com, and this right here is the brand new oneplus watch now i know a lot of you guys are considering buying this, but trust me when i say that you should watch this video till the very end before you go Ahead and purchase this because i’ll be telling you all the details. You’Ve been wanting to know answer all the questions that you have and also tell you whether you should buy the oneplus watch or the oppo watch, or you know the amaze with gtr 2. So let’s get started, so this is the new oneplus watch midnight black classic edition, and when i unbox this watch for the first time, two things came to my mind, one. This is a big watch. Yes, the oneplus watch is only available in one size. That is 46 mm, and second is this: is a nice premium looking watch? Yes, the circular watch case is on the bigger side, but with its stainless steel finish, i think it looks really good. Even on my wrist, which is on the thinner side, the watch comes with 22 millimeter straps made out of fluro elastomer, which i think is a fancy term for silicon, and it has the same, pin and tuck design that we’ve gotten used to with the apple watch. Straps, in fact, the feel of the strap is similar to the apple watch trap as well. The selected the watch is very comfortable to wear. I mean i’m, someone who does not like wearing a watch or a band while sleeping, but i had to test the sleep tracking on this watch and you know what with the oneplus watch, i did not feel any discomfort.

I mean it’s not hefty on the wrist and the strap is of good quality too. Also, if you’re wondering yes, this strap can be removed and swapped pretty easily like this. Apart from that, it has the mic right here at the bottom and the speakers on the left for your phone calls on the right. You get these two buttons, the power button with the oneplus engraving and the customizable function button below it. Now. This whole design is also ip68 and 580m water resistant, so you can take it for a swim without any problems. Now, personally, one of the good things about the oneplus watch has to be this display. This is a 1.’ inch round, amulet touchscreen and first of all, i’m glad that oneplus went with the round dial here, because nobody wants another smart watch with an apple watch like design. Second, this is a good display panel, it’s amulet, so the colors and blacks. Look great and thanks to 326 ppi the display is sharp too now. One aspect of smartwatch displays that is very important, is the screen. Brightness and oneplus watch display does well. On that front see i was able to use the screen even in direct sunlight, which is saying something. The watch does have the auto brightness option, so you don’t have to set the brightness manually so display overall is good, especially because it’s also very smooth and responsive, but i do have a few issues. First up i’m, not sure of the display protection here, because i already have a few minor scratches on the panel i mean the limited edition has a fire glass, but not this classic edition.

Also the oneplus watch does have raise to weight, but it’s very inconsistent. I mean it’s fast response, sometimes and sometimes it’s kind of slow and a few times it just does not respond. Now this would not have been a big issue had the oneplus watch had tap to wake. Strangely, when i was first using the oneplus watch at the very beginning, there was an option called touch to wake in the display settings on the watch. However, a couple of updates arrived and that option was gone so to wake up the watch. You have to rely on the inconsistent race to wake or you have to press the power button now. Another thing missing in the oneplus watch is an always on display feature, but yeah oneplus has promised to bring that in and update so i’ll. Let it slide design and display part let’s talk about the ui now now. I think a lot of you guys already know this, but let me just make it clear that the oneplus watch does not come with wear os. Instead, it’s running a custom os and yeah here’s how it works. First, up the usual press hold on the home screen to change watch faces. There are 10 of your selected watch faces here and they’re more in the oneplus health app and by the way you can add your own photos as the watch face, and it looks something like this anyway, so you can swipe down from the top to see the Battery percentage toggle on dnd, auto brightness and more, you can also swipe up from the bottom to check out the notifications which work well.

You can tap on a notification to get a more detailed view and you can also respond to messages sort of, for example. This is a message from whatsapp and there is this reply button, but i can only send one of these preset replies so it’s, fine but yeah, whereas on say the oppo watch, let’s type messages or send a voice message or even send emojis so that’s, something i Really miss here now coming back to the oneplus watch, you can swipe right for the different cards: there’s, music, heart rate data, sleep data and whether you can also remove or add more cards here pressing the power button brings up all the apps. As you can see, there are a lot of apps here. There are different apps to check the different fitness details and, as you can see, there’s also a phone app which lets you view your favorite contacts check out recent calls and there’s also a dial pad. So you can dial numbers from the watch. As for the call quality, i found it to be usable. I mean speaker here, isn’t, obviously very loud, but it’s, fine for indoor usage and in my testing. The my quality has been good too, because the other person has been able to hear me quite clearly. Let me just give you a demo, hey actually what’s up, so the reasons are pretty cool, so yeah you guys should check it out if you haven’t done that.

Already and yeah the mic quantity is kind of decent ish, it’s, usable there’s, also an app for music, which lets you control the music playing on your phone, and since the watch has 4gb of storage, you can store some music right on the oneplus watch. Honestly, everyone now streams the music, but since there’s no app store here, so you can’t really install an app like youtube, music or spotify directly on the watch anyway. There are also apps for alarm: stop watch, timer barometer, compass, tv connect to controller oneplus, tvs and more. As for the settings, there is a bluetooth headset settings, so you can pair your bluetooth earphones with the watch and control music from the watch. There are also other usual settings like the display, sound and vibration dnd. The function key option is useful because you can set the key to open any of these things. You can also set a password to the watch, set the language to hindi and more so that was the ui and when it gets the basics right, it’s, obviously not as feature rich as say where os there’s no app store. So no third party, apps there’s, no google assistant and you saw the difference in how it handles message replies. As for the fitness features, the oneplus watch has all of these sensors. So the watch lets you track. Your steps, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep stress and more now, as you saw in the ui, there are different apps for all of these features and all of them look quite good while bringing in all the details, i also found them to work fairly accurately.

In my usage so far and there’s also a number of worker options in the workout app, the different run, workouts cycling, swimming yoga, badminton cricket and more plus, since it has gps, you can even track your fitness data as well as workouts without your phone. Now, when it comes to overall performance, the oneplus watch uses three chipsets st 32 for the ui, the display apollo 3 for the sensors and cyprus for the bluetooth calling and music feature. Now, if you ask me, the oneplus watch is a responsive and smooth smart watch. Overall, i did not come across any lags or slowdowns, so yeah it’s fairly good when it comes to performance now. Lastly, the batteries of the oneplus watch has a 402 mah battery, which is comparable to what you get in the oppo watch. 46Mm now oneplus has obviously opted for a custom os instead of wear os to do one thing better and that’s battery life, and yes, the battery life here is fairly good. I mean the oneplus watch is rated to last 14 days, but that’s a long shot with a very specific sort of usage. Now, in my usage with the heart rate, tracking set to smart, high stress, alert, enabled spo to tracking, while sleeping enabled, workout detection on sleep tracking stress tracking, all turned on the oneplus watch lasted me for five and a half days which, in my opinion, is very Good, so that’s good but it’ll be interesting to see how the oneplus watches battery performs when always on display feature arrives, so yeah we’ll have to wait and see anyway, there’s also fast charging support.

The oneplus watch comes with this magnetic pogo pin charger that fast charges. The watch with even a 5 watt charge, i tried it with a 15 watt usb a adapter and the watch went from 0 to 60 in just 22 minutes and 200 in a total of 40 minutes, which is yeah really fast. Also time for the big question, should you buy the oneplus watch at rupees 14999? Is it worth the price see? Actually, the oneplus watch has some good things going for it. It has a nice premium design. The display is pretty good and so is the battery. But there are a few things that make this a not so impressive, smartwatch there’s, no tap to wake aod is coming later on. The race to wake is very inconsistent and the custom os oneplus is using isn’t, very featured, especially when compared to wear os overall i’d say the oneplus watch is a decent smartwatch but it’s nothing extraordinary, especially because there are a couple of good smart watches. You can consider there’s the oppo watch, which does not have the best battery performance, but it has veros, which is way more feature, packed there’s. Also, the amaze for gtr 2, which has the same features similar specs as the oneplus watch, and it even has aod and alexa support at 13k. But those are my thoughts on the new oneplus watch but i’d love to know what you think of it comment down below.

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