts out an awesome new tech, video all right, let’s start with the box of the oneplus watch. You get a really long tall box, which is very similar to the box that you know oneplus phones come in, but this is also reminiscent of how apple’s watch is packed on the rear. You have this easy pull tab and, of course you have all the details of the watch, all right, let’s quickly, unbox and it’s pretty easy. I don’t even need like a knife tool or something i’ll, just pull this tab and it should open up easily so that’s. What you’re greeted to the first time you open the box so let’s take the watch out from this looks pretty good i’ll talk about the watch it a bit let’s see what else you get inside.

The box clearly says accessories out here, but i’m presuming just like the phones. You will get a quick start guide of course. So this is what the quick start guide looks like and all you get inside. The box, apart from the watch, is the charging dock, which has a usb type a side and, of course, the dock itself. I’Ll show you how that fits in so i’m. Guessing you’ll have pogo pins two pogo pins on this side, so it sort of slots in easily like this and there you go all right. So the oneplus watch has a 46 millimeter dial and it is available in two variants, which is basically uh. You know the classic edition and, of course, the cobalt limited edition. The classic edition is available in this midnight. Black color and it’s also available in a midnight silver color, whereas the cobalt edition is available in, of course, a cobalt alloy, cobalt color. Now without the strap, the watch actually weighs 45 grams, so it feels hefty in the hand. So the classic edition actually has a floral elastomer leather, which is basically like a very thick rubber material, and it feels very soft in the hand when you wear it and the watch band itself for the classic edition is 31 grams in weight. So it’s like a really nice and hefty feeling watch in the hand. Now, apart from this, you do get that 1.’ inch, 454 by 454, hd amoled round, display 2.

5 d, curved glass and, of course, a touch screen display with 326 ppi inside the processor is an stm32 processor and you get 4gb of space which actually is 2gb. You know limited for music listening. I get support for bluetooth, 5.0 there’s gps support as well of course, and then there are a ton of sensors which includes the acidometer, the gyroscope, the geomagnetic sensor, the air pressure sensor, blood oxygen meter, optical heart rate, sensor, ambient light sensor. All of those things, apart from that you get a battery which is 402 mah, but, most importantly, one plus claims two weeks of battle, which is, of course something that we’re gon na be testing, and you get five days of sleep, blood, oxygen monitoring and 25 hours Of continuous, you know uh exercise with gps for charging. Like i mentioned, you get the two pin poker charger and you have two buttons on the side, which is basically a power button and a function. Button uh and, of course the microphone is supported, and the speaker is also supported for calls uh again features which i cannot show you right now and there’s, a linear motor for vibration as well. Apart from that, the watch is also waterproof, ip68 rated, and you know it is waterproof up to 580m. Unfortunately, the watch is currently only uh. You know compatible with the oneplus health app on android phones. There is no ios support, yet so that’s a bit of a letdown.

Unfortunately, i can’t show you anything apart from this watch face, but what i’ll tell you quickly is that the 46 millimeter dial actually uh feels very nice, even in my big hand, and the strap has a very nice material to it, which feels very soft to use. As well, and one of the things that i wanted to talk about is the pin of the strap, you just basically strap the pin in like this, and then you loop it through this loop, which basically hides the extra sort of band uh that you know flops Out otherwise, so i really like this pattern and it feels really nice in the hand so that’s it that’s about the watch that i can talk for right now, which is a bit of a pity, because i really wanted to talk a lot more about it. But you’ll have to wait uh soon for us to come back with more information on the watch. Do let us know in the comment section below what kind of information do you need about this, and what do you want us to test out uh and if you’ve, you know, ended up watching the entire video don’t forget to hit the like button and maybe comment Below so that more people can get to know about the watch, so this is it. This is the oneplus watch for now until next time, this is ershad from mysmartpress signing off goodbye and godspeed.