It has more than a few teething issues, but oneplus also gets a lot right with its first smartwatch. For starters, we think the oneplus watch looks very dapper with its traditional circular design. It comes in two simple colors black and the silver option. The round face is enclosed in a stainless steel case, and the watch gets a silicon like strap that tucks into itself. Oh and before you raise your hand. Yes, the strap is interchangeable and can be swapped out for third party alternatives on the back. Are the sensors for heart rate and blood oxygen, which have become common features on smart watches at nearly every price point now, oneplus is offering the watch in one size, 46. Millimeter and honestly it’s big, if you happen to have slender wrists, then this may not be the best option for you, but on a slightly larger than average wrist, it should feel pretty lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods. The two navigational buttons on the right side of the case it pretty flush too, and the watch is 5 atm ip68 rated, which means it is water. Resistant down to 50 meters, then there’s. A super punchy, 1.’ inch, amoled, touchscreen that’s, easy to see both indoors and outdoors under sunlight. The display is an end to end, but its bezels seamlessly blend into the rest of the body. The oneplus watch runs on a proprietary, real time operating system and not google’s. Full blown wear os.

If you’ve ever used a maze fit smartwatch, then you know what to expect a simple but efficient interface that delivers a very responsive experience. Performance all around is fast snappy and lag free. The watch features 4gb of internal storage, which can be used to store music tracks. You can even connect bluetooth, enabled headphones to the watch to play music and also take calls directly, which surprisingly works very well. Thanks to an effective speaker, microphone combo to connect to the watch. You need the oneplus health app and an android smartphone running android 6.0 or above it’s, not the most comprehensive, smartwatch companion app, but it surprisingly syncs all the data pretty fast and provides decent breakdowns for various metrics, like heart rate, sleep, blood, oxygen level, stress and fitness Activities through the app you can also add or remove watch faces. Currently, there are 50 watch faces available on the oneplus health app, but only 14 of them can be stored on the watch. As far as fitness tracking is concerned, it’s mostly accurate and, unlike other reviewers, we didn’t notice any miscounting of steps or gps tracking issues. The watch lets you choose from 14 exercises and oneplus promises that 110 plus workout modes are on the way. The best thing about the oneplus watch is its battery life. It lasted me, a whopping, nine and a half days on a single charge and, while that’s a little bit shy of the two weeks promised by oneplus it’s, still very impressive.

On top of this excellent battery performance, the watch also supports fast charging and goes from zero to one hundred percent in just under half an hour Music. Our biggest gripe with the oneplus watch is that it misses out on a lot of features that you expect to find on a smartwatch at this price point. There’S no support for third party apps or watch faces no always on display no voice assistant, no nfc for payments and no ios device support. Moreover, notification options are bare bones and the watch even skips out on useful first party apps, like a basic calendar Music.